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Dr P K Gupta’s Super Specialty Clinic is home to the best and most respected sexologist in Delhi and NCR. The Department of Sexology has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and laboratories for diagnosing various sexual disorders.

Top Reasons Why You Must Visit A Sexologist!
sexologist in delhi

Dissatisfaction could be the result if it’s been too long since you did it because you no longer enjoy physical closeness. Psychological problems or hormonal changes might be the reason. Visit a sexologist as soon as possible if your orgasms have abruptly changed from being simple to accomplish to being impossible to attain and you are unable to become satisfied despite desire and energy between both the partners. For both the partners, issues like impotence, early ejaculation, vaginal dryness, and painful sex can cause shame, fear, and discontent. Medical care is available for them. Visit a best sexologist for help. You are mistaken if you believe that no one can direct or assist you in directing your aspirations. Particularly when the sex life is disrupted or declining, misconceptions in a relationship are common. Most people try to keep silent about such situations instead of seeking help.

A therapist with expertise in sexual issues and knowledge on how to address them is known as a sexologist.

The following are the main justifications provided by sexologist in Delhi, DR Pk Gupta for thinking about seeing a sexologist:

  1. Physical intimacy with your lover will surely be discouraged if you don’t have much sex drive. Numerous factors, including hormonal changes, the use of certain drugs, stress, and exhaustion, may contribute to this. You should speak to a sexologist about your low sex desire if it has started to interfere with your life on a consistent basis.
  2. It is a real problem if you engage in extreme sexual behaviour, impulses, or fantasies that involve odd things, settings, or actions. It most likely has a psychological component to it. Your social, emotional, and professional lives could all experience severe distress as a result. It is crucial to see a sexologist in such circumstances.
  3. Numerous physiological issues may reduce your sex drive or affect your performance in bed. Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and the inability to penetrate despite having an erection are all prevalent diseases in males. While these can be managed with medication, seeing a sexologist will help you understand the disease and the various possible treatment options.
  4. Problems and challenges are likely to arise when your partner’s sexual demands and wants do not match yours. One of you might also have poor sex drive. It’s crucial for couples to talk to one another and see a sexologist.
  5. You might have worry over engaging in sex. Due to a negative sexual encounter in the past, such as being a victim of child abuse, this may occur. By discussing the issue with a sexologist, you can find a solution. There may be a psychological problem if you are constantly preoccupied and consumed with sexual thoughts, which is likely the case if your functioning and performance are suffering. This requires rapid attention.

If you are facing any above-mentioned problems, you should go to a sexologist if you are unable to achieve orgasms. This is mostly common among people. If you cannot get an orgasm despite of having a sex drive, you should get concerned about it and should seek medical consultation.

If you have any questions or concerns about your sexual health, you can consult the best sexologist in Delhi, DR. Pk Gupta, and receive the solutions to your issues. 

6. Sexual desire is all that’s on your mind

On the flipside, if you are tormented by sexual thought all day long that are inhibiting your work life or other things, a sexologist may be able to figure out the root problem of your sex addiction.

7. If you experience intense sexual behaviour

urges and fantasies which involve strange objects, situations and activities, it is a genuine problem. It is likely to be associated with some psychological issue. This may lead to great distress in your social, personal and occupational life. Visiting a sexologist is very important during such situations.

8. When your sexual needs and desires

do not match with that of your partner’s, problems and issues are likely to surface. One of you may suffer from low sex drive as well. As a couple, it is important to communicate with each other and visit a sexologist in delhi.

9. It may be possible for you to feel guilty about having sex.

    1. on the account of a bad sexual experience in the past, such as being a victim of child abuse. You can solve the problem by talking it out with a sexologist.

You should also visit a sexologist if you are unable to achieve orgasms. This is more common in women than men. Ejaculation and orgasm are associated with each other. If you cannot attain an orgasm in spite of having a sex drive, you should be concerned and seek medical opinion.

