As classic as cheese and wine


As classic as cheese and wine

Wine cheese classic

A match made in heaven, a gourmet play of flavours that take over the senses from across the expanse of the palate and sends the taste buds into a rush of gastronomic medley, the forever classic complement that wine has tended to be for the very food experience to be elevated every time this stupendous pairing plays out across the course of a meal is one that has been well established through the trails of history. With a history as drawn in time as the purview of food itself in being a dietary staple, the intricate workings of wine across the realms of the culinary has made it an essential component of the dining experience. No wonder, wine in fact even precedes dine in the very obvious summing up of this certain culinary charm in ‘wine and dine’ and even when the analogy drawn is a bit too lame by our own admission, that sure does not take away any ounce of the vitalness that wine is commanding of in its stature as among the essential elements of the epicurean.

While the percept of wine as an ingredient of the whole food experience corresponds necessarily with its pairing alongside diverse dishes and certain cuisines as an idea of the basics and a reach for the indulgence simultaneously, it in particular is one very individual breakthrough assertion from the pantry that rules the roost when it comes to pairing up with wine in all impeccability. That of course is no novelty in knowledge, as the immensely versatile block of cheese that sins up the pizza and glams up the cake and amps further the pasta turns out to be also harbouring of as much flavour when it comes to satiating the palate in its exemplary coupling with a glass or so of winey elegance. For centuries in history, wine and cheese have been one of the most classic of food combinations ever. But what began as a very unassuming food practice of serving two locally available staples to be savoured alongside each other or individually as per preferences of the diner today spans a rather complex, nuanced vista of the food experience that weighs out so much in terms of characteristic to arrive at what is touted to be the most iconic of food combinations ever. And while adages about pairing specific types of wine with a certain variety of food exist in historical references of this much explored pairing, it also has been no less considered an aspect of the culinary since times immemorial as to what wine pairs best with what category of cheesy crumbles.

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