4 Tips For Boosting Your Human Growth Hormone

4 Tips For Boosting Your Human Growth Hormone

4 Tips For Boosting Your Human Growth Hormone

It is the role of the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone. This hormone plays a vital role in cell repair, metabolism, body composition, and growth. If your body doesn’t produce this hormone, supplement with Genotropin pen.

Human growth hormone is also essential in boosting muscle growth, exercising performance, and strength. Moreover,  it helps you recover from a disease or injury.

Low human growth hormone will decrease your quality of life, increase risks of getting a disease, and gain fat.

Consider these tips to increase your human growth hormone:

  1. Reduce Sugar Intake

An increase in insulin leads to a lowering of human growth hormone levels. If you take refined sugar and carbs will raise the insulin levels, and after you reduce your intake, it will help optimize your growth hormones.

A study reported that healthy people would have 3 to 4 times higher human growth hormone levels than people with diabetes.

On the other hand, excess sugar intake leads to obesity and weight gain, affecting human growth hormone levels in the body. Aim at having a balanced diet because what you consume will profoundly affect the body composition, hormones, and health.

  1. Lose Your Body Fat

The belly fat you have is directly proportional to the human growth hormone your body produces.

If you have high levels of these fats, your body has impaired human growth hormone production, increasing disease.

A study suggested that excess body fat highly affects human growth hormone levels in men than in women. Therefore, lowering your body fat is crucial and suitable for both genders. It also indicated that people with obesity are known to have lower levels of human growth hormone, and after they lose significant weight, they will return to their normal levels.

  1. Use A Supplement

Some human growth hormone supplements may help boost your human growth hormone, and they can be taken alone.

However, some people would use the supplements alongside exercises, but studies have reported little increase in human growth hormone.

But, some studies have reported that taking the supplements alone would increase the levels of growth hormones.

  1. Fast Intermittently

Fasting is a significant activity and will lead to an increase in human growth hormone levels. For example, a study reported that fasting for 3 days increases the level of human growth hormone by over 300%, and after a week, it increases to 1,250%.

Unfortunately, continuous fasting will not be suitable for the long term. Many people prefer intermittent fasting because it limits eating to some periods.

There are different intermittent fasting methods available. A common type is one with an 8-hour eating window after a 16-hour fast. Intermittent fasting is essential and can help to optimize the human growth hormone in different ways.


Human growth hormone is essential in your body, similar to having the other hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. This hormone will help your body with cell repair, metabolism, and other essential body functions.

If you follow the above tips, they will help you increase the level of your human growth hormone easily.

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