8 common reasons why you have low sex in your marriage

low sex in marriage

8 common reasons why you have low sex in your marriage

low sex in marriage

Sex is an essential part of any marriage. It increases your emotional connection with your spouse, builds trust and contributes to overall satisfaction over relationships. Plus, it’s fun, and it’s great.

It is then no surprise how no sex drive in your marriage can contribute to an unhappy union.

According to sexologist in Delhi, India, It’s normal to have sex drive peaks and valleys throughout your marriage, but how do you know when an intimate silence has turned into a real problem?

From sexual desires to chronic diseases can be the reason why you are witnessing a low sex drive.

So, if you are wondering what is the lack of sex in marriage or why do you lose sex drive after marriage? Here are 8 common reasons for low sex drive in men and women and what you can do about it:

1. Low testosterone

Having low levels of testosterone is what causes low libido in men and can contribute to sexual problems. Lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, and more.

You may think that low testosterone levels only affect male sex drive, but this is not the case.

Female bodies also produce testosterone, which is also the hormone responsible for their sexual desire. A lack of testosterone in both men and women can lag behind their libidos.

2. Negative sexual presentation

Witness a loss of sex in marriage. Sometimes it is not your body but your sexual experience from the past that can cause a lack of sex in marriage.

Negative sexual presentations can be one of the causes of low sex drive after marriage.

Those who have been sexually abused or who have seen disturbing notions of sexual intercourse through movies, media and pornography may not be interested in sex, says the best sexologist in Delhi, India.

3. Medication

Certain medications can contribute to having a low sexual desire in marriage.

Estrogen found in the birth control pill can hinder the effect of testosterone in men and lower their libido. Other medications, such as those taken for clinical depression, can also have a negative effect on your sex drive.

4. Chronic disease

Having a chronic illness can leave you constantly tired. Exhaustion can contribute to having no sex drive and no desire for intimacy.

Or, it may be that you have sexual desires, but you feel too mentally and physically inclined to pursue them.

5. Changes in hormones

Menopause can play with your hormones, lower testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

This can make the vagina feel dry and make sex uncomfortable or painful.

Women tend to have less estrogen after menopause, which is why postmenopausal women experience such a noticeable drop in their sexual appetite.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also be one of the causes of low libido that hinder sexual desires for a while.

6. Bad body image

Being confident and lacking confidence in your body can contribute to a sexless marriage.

People who have low self-esteem or who have a severe change in body weight or image may not be inclined to have sex or be intimate with their partners. These problems with body image can dampen sexual desires.

7. Mental health

Those who suffer from depression or other mental health issues or those who have a history of sexual or physical abuse may experience a lack of sex in married life as a result.

Causes of low sex drive in marriage can be an enormous amount of stress or anxiety.

8. Excessive drinking

Some studies theorize that alcohol dependence can cause erectile dysfunction and no sex drive in men.

As alcohol makes its way to the bloodstream, the brain’s ability to register sexual stimulation is weakened.

If you drink too much or are addicted to alcohol, this may be a reason for not having sexual desire or struggling with sexual performance,

What to do if you have a lack of sex in married life?

Now that you know the main causes of low libido and bad sex in marriage, it is time to do something about it. If you are suffering from the effects of lack of sex in marriage, do not leave your partner, or your sexologist doctor in Delhi, in the dark!

Solutions for low sex drive


You cannot fix something if you are not open and honest about what the problem is. One of the first things you should do with your spouse if you have no sex drive is talk to her about it.

It may be uncomfortable, but if you do not address the issue, ask your partner if you are no longer attracted to them or if you have an affair.

Resentment can build when your partner is left in the dark about your dec lining sex life.

The thought of talking to a sex specialist in Delhi about your low libido may sound like an absolute nightmare, especially if you are by nature a private person.

But, many couples have benefited from seeking advice about their sex lives. A sexologist in Delhi may be able to identify the problem behind sexual dysfunctions as low libido, especially if the problem is emotional in nature.

Bridge emotional distance

One of the problems that contributes to having no sex drive with your partner is emotional distress.

Help solve this problem and strengthen your marriage at the same time by trying to bridge any emotional distance that has occurred in your relationship.

Seek advice from best sexologist in Delhi and start a regular date night every week. This will help you reconnect as friends and romantic partners and build sexual tension.

Spice things up

Some people just bore themselves with their sexual routines. Try to spice things up and try new things together.

Couples who create new experiences, both inside and outside the bedroom, deepen their connection and feel more adventurous in other aspects of their lives.

Make dirty talk, toys or roleplay a new and exciting part of your sexual routine.

See your doctor

For many, a low libido may not be the norm.

Consult your top sexologist in Delhi to determine what factors may be affecting your sex life.

Your best sexologist in Delhi will be able to perform tests to see if medication, emotional problems, or lack of testosterone may be contributing to your lack of sexual desire.


Having no sex drive can be dangerous to the happiness of your marriage.

Having a low libido can result from boredom in your sex life, work stress, anxiety, certain medications, and a bad emotional connection with your spouse.

If you want to get your sex drive back, maybe you and your spouse can visit a sex counselor, consult your sexologist in Delhi, and try to connect emotionally and physically every day.

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