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Should you discuss sexual problems with your partner?

Should you discuss sexual problems with your partner?

When it comes to any sexual disorder in men or women, it is important to discuss it with your partner. These days, the maximum percentage of patients suffering from common issues like ED or early ejaculation are of the age group 25-35. Our generation relies too much on what they see online like watching adult videos, movies and reading blogs by non-medical field bloggers. The young generation relies too much on visual content to masturbate, leading to psychogenic erectile dysfunction resulting in dependence on videos and images to achieve an erection. When the time comes for physical activities, the patient fails miserably in getting a hard-on. 

Even when everything is fine, men are worried if they would be able to satisfy their partners or not. Reason – in adult videos and movies, it is often shown that men are supposed to go on for 30-60 mins without break, and only after that can the woman achieve an orgasm. This is wrong and people should not compare themselves. Every individual is different and unique. Women don’t achieve orgasms as men do. Your relationship with her, mental state, affection, love and, respect play more important roles than just the size of your organ. Just to increase confidence, men prefer to take pills to increase performance artificially on their first night (after an arranged marriage) but what they forget is that doing something like this will only increase false hopes in her mind. She will be expecting the same performance every time you get involved. It is quite obvious you won’t be able to show the same strength naturally which results in performance anxiety thus creating issues. Stay natural and don’t discuss your sexual issues with your friends or colleagues instead talk with an expert sexologist doctor.

Get touch with best sexologist in Delhi Dr Pk Gupta

Discussing problems with your partner is considered to be the best option as they are the ones who support you in your life’s ups and downs. Letting them help you will only help improve the bonding. The same thing goes for people who think size matters in order to satisfy a woman which is again wrong. Penetrative sex is not the only way to help her reach to climax. Oral is considered safe and can be used often in sexual activities. Proper foreplay is always recommended which further turns her on. More than size, your stamina matters. I hope this content helped you understand the importance of sharing your problems with someone you care about. 

How To Help Your Partner If He Has Premature Ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the most common problem that affects men’s sexuality. Most men will suffer from premature ejaculation at one point or another in their life, and that can cause them to be anxious or have low self-esteem. Furthermore, especially in committed relationships, premature ejaculation is a problem that affects both parties, and not just the man.

If you are in a relationship with a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation, there are plenty of ways that you can help your partner.

Is there any natural treatment for premature ejaculation?

1) Do your Research:

The first step to tackling any problem is to fully comprehend it. Doing your research on the matter will allow you to understand premature ejaculation and its causes. Although there are many definitions of premature ejaculation, it usually occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than he or his partner would like. It is the most common sexual complaint in men, and it can be caused by biological factors, or in most cases psychological ones, hence the importance of being understanding and adopting the right attitude toward the problem.

2) Have the right attitude:

If your partner suffers from premature ejaculation, it’s normal for you to feel somewhat frustrated in bed. However, keep in mind that your partner is just as frustrated as you, if not more, and is also probably dealing with feelings of low-self esteem and performance anxiety. Since psychological discomfort is a big factor behind premature ejaculation, it’s important to remain calm, understanding and show your partner that you love and care for them.

3) Encourage dialogue:

To improve the sexual experience and enhance sexual intimacy in a couple, it’s important to be open to dialogue. Especially in cases where the partner suffers from premature ejaculation, it’s essential to allow him to express his feelings and to feel seen and supported by you. Creating a space to be open, intimate, and vulnerable in your relationship is a key aspect of dealing with not only premature ejaculation but any other problem that may arise in your relationship.

4) Try at-home solutions: 

There are many solutions that you can try with your partner at home to help him delay his ejaculation. He must abstain from masturbation as it can condition his body to ejaculate fast. Watching porn movies is also a big no, not only do they show unrealistic expectations of how long sexual intercourse lasts, but they can also distract the person watching them which makes them oblivious to their body’s orgasm signals. Trying sexual positions with the woman on top can help delay ejaculation, as the woman can pull off if she feels her partner is close to climax. Using a thick condom is another tip to use, as it will decrease sexual sensations allowing the male partner to last longer.

