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weak erection

Weak erection during masturbation may indicate cardiovascular risk

When weak erection problems occur in young men, the tendency is to think that their origin is one hundred percent psychological. So much so that we find many studies on the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult and older men, but very few in the young male population.

However, beyond the fact that erectile dysfunction increases with age, as well as the health problems that are its risk factors, we should not stop investigating the physical factors that cause it in young men. In fact, sexologists in Delhi are increasingly convinced that in all sexual problems and dysfunctions the causes are not only psychological or medical, and that all components of the human being are always involved.

In today’s article Dr P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, will talk about a weak erection during masturbation and how it can indicate a cardiological risk, continue reading!

What happens in those young men who, without having sexual intercourse, present a weak erection due to masturbation?

Perhaps we think, at first, that it is a problem of anxiety, lack of desire or concentration. But an investigation carried out in Shanghai between 2009 and 2012, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2014, concludes that it could be evidence of early cardiovascular risk that health professionals should take into account.

This work was carried out with men whose age ranged between 18 and 40 years. Some of them (78) had weak erection from masturbation and did not have sexual intercourse. The other group did have coital activity. Of these men, 179 were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and 43 did not have this problem. The evaluation of the three groups was exhaustive, including clinical and biochemical examinations, sexual history, International Index of Erectile Function and monitoring of nocturnal penile tumescence, among others.


The conclusion is that in these young men with difficulties in masturbation, certain cardiovascular risk factors are present, sometimes in a higher proportion than in the group with erectile dysfunction: vascular dysfunction, early glycometabolic disorder and nocturnal penile tumescence.

Thus, not only erectile dysfunction but also weak masturbatory erection should be considered as an early cardiovascular risk factor in young men, says sexologist in Delhi.

Both this study, as well as others cited in it, suggest the importance of cardiovascular evaluation in young men, and even more so if they present difficulties in their erectile function, either in coital or masturbatory activity.

The challenge for the future is to carry out similar studies in different countries and with a larger number of men, and to make both patients and doctors aware of the evaluation and prevention strategies to be carried out in daily clinical practice.

Going to a medical visit is the right way to live healthier, adopting good habits, healthy customs and appropriate medical recommendations by sexologist in Delhi.

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Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Foods That Help To Have A Good Erection

Adopting a healthy diet and other positive lifestyle habits can help prevent erectile dysfunction. It should be noted, because it is a problem that affects a large number of men at some time in their lives.

There are foods that help to have a good erection and more pleasant sexual relations. Although this is not usually one of the functions that is expected to improve when adopting a healthy diet, it is still an effect that exists.

In this article, sexologist in Delhi explains about some eating habits and certain products that influence sexual and reproductive health, especially for men. Read on to find out.

What are we talking about?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. That is, it is a disorder that affects the specific moment of the relationship.

It is a multidimensional and common problem in many men throughout their lives. It is estimated that in the year 2025 there could be around 320 million cases worldwide.

As the experts at sexologist clinic in Delhi, erection problems can have causes of various origins, such as the following:

  • At the hormonal level, they are linked to low levels of testosterone, which is the sex hormone responsible for regulating sexual desire and erection.
  • The nervous system and the circulatory system also play a role in the erection reflex.
  • In some situations, it has a psychological origin, for example in cases of anxiety, depression or stress.
  • It is also an adverse effect of some medications, such as beta- blockers used in heart conditions.

What foods help to have a good erection?

When considering what foods help to have a good erection, the causes stated above must be taken into account. Although some are not modifiable, in other cases a good food choice can have a positive effect, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

For example, all those foods that help in the optimal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems will be suitable. Similarly, those that facilitate the secretion of testosterone. In addition and, as we will see later, it is important to take into account all those habit patterns that negatively affect erectile function.

1. Not avoiding fats in the diet

To produce adequate levels of testosterone, the body needs cholesterol. Hence the importance of introducing fatty foods into the diet.

A dietary intervention in this sense increases the level of male hormones in the blood of people who stick to a diet rich in fat, compared to one more abundant in carbohydrates. However, not all types of lipids are suitable for this purpose.

It is positive to choose extra virgin olive oil, coconut and avocado for their contribution in monounsaturated fatty acids. The omega 3 acids found in oily fish also help. In addition, these are protectors of the cardiovascular system and the arteries that supply the male reproductive system, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

2. Sufficient supply of zinc

This trace element is essential for growth, immunity and reproduction.It plays a key role in the development and function of the male sexual organs.

It is hypothesized that zinc sulfate therapy could improve sexual activity.  To this must be added the data that relate low amounts of it in the diet with a lower production of testosterone.

This is a list of some foods that help to have a good erection, as they are among the most abundant in zinc:

  • Molluscs and crustaceans, such as oysters, crabs, and lobster.
  • Eggs.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and Brazil nuts.

For the moment, it is best to ensure these food sources in the natural diet, without resorting to artificial preparations. More studies are needed to assess the suitability of zinc supplements, their safety, and their adverse effects, says sexologist in Delhi.

3. The role of nitric oxide

The role of this neurotransmitter (which is produced in the nervous tissue) in erectile function has been explained and detailed by many investigations, including that of John Hopkins University. After the initial sexual stimulation that initiates the erection, the blood vessels must continue to produce nitric oxide, to maintain it longer and to harden it.

According to top sexologist in Delhi, there are some foods that favor the production of this substance and that can be included in the diet on a regular basis. They are nuts, salmon, dark chocolate and all vegetables rich in folate (Brussels sprouts, spinach, leeks or asparagus).

4. Red fruits that provide antioxidants

One of the main components of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are anthocyanidins. These compounds have a very interesting antioxidant activity in erectile dysfunction problems.

The role of antioxidants is related to that of nitric acid, since a high presence of free radicals in the body prevents or hinders their secretion. Both in cardiovascular pathologies, as well as in metabolic pathologies with incidence in the arteries, the control over the cellular oxidation processes is a pillar of the improvement of the quality of life, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

The negative effects of diet on erectile function

Apart from knowing what foods help to have a good erection, it is important to highlight what are the dietary guidelines that make it difficult. Most do not have to do with specific foods, but with some habits and the structure of diets.

The elements that have a negative influence are here explained by sexologist in Noida:

  • A high body mass index and the presence of overweight or obesity.
  • Very restrictive and low-fat diets.
  • The eating pattern based on red meat, refined flour, processed foods and simple sugars. Among the people who follow it, more erectile dysfunction problems are observed than among those who follow a Mediterranean-type pattern.

Start discovering the foods that help a good erection

The problem of erectile dysfunction can improve with a diet rich in fatty fish, nuts, red fruits, pumpkin seeds, eggs and green leafy vegetables. They may not be in your usual eating plan, but now that you know their benefits, you can incorporate them.

This diet will be more effective if it is accompanied by healthy lifestyle habits that avoid a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, alcohol and tobacco. Consult with sexologist in Delhi and nutritionists if you have doubts. It is important to adapt the schemes to suit each patient to obtain a noticeable improvement.

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sexual problems

Sexual problems that most affect men

Currently, even with all the information and access to treatments, sexual problems that affect men are many, becoming even common for men of all ages. Many sexual problems are related to psychological, health and lifestyle aspects.

According to sexologist in Delhi 51% of Indian men are dissatisfied with sex. But what are the sexual problems that most affect men?

Lack of desire

The lack of male desire is a nightmare for any man. Always when talking about sex, he is expected to be always manly and always ready for sex anywhere and on any occasion. But men as well as women also suffer from a lack of desire, and one of the factors that can cause this is testosterone, the main male hormone that has a lot of influence on sexual desire and male sexual health.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the reason that most men come to the office, followed by erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that one in four Indians suffer from premature ejaculation, characterized when the man cannot control ejaculation soon after penetration or even before.

A common symptom in youth, in encounters with new partners or after some time of abstinence, it becomes a problem when it extends into maturity, compromising a man’s sex life in most, if not all, sexual relationships he practices.

Sexual impotence

Another very common symptom among men but little addressed is sexual impotence, a problem that can be related to several factors and should be investigated carefully.

Impotence can be linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, altered hormone levels and obesity. Therefore, it is interesting that a man with erection problems consults with a sexologist doctor in Delhi he trusts to check all these influencing factors.

Testosterone Deficit Syndrome

Known as hypogonadism (decreased testicle function), a testosterone deficit affects not only your sex life but also your bones, energy level, muscle strength and even your mood. The best sexologist in Delhi should recommend an exam to check the level of testosterone and, if necessary, carry out hormone replacement treatment.

Peyronie’s disease

It consists of the narrowing or bending of the penis. It is a deformation, caused by a painful scar in the tissue, which manifests itself as a kind of solid lump, often in the upper part of the penis. It can be corrected with surgery or alternative treatments.


There are men whose erections can last up to four hours straight and in cases where they last longer, they can cause damage to the penis. Treatment seeks to drain excess local blood.

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sexual blocks

7 keys to overcome sexual blocks

Are you suffering from sexual blocks? These can greatly affect your quality of life. Today we show you 7 things you can do to overcome them.

Having sex is a great mediator that determines the satisfaction of the couple. In turn, it is one of the actions that contribute to personal satisfaction. Various reasons can cause the experience to be repressed or inhibited, which will undoubtedly result in low interest in it. Today we show you some tips to overcome sexual blocks.

We understand by sexual blocks those experiences that prevent starting, maintaining or finishing the sexual act. Contrary to popular belief, the reasons are more psychological than organic. They are also very common experiences, so you should not be ashamed in any way. With the steps explained by the best sexologist in Delhi to overcome sexual blocks you can recover your sexual life.

Tips to overcome sexual blocks

Sexual blocks can be both masculine and feminine, and they are a great obstacle when it comes to achieving satisfaction in a relationship. They are frustrating experiences that lead us to avoid all encounters, since we think that no matter what we do, they will end badly.

This can manifest itself in many ways. For example, through the inability to reach orgasm, the psychological discomfort of doing the act itself, sexual impotence (in the case of men), and other ways. According to the sexologist in Delhi, sexual satisfaction is related to life satisfaction in general.

Therefore, do not think that the problems under the sheets do not have repercussions in different aspects of your life. If you are going through episodes of this type, let’s see what you can do to break sexual blocks.

  1. Put prejudices aside

The first thing you should do is put aside sexual prejudices. In fact, having sex is a direct contradiction of all prejudices. You will never be able to enjoy any encounter if you maintain prejudices of some kind regarding them.

These are regulated by society. For example, you may have them because of your religious upbringing, your early childhood education, growing up in a conservative country, or the influence of movies and advertising. You can think that sex is something amoral, or on the contrary have high expectations about what it is (excessive romanticism, for example).

If you really want to overcome sexual blocks, you will have to leave behind all these beliefs. Sex is not a bad thing, nor is it linked to very romantic components as it is sold in the cinema. Sexologists in Delhi agree that sex is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Turning your back on him will only cause frustration and dissatisfaction.

  1. Recognize what is the cause of the problem

Once you have freed yourself from the bonds of prejudice, the next step is to recognize what is causing the problem. It is very likely that it was the previous one, but you should still do an internal reflection exercise to discover what is behind it and how you can solve it.

Help from a sexologist doctor in Delhi can often be of great benefit, but it’s something you can also try on your own. Start to tie up the loose ends and try to understand why you are having such blockages. The answer will always be in you, and you will never be able to complete the process if you do not dare to ask yourself or leave the question unfinished.

  1. Practice communication with your partner

We are not talking about communication in the relationship in general (which is also, of course), but during the meetings. Many couples choose to minimize communication during sex, there are even those who do not mediate a word in between.

Top sexologist in Delhi points out that both verbal and non-verbal communication have repercussions when it comes to rating sex as satisfying. When we eliminate this variable, you can get frustrated thinking that your partner is not enjoying it, that you are not good enough, that they want the act to end and other frustrations that lead to sexual blocks.

Therefore, you must maintain permanent communication with your partner. Do it before, during and after each meeting, so that you can plan what satisfies the other and mediate to achieve greater mutual pleasure. Communication will also allow the experience to be transferred to the earthly environment, so that it is not thought of as a sacred activity in which you must remain silent.

  1. Move away from very high expectations

Another way to overcome sexual blocks is by setting very high expectations. Movies, television, advertising, and of course adult movies continually set expectations about what sex is.

They do it in several ways. The physical attributes, the duration of the encounters, the amount of pleasure that is obtained through it, the degree of romanticism that precedes and precedes, the passion and many variables. You can come to assimilate this so much that you idealize what a sexual encounter is, so that none of them meets your expectations.

Sex doctor in Delhi suggests that if you do the opposite, you will avoid the frustration and disappointment that accompanies the above. Each sexual encounter is different: some will be shorter, others longer; In some there will be a lot of pleasure, in others this will be very fair. No matter what the case, by having more earthly expectations you will be able to enjoy all of them.

  1. Forget that you will be judged or rejected

Along the same lines as above, many people maintain very high expectations regarding their physique and their performance during sex that they fear being judged or permanently rejected. For example, they fear that if they do not meet certain expectations their partners will reject them, or in any case they will not enjoy the intimate encounter.

This just adds a lot more pressure, one that can translate into sexual blocks. Sex should be a pleasurable experience, not something that causes you trauma. Sex should be something that makes you enjoy, not cause fear and dread. Think about this and you will see how quickly you can overcome sexual blocks.

  1. Work on your self-esteem

Sex specialist in Delhi that self-esteem is a major conditioning factor when achieving sexual satisfaction. It is not the only way it manifests itself, of course, but self-esteem in relation to physical appearance is the most common of all.

It occurs in both men and women and is regulated by the variables that have already been mentioned (cinema, advertising and others). Believing that you are not attractive enough or that you do not have enough to arouse pleasure in your sexual partner is undoubtedly an obstacle to fully enjoying the encounter.

You must then work on strengthening your self-esteem, on your self-esteem if you will, so that you can overcome sexual blockages. Remember that we have already suggested you reflect on the causes, keep this in mind in case you think you have solid self-esteem. The problem may lie in this.

  1. Be open to trying new things

Finally, another thing you can do to overcome sexual blocks is to keep an open mind to try different things. Monotony in sex is a bucket of cold water for the flame of passion, so you should avoid it at all costs. In addition, it can motivate you not to want encounters or to avoid them.

Trying new sex positions, trying role-play, having sex in different places, trying sex toys, and so on can keep you from feeling aversion to sex. Finding something that gives you greater pleasure favors the fact of recovering the illusion regarding intimate encounters.

The only way you will ever get past sexual blocks is by working on them. Put all of the above into practice, and remember that most of the blocking is in your mind. Do not hesitate to consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi in case you think you cannot control it on your own.

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penis enlargement

Thickening and lengthening of the penis. What does it consist of?

Penis enlargement treatment in Delhi consists of the application of traction mechanisms to increase the size of the penis in a flaccid state. The penis, like any other organ, can have variations in terms of its morphology (length and diameter). According to statistics, in flaccidity its length is between 6 and 10 cm; when erect, between 12 and 18 cm. Despite the fact that a micropenis is only considered to be one that has a length equal to or less than 8 cm when erect, above which it does not give rise to problems during sexual intercourse, many men become obsessed with size to the point of turning it into a psychological problem.

What is it that makes a normal penis? 

When measuring it, it is important to distinguish the difference in size that it presents in erection and at rest. The size of the flaccid penis varies considerably, from 5cm to 10cm, and has nothing to do with the erect size, which on average tends to measure 12cm.

Although many question the importance of penis size, it is a fact that most men want to have it bigger. Fortunately for many there are various penis enlargement treatment in Delhi, procedures that vary from manual stretching exercises to devices and surgical procedures.

It is important to mention that, in order to choose the indicated penis enlargement treatment in Delhi, it is necessary to go to a consultation with a sexologist in Delhi who is the one who can assess each patient and advises on the main characteristics of the treatments.

In general, surgery to increase the size of the penis is recommended when the patient has a resting length of less than 4 cm or less than 7 cm when erect. Once the best sexologist in Delhi gives the go-ahead for the operation, you can proceed with the surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery is generally recommended for:

  • Men who feel that their penis is too small in relation to their body
  • People who want to gain trust.
  • Men diagnosed with micropenis, or what is the same a penis of less than 6 centimeters in an erect state; or Peyronie’s disease which causes painful erections.

The most important thing is that the patient who undergoes a penis enlargement and thickening treatment does so to improve the harmony of his body and feel better about himself.

Penis lengthening, through surgical intervention, is achieved by cutting a suspensory ligament that is responsible for fixing the penis with the pubic bone, this action is what increases the length of the member. The intervention can be carried out under local anesthesia, leaving a practically imperceptible scar. The average recovery is one month, time in which the patient will not be able to have sexual relations. It is recommended to be very strict with the hygiene of the area to avoid any infection.

Local anesthesia and monitored sedation are normally used. Penis enlargement can be complemented with penis thickening, so you can choose to practice both methods simultaneously.

After the operation, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of best sexologist in Delhi to avoid complications or side effects. The assessment and opinion of the top sexologist in Delhi is always necessary. Patients with psychological or psychiatric problems should refrain from surgery; the same happens with those who suffer from cardiovascular problems.

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Preliminary Games - More Fun in Bed

Preliminary Games – More Fun in Bed

Choose a touch of mischief before approaching your partner. Remember that it is from the preliminaries that the most intense orgasms are built. Find out everything you need to know about this topic here.

Preliminary games constