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liposuction in Delhi

Liposuction – Fat Removal Procedure

What is Liposuction

The liposuction in Delhi is a surgical technique that removes deposits of subcutaneous fat excess. To reshape and improve the aesthetics of the body.

Liposuction is a procedure to perform on the areas of the body most prone to the accumulation of fat pads. Such as buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees.

This intervention is not a simple and fast method to lose weight. But a real surgical intervention, useful for eliminating localized adiposity. Such as resistant to the lipolytic action of diet, physical exercise and any cosmetic and aesthetic medicine interventions (eg mesotherapy).

Liposuction Surgical procedure: the traditional technique (dry liposuction) involves the insertion into the subcutaneous tissue of a thin cannula connected to a suction device which, through appropriate maneuvers by the best plastic surgeon in Delhi, shatters the fat pads (composed of adipocytes, blood, lymph, amorphous substance and other cells). Once the desired result has been achieved, the treated area is bandaged to promote tissue remodeling.

Anesthesia: most liposuction procedures are performed under general anesthesia; the administration of a local anesthetic is sufficient only when liposuction is performed on small areas of the body.

Duration of the procedure: one to 4 hours, depending on how much fat is removed, the removal technique and the number of sites subjected to liposuction.

Post-operative discomfort: variable, mild to moderate, controlled with pain relievers.

Final results: fully appreciable after 4 months (when the postoperative swelling disappears) / one year.

Duration of results: they can be long lasting if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle, adopting a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Liposuction techniques

Dry liposuction

In (traditional) dry liposuction the surgeon makes incisions of a few mm, through which the suction cannula is inserted, then quickly manipulated back and forth.

This vibration, exerted manually, allows the plastic surgeon in Delhi to separate and remove a few kilograms of excess fat and reshape the body contours with precision, particularly on smaller areas, such as the arms, knees or ankles.

Over time, this basic procedure has been progressively refined.

Tumescent liposuction

Developed by plastic surgeons in the 1980s, it continues to be the primary liposuction technique used. The tumescent technique is considered safer than other procedures, as it minimizes blood loss.

Typically, it is performed under local anesthesia and involves infiltrating adipose tissue with large volumes of a sterile solution containing anesthetic (up to three times the volume of fat to be removed).

The anesthetic mixture (also called Klein solution) contains:

  • Lidocaine, a local anesthetic for pain relief;
  • Epinephrine, a drug that causes blood vessels to constrict. This temporary vasoconstriction reduces any blood loss;
  • Saline solution, to allow easier removal of fat.

Klein’s solution is intended to make adipose tissue tumescent (i.e., it causes fat to swell), making cannula aspiration easier and more controlled.

Although it tends to take longer than other techniques – from 30 minutes (chin and knee) to 4-5 hours (for most affected areas) – tumescent liposuction has the advantage of reducing the risk of bleeding during surgery and post-operative swelling, bruising and pain.

Super moist liposuction

This technique is similar to tumescent liposuction, with the exception that it uses less anesthetic fluid: the surgeon injects a volume of solution equal to the amount of fat to be removed. Although a small amount of lidocaine is sometimes added to the liquid, this technique often requires general or epidural anesthesia. The procedure takes one to two hours to complete.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL)

The UAL technique uses a particular suction cannula, which vibrates very quickly and emits ultrasounds. Sometimes, this procedure is used in conjunction with tumescent liposuction.

During ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the plastic surgeon in Shalimar Bagh uses a particular device above or below the skin, which emits ultrasound energy and breaks down the walls of fat cells, forming an emulsion. The liquefied fat is then removed. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction takes longer than other methods, but is more precise and tends to be more effective at removing fat from fibrous areas of the body (such as the male breast.).

The downside is that it generates a lot of heat, and if the ultrasound cannula is not removed quickly enough, it can cause burns. Laser Assisted Liposuction (LAL) is also based on similar principles to UAL.

Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

In power-assisted liposuction (PAL), on the other hand, plastic surgeons have a special cannula at their disposal, which uses vibrations to break up fat cells so that they can be aspirated.

The cannula moves back and forth at very rapid speed over a distance of 3-5 millimeters.

PAL allows you to remove more fat in a short period of time (approximately 40% more fat per minute than manual liposuction), which means the procedure takes less time to perform, providing consistent results and fast recovery.

Risks and Complications

All surgical procedures carry some risk.

Liposuction in Delhi is generally a safe procedure and any side effects are minimized, especially if extremely lengthy procedures or excessive removal of fatty tissue are avoided.

The possibility of a complication increases if the plastic surgeon in Delhi has to operate on very large surfaces of the body or if multiple procedures are planned during the same operation.

Before undergoing liposuction in Delhi, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits, understanding their limitations and possible complications.

Side effects, unlike complications, are temporary and minor unwanted occurrences, although they can be annoying and painful:

  • Pain, swelling, and bruising: These should gradually subside over the course of a month or two, but can last up to six months.
  • Scars: they vary in size depending on the procedure adopted, and should gradually become less evident over the weeks. For some, a scar can take up to a year to “heal”.
  • Numbness: Sometimes it persists for a few weeks.
  • Increase of weight post-surgery.
  • Limited mobility: it will depend on the exact procedure adopted by the surgeon.

There may be various factors that restrict movement for a short time, such as:

  • Need to wear an elastic compression garment;
  • Swelling or pain in areas subjected to liposuction.

How much?

One of the most important considerations about whether to undergo liposuction is the cost of the surgery.

Factors that determine the costs of liposuction include:

  • Areas to be subjected to liposuction and amount of fat to be removed;
  • Experience of the surgeon;
  • Operating room and preoperative laboratory expenses (laboratory tests, anesthesia, etc.);
  • Other related expenses such as compression garments worn after the procedure etc.
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Gynecomastia: What You Need to Know

Gynecomastia is the condition of overgrowth of the male mammary gland, which leads to a deposit of fat under the nipple. Data from the WHO (World Health Organization) indicate that it affects up to 40% of men.

This condition can be a consequence of the enlargement of the glands, the concentration of fat or both. Gynecomastia is always related to an imbalance in the production of testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for male characteristics and for the production of estrogen, more related to female characteristics such as breast growth, explains the Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

Understand the problem:

According to the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi, Gynecomastia can happen in adolescents between 13 and 14 years old and present regression at 17, even so, a medical evaluation is recommended.

The growth of breasts in boys takes up to 6 months, and this process can result in an abnormal enlargement of the glands, which then tend to return to normal measurements. But there are estimates that show that in up to 5% of cases, this growth, called hypertrophy, can remain until adulthood.

Gynecomastia can also affect men who are obese, because the fat tissue also produces enzymes that can convert testosterone precursors to estrogens.

Men over 70 years old can also have gynecomastia and with a simple physical examination it can be seen the abnormal growth of both or in one breast.

The medical evaluation aims to identify the degree of gynecomastia:

  • Grade 1: breasts appear swollen and areolas prominent. Just the fact of wearing more fitting clothes can cause discomfort at this stage.
  • Grade 2: the breast tissue presents an increase that goes beyond the areolar region.
  • Grade 3: breasts are large and drooping. Patients report extreme discomfort, being difficult to disguise their appearance and possibly causing more severe psychological problems

What are the consequences? 

The main aspect to be evaluated is the psychic implications and the cause of the problem. Specialists who can be consulted are general practitioners, Plastic Surgeon in Jammu or endocrinologists. Treatments should always be indicated by the doctor and may involve hormone therapy or plastic surgery.

In general, this condition does not affect the body’s functioning, so in addition to asymmetric growth, in some cases, it can occur:

  • increased sensitivity or pain
  • itch
  • asymmetrically shaped areola
  • secretions (which are warning signs!) that may be associated with disease

The main recommendation is to see the Best Plastic Surgeon in Jammu.

Male breast enlargement can be embarrassing and embarrassing for teenagers and can seriously affect sexual behaviour in adult men.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

The Plastic Surgeon in Jammu removes the gland and reconstructs the shape, preventing the tissue from growing back. The incision is always discreet and strategically planned according to the amount of skin to be removed. Scars tend to be barely noticeable over time. The most common surgical strategy is a half-moon cut around the nipple, with the opening facing upwards.

The surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. In general, the patient is discharged on the same day.

Post operative care

The postoperative care recommended by the Plastic Surgeon in Jammu must be followed, especially in the presence of drains, commonly used in this type of Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi.

Compliance with drug therapy is also an extremely important item for recovery.

The patient must also wear a vest for up to 45 days, following the scheduled follow-up by your plastic surgeon in Delhi, who monitors the healing process at scheduled appointments.

The return to physical exercise and care with daily activities are also guided by the medical team and all doubts should be taken out in the office.

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Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

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Premature Ejaculation – Most Common Men’s Health Problem

Premature Ejaculation – Most Common Men’s Health Problem

Surely you have heard of Premature ejaculation. Many men have this problem and are often confused with the issue of “spending less time in bed.” Premature ejaculation is a problem that occurs when ejaculation occurs persistently and continuously before or after intercourse. It is clear that this condition is always against the person and has nothing to do with the size of the penis.

In this article sexologist in Delhi is trying to explain the causes of this problem and how we can fix it. If you are worried or just want to know more about it, you just have to keep reading.

What is premature ejaculation?

First, you must be clear in mind. There are a lot of people who start getting involved and after four minutes they bleed. This is often referred to as premature ejaculation, but it has nothing to do with it. A man’s endurance in the face of intrusion is related to the state of hearing, arousal, etc.

In order to be able to talk about premature ejaculation, it must occur frequently and actually cause problems for one or both partners. As for premenstrual ejaculation, we mean it occurs from early sexual intercourse until later.

Simply put, premature ejaculation occurs before the two partners seek it out. This condition causes serious problems in sexual relationships, especially if they occur frequently.


This problem can occur in both men and women. This usually happens sometimes when you are very awake. However, the problem begins when it often occurs in a sexual relationship.

Studies show that the problem affects 30% of men. Despite this, one is afraid to see a sexologist doctor in Delhi. There is no fixed age at which this problem can arise. This phenomenon is slightly higher in young men. Inexperienced ones do not control the amount of pleasure well and end up being raised against their will.


There are many recent studies that have sought to determine the cause of premature ejaculation. Among these causes we find:

  • Loss of confidence.
  • Anxiety for the husband and his partner.
  • Poor satisfaction with your sex life.
  • Low level of partner satisfaction.

The man affected by this problem is so immersed in it that he does not enjoy sex. The consequences for a woman are reflected in the decrease in her pleasure and inability to achieve exception. Recent studies confirm that there is a link between a man’s inability to maintain ejaculation and your partner’s sexual problems.

This problem causes intense emotional pain and, if left unchecked, can have serious sexual consequences. The most common advice is that if there is a problem, consult a sex specialist in Delhi.

Causes of premature ejaculation

In most cases the cause is unknown. However, there are mental and physical problems that can arise.

Most men experience rapid ejaculation through their first sex. They generally begin to control the rate of their ejaculation as their sexual activity increases. This creates an environment in which you increase your self-esteem.

The main psychological causes of uncontrolled ejaculation are anxiety, difficult learning, guilt, and fear of being unloved. All negative feedback improves errors after the first negative experiences. As a result, anxiety and confusion are even greater, says top sexologist in Delhi.

There are other causes of fertilization such as chronic prostatitis, drug use, thyroid problems, and neurological disorders. In many cases, both points are possible.

In summary, it can be said that premature ejaculation occurs because the brain does not respond well to the extreme rate of sexual stimulation.

Premature Ejaculation – Most Common Men’s Health Problem

How to overcome premature flow

When this problem arises sometimes there is nothing to worry about. You could talk about it with your spouse and try to control your emotions and your conscience or can consult best sexologist in Noida. In this way, ejaculation is controlled.

If the problem persists for a long time and causes problems for the couple, it is best to contact the best sexologist in Delhi as soon as possible. Patients with this condition without impotence should be treated for erectile dysfunction. The sexologist doctor in Delhi must always explain to you what treatment is available and the benefits or risks that each of them includes.

There are two main types of premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.

  • Mind. These are based on the individual’s perception of his or her problem and the reduction of guilt feelings. It is done with psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.
  • Pharmacological. They are users of drugs such as Dapoxetine.

Dapoxetine has so far been the only drug that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. It is a drug that works at the brain level to slow down the fluid. Major studies, conducted in more than 6,000 cases, have shown that patients who received Dapoxetine were slow to stop and improve ejaculation control compared to patients who received placebo (side effects).


If you think you have this problem, it is best to go to a sexologist in Delhi as soon as possible or talk to your partner. Your mind can be your greatest enemy and Guilt does not fix things. It is a problem against the will of the individual. Therefore, you and your spouse must be patient and deal with the problem together.

I hope you have succeeded in learning more about this topic.

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