5) Allow him to pleasure you in other ways:

If premature ejaculation makes it harder for your partner to pleasure you during vaginal intercourse, you can be open to trying other things. Allowing your partner to pleasure in ways other than vaginal penetration will make him feel less frustrated with himself, and it is a good step toward improving your sexual intimacy as you work together to find a solution to premature ejaculation.

Encourage him to seek professional help:

6) If at-home solutions don’t work, don’t be discouraged. Professional sexual help sexologist in Delhi DK PK Gupta is available, with treatments like behavioral sex therapy exercises or even prescribed medication. Don’t hesitate to encourage your partner to seek professional treatment, as it can be a way for both of you to finally put premature ejaculation behind you. Make sure to find a qualified therapist or doctor that you trust, and always remember that the first step is the hardest. 


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint in men. It occurs when the man ejaculates faster than he or his partner would like. Premature ejaculation can be quite stressful and anxiety-inducing, which can only exacerbate the problem. There are many ways for you to help your partner if he suffers from premature ejaculation. Be understanding, open to dialogue, allow him to pleasure you in other ways, be open to trying at-home solutions, and if all else fails, professional help is available.

Care after Heart transplantation

Care after Heart transplantation

What is Heart transplantation?

Heart transplantation is a procedure when a person with a damaged heart gets a healthy heart from a donor.

A heart transplant may be considered when heart failure is so bad that no other treatment works. 

Most common indications for heart transplantation are:

  • Severe Dilated cardiomyopathy (a form of cardiomyopathy where heat becomes dilated and weak)
  • Severe coronary artery disease with no option of CABG or stenting surgery
  • Congenital heart diseases (Heart problems at birth)

Complications of Heart transplantation

Most people who die after a transplant dies from infection or rejection. 


Infections are expected as the drugs that suppress immunity make them vulnerable to various bacteria, fungi, or bacteria.


Rejection happens when the body’s immune cells see the transplanted heart as different from the rest of the body and try to destroy it.

complications from the drugs 

People who take drugs to prevent transplant rejection are more likely to get complications from the drugs 

These complications include:

  • kidney damage
  • high blood pressure
  • osteoporosis
  • lymphoma.
  • Liver damage
  • Diabetes
  • Bone-marrow suppression 
  • Increased incidence of cancer
  • Acne
  • moon face
  • facial hair
  • fluid retention

coronary artery disease

Almost half of the people who get transplants end up with coronary artery disease. And many of them don’t have signs like angina because their donor’s hearts don’t have nerves.


Care is similar to a patient with a kidney transplantation.

You always take drugs on time and as prescribed

Immunosuppressants are drugs that patients get to keep their bodies from rejecting the transplant. So that the donor’s heart doesn’t get rejected, these drugs turn down the immune system. Because rejection can happen any time after a transplant, patients get immunosuppressive drugs the day before their transplant and for the rest of their lives.

 These medications must be taken for life. But too much immunosuppression can cause infections that are hard to treat. So, it’s easy for a person to get serious infections. 

Because of this, people are also given medicines to fight infections. This medicine should also be taken without fail.

Do not discontinue or attempt to modify your medications on your own.

Notify your transplant coordinator if another doctor writes any drugs

If other physicians prescribe you medication, notify your cardiologist in Hyderabad. They will be evaluated for potential interactions with your anti-rejection medications.


People who have had a heart transplant should do exercise so that their hearts work better and they don’t gain weight. But because the transplant changes the heart, the patient should talk to their doctor or a specialist in cardiac rehabilitation before starting an exercise program. Because the nerves that go to the heart are cut during the operation, the transplanted heart beats faster than the normal heart. The donor heart also responds to exercise less quickly, and its rate doesn’t go up as quickly as it used to.


You will need to move frequently following a heart transplant.

Follow these guidelines to recover and avoid blood clots:

  1. Start with short walks and gradually increase the distance. 
  2. Take short naps as needed, but you should not spend excessive time in bed during the day.


After a transplant, the person may need to eat a special diet, including many of the same changes they made to their diet before surgery. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and fluid retention are all more likely to happen if you eat a lot of salty foods. So limit salt intake. Your doctor will talk to you about your specific dietary needs, and a registered dietitian can help you understand specific nutritional guidelines.

Certain foods may interact with your medications. Your medications can impact your potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium levels. You must exercise caution while consuming foods rich in these nutrients to maintain optimal levels.

Your meal plan will propose foods based on the drugs you take.

A heart-healthy diet requires that you:

  1. Limit fat, sugar, and salt.
  2. Consume suggested fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  3. High-sodium snacks, canned soups, and prepared foods should be avoided (salt).

You must adhere to these instructions to recover more quickly and ensure that your replacement heart is functioning correctly.

Frequent medical checkup

your appointments should be scheduled as indicated by your cardiologist in Hyderabad. You must go Every other week throughout the second month following a transplant. Three to six months post-transplant, once every month visit is sufficient. Seven to twelve months post-transplant, every other month appointment is recommended.

Your doctor may prescribe tests like

Monitor your parameters.

You should monitor and report any changes in your:



Sexual Dissatisfaction: Causes, Tips And Remedies | DR PK Gupta

Sexual Dissatisfaction: Causes, Tips And Remedies | DR PK Gupta

Our sexuality is an important part of our lives, and difficulties such as sexual dissatisfaction prevent us from being able to fully enjoy it, as well as our relationships with the other person.

Believe it or not, sexual dissatisfaction is something that affects many more people than we know, so you are not alone. In addition, it is not a condition that cannot be treated and it can be solved by applying the appropriate approach.

In this post we will talk about sexual dissatisfaction, what causes it and our best tips so you can get your sex life back on track.

Causes: How To Treat Sexual Dissatisfaction In The Relationship

What exactly is causing sexual dissatisfaction? This is difficult to determine, each person is a world and the situations that surround it also vary a lot. However, nearly 50% of couples today say their sex life could be much better.

The lack of desire in a relationship can cause cracks in the couple, even leading to other problems such as lack of trust or dissatisfaction with the couple in general.

What is this all about? Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing sexual dissatisfaction in your marriage or relationship. Why can you feel low libido?

Lack Of Intimacy Can Cause Lack Of Desire

Being intimate with the other person is something that greatly affects sexual encounters. This is related to the trust we place in the other person, and it will make us feel comfortable while we are having sex.

Intimacy is the complicity, the friction, the contact and the glances that little by little build a healthy atmosphere of trust between the two people to have full sexual encounters.

Intimacy can either disappear over time if the relationship is not properly cared for or perhaps simply not be present in casual encounters between people who have not yet built strong ties.

The Type Of Erotic Encounter That Takes Place

How are those erotic encounters as a couple focused? The routine on many occasions pushes us to have sexual relations out of obligation and these take place without us really feeling the need or feeling like it.

Sexual dissatisfaction can also be caused by seeing the sexual encounter with a goal to follow, such as reaching orgasm or giving pleasure to the other person – leaving aside our own.

Lack Of Physical Contact

Physical contact is key in a relationship. This helps us create much stronger emotional bonds and is an easy way to show our feelings to the other person.

When this is scarce, so is complicity and insecurities may arise on the part of some part of the couple. Insecurities will create cracks in the relationship and make it difficult to feel pleasure during sexual encounters.

Lack Of Communication

Communicating with the other person properly allows us to tell them what gives us pleasure, what sexual practices we don’t enjoy, and also learn more about how to please them.

If this fails and both parties are not transmitting how they feel during sexual intercourse, this could be a cause of sexual dissatisfaction, since they will not be fully enjoying the encounter.

Tips To Treat Sexual Dissatisfaction And Improve Lack Of Desire

At Dr P K Gupta Clinic, as experts in sex education, we can give you some guidelines to help you recover your libido and improve your sex life, either with your stable partner or in casual encounters. Here are some tips that can help you:

Don’t Be Afraid To Express Yourself!

As we have said, communication is very important, not only in relationships, but also in sexual encounters. Don’t be afraid to let the other person know what you like to do and let them teach you how to please them. You will learn a lot about sexuality and it will allow you to enjoy your sexual relations more.

Talking about your sexual dissatisfaction assertively with your partner can also be a good start for the two of you to work together to find a solution. Regaining sexual desire does not have to be your task alone.

Approach Sexual Encounters Differently

If you and your partner have relapsed into a routine, it is easy for sex to come to be seen as a process to achieve an end: reaching orgasm. This places a great responsibility on the other partner and has a great psychological impact on us.

This situation is aggravated in casual relationships, where it is easier to approach sexual relations in a totally depersonalized way.

The solution to both problems is to think of the sexual encounter not as a means to an end, but as a moment to enjoy, a path to travel and that it already gives us pleasure by itself, without necessarily focusing on reaching orgasm.

Forget Stereotypes, False Expectations And Sexual Education

In our society, the disinformation that we can find about sexual education is increasing . As a result, we get false myths about sex, high or unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that condition our way of having sex.

In the field of sexuality, we must put aside expectations and those stereotypes and create our own opinion contrasted with quality information from true sources.

Go To Sexologist

If sexual dissatisfaction remains and you feel that these tips do not help you enough, perhaps it is because you have obstacles so deep that an Internet post will not be able to solve it.

At Dr P K Gupta Clinic we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to address problems such as sexual dissatisfaction or problems in sexual relationships. We want to help you enjoy your sex life again.

Get in touch with best sexologist in Delhi without obligation.

Sexual Dissatisfaction: Causes, Tips And Remedies | DR PK Gupta

Starting Sex Therapy in a Few Weeks?

If you’re thinking about attending a sex therapist, you should always consult your primary care physician first. They will ask you numerous questions, do any necessary examinations or tests, review your medication, and provide treatment advice. This is critical — for example, do you require therapy for high blood pressure? Or perhaps a change in antidepressant medication? Or maybe a prescription for vaginal estrogen cream? Once these critical components have been addressed, this may be all that is required to fix the problem.

Still, if you have a query, “we’re starting sex therapy in a few weeks, anyone got any advice.”

Here we are to help you, read thoroughly the whole article you will learn a lot.

Many couples find it challenging to fit sex into their work week, let alone detect and correct any, phew, quirks. Then there’s sex therapy.

We understand many misconceptions about what happens behind closed sex therapy doors. (Spoiler alert: it is very similar to traditional psychotherapy!) Here’s what you can expect from a sex therapy session.

What to Expect in the First Session?

Prepare to reveal some sensitive information – there is no such thing as TMI (too much information) in sex therapy. Don’t worry; your therapist has heard it all, and nothing will surprise them.

“The intake visit for sex therapy is comparable to psychotherapy intakes in general, with the addition of an emphasis on sexual health, relationship, and trauma history.”

Your therapist would most likely want to learn about the context of your concerns during your first session. This may resemble standard therapy intakes, but with a greater emphasis on sexuality and the issues that brought you to treatment.

When you go to therapy with sexuality as your primary concern, you can expect your therapist to gently inquire about what has been bothering you and what you would like to change.

Questions Ask by A Therapist

A sex therapist may ask you questions about the following topics during your initial treatment session:

  • Your sexual history, both as individuals and as partners (if applicable).
  • Your essential mental health background
  • Your gender identification and sexual orientation
  • Your family and how you interact with them
  • Any traumatic experiences or history that the therapist should be aware of Any physical or physiological issues that may be influencing the current issue
  • Your relationship’s trajectory and what it’s like outside of sex (if the issue is related to a partnered relationship)
  • Your usual sexual behaviors, such as the frequency and type of sexual contact and masturbation
  • Beyond sex, how do you express desire and affection?

If you have a medical concern, your therapist may obtain a complete medical history or recommend you to a physician for an examination or medication management. If you consider sex therapy for erectile dysfunction, your therapist may request a medical evaluation to rule out any medical causes before treating psychological and relational issues.

Traditional psychotherapy may be advised in addition to or instead of sex therapy to address mental health difficulties.

Sometimes it becomes clear that one or both couples may have a severe mood illness, necessitating psychiatric care first. Furthermore, individual counseling may be required if one of the members is a trauma survivor (particularly sexual trauma).

Based on this intake visit, your sex therapist will collaborate with you to determine the best plan of action for treating any underlying medical, relational, or psychological problems.

Sex Therapy Session

Sex therapy sessions may include the following:

  • Developing pleasure and arousal skills as a person and couple
  • Learning how to deal with anxiety, including sex-related performance anxiety
  • Improving communication with your partner, which may be interfering with your enjoyment
  • Anatomy, sexual function, and pleasure education
  • Examining any reliance on erotic sources of arousal, such as pornography
  • Identifying masturbation habits that are detrimental to working with a relationship
  • Understanding the mind-body link and which stimuli work best for you
  • Shifting the emphasis of sex away from performance and climax and toward an embodied experience in which arousal and erections are free to ebb and flow
  • Addressing any underlying mental health issues that are stopping you from feeling desirable, such as anxiety and depression

Sex therapy, like other types of treatment, is tailored to each individual. It can include insight-oriented work, such as processing the psychological origins of your sex and sexuality difficulties, and hands-on homework in between sessions to help you acquire skills.

Sex therapy frequently includes an educational component, whether it’s studying your or your partner’s anatomy or learning about the science of satisfaction. One of the most positive features of attending a sex therapist is the easy sharing of knowledge suited to your situation.

So if you think you are facing problems in your sexual relationship, it’s the best idea to get sex therapy. If you have no idea where to get the best sex therapist, you can visit Marham. You can book your appointment with the Best Sexologist without any difficulty through Marham.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- How long does sex therapy take to work?

There is no set period for sex therapy, and there are no quick fixes. However, if you do your homework and remain honest and open, you will improve and solve your problem.

2- How to tell my partner about sex therapy?

Your partner must understand why you want to go to sex therapy. You may wish to discuss the difficulties’ history, the consequences they’ve had on you, or your therapy goals.

3- What exactly is sex therapy homework?

Homework assignments are a regular aspect of sex therapy, and it’s detailed knowledge about what’s going on in your sex life and how to handle it from a mind/body standpoint.

4- What is Co-sex therapy?

One of the most traditionally respected parameters in treating sexual dysfunction is using a dual-sex therapy team, that is, a team comprised of male and female therapists. Co-therapy entails issues of interaction with which the skilled clinician is well-acquainted.

Top Exciting experiences of Jungle Safari In Dandeli

Top Exciting experiences of Jungle Safari In Dandeli

Plenty of self help books suggest that when you feel really stressed and overwhelmed by work, one should just close the eyes and imagine that you’re walking in a forest. Imagine the feel of the trees, the leaves, they say, smell the flowers and the grass, listen to the birds chirping and the crisp dry leaves being crush under your feet as you make way amidst the dense forest. Ok. So far so good. But why dream about a forest when you can actually walk inside one? It’s not safe, you say? Who’s going to guide us, you feel? Can I manage to walk on foot with wild animals around, you fear? Look no further.

Jungle Safari is a marvelous way to experience the rich forest environment. And when you’re in India, you’re bless with forests of all kinds. A jungle safari in India entails long treks amidst dense forests with all due care and precautions. It allows you an opportunity to be as close to the wild as possible so that the line between man and wild is blurr to a large extent. You can experience that nature is a beautiful extension of your own self.

The best jungle safari in India- could be one where you can fully enjoy the thrill of the solitude of the forests without fearing for the wild. Dandeli, with its pristine location at the foothills of the tapering end of the western ghats offers untouched virgin forests, inhabited by the wild animals like foxes, wolves, bear, elephants and occasionally- the tiger. The Dandeli Jungle Safari tour offers an unparalleled view of the forests of the western – ghats rich with trees like teakwood, Arjun, Sal, Behada, Peepal, Hirda, the ficus and many more. Jackfruit, cashew, mango and jamun trees are scatters around with their summer treasures a treat for everyone- humans, animals and birds alike.

Why worry about the jungle safari in India price when there are options nearby at the most reasonable prices? When you set out to search for an enticing jungle safari near me, you will be confronter with a few options from Dandeli that you just can’t resist. Whistling Woodzs Jungle Safari is one of the most preferred choices for its meticulous planning and safety measures. Obviously, when someone wants to embark on a jungle safari in Dandeli, he/she would first think about safety while enjoying the jungle environs to the hilt.

Exciting experiences of Jungle Safari in Dandeli

  • All guests staying at Whistling Woodzs enjoy an early morning jungle trek with the resident ornithologists, the veteran Jom Paryekar. However, for those who wish to soak in the joys of the forests by delving deep inside can opt for a personalized jungle safari which is arranged by the resort.
  • It entails a special robust vehicle allotted for the small team with an experienced guide on board. The guide knows the jungle like the back of his hand and can show you facets of the forests that you would have never known before. The vehicle provides the perfect foil for safety from any wild animals and against the vegetation growing in the wild.
  • You can spot animals like elephants, leopards, bear, gaurs, foxes, scaly anteaters. The guide can stop you as he listens to the shrill cries of the birds like the egrets, cormorants and hornbills while they glide through the skies and come home to nest.
  • The luckiest ones also get the heavenly visual of the majestic tiger on lucky days. It’s an out of the world experience to trace the tiger’s footprints and follow the trail to spot one lounging in the shade or at watering holes if you leave early in the morning or stay back late at sunset.

How to choose the best Jungle Safari in Dandeli

One must ensure that before you choose a jungle safari package in India, you must check for all safety precautions and the itinerary. Check for the experienced guides, the vehicles, the rich experiences on the way and the activities. Only then must you embark on a jungle safari booking.

The guides at Whistling Woodzs Jungle Safari will share their knowledge about wild habitats, vegetation, and the resplendent flora that emits a compelling smell that fills the forests and gives you a high. Forests are living ecosystems and have stories of their own with their very own heroes and villains, aka the animals and birds and their behavioral patterns. Get enthralled by the stories as you see them unfold before you.

As you enter the deep forests, you tend to lose a sense of time and begin to feel one with the environment. You forget the mundane matters like job pressures, those minor aches and pain, the stress of running against time in the maddening city and the constant urge to drench in the deluge of social media (which is thankfully absent in the forest!). All that stays with you is the tranquil feeling, that sense of feeling overwhelmed with nature’s beauty, being far away from the buzz of city life and the company of the wild who live life to the fullest.

At a safe place, you can step down from the vehicle and explore the wild. Wearing your sturdy shoes, you can walk for a distance, crisp dried leaves crushing under your feet as you traverse through the dense jungle, whisking aside the stray branches and soaking in the smells and textures of nature’s explicit beauty. If you’re carrying your binoculars, you can even indulge in some bird watching and feel amazed at the varieties of birds found in the jungle. The jungle here is dotted with all kinds of animals and you will frequently greet many of them like the bison, gaur, fox or the bears and Malabar squirrels.

Going deep inside the jungle, you will enjoy being away from the humdrum of city. No sounds of traffic or machines, nothing comes between you and pure unadulterated nature. That’s when you realize that you need to do this more often, being in close proximity to nature is akin to finding yourself all over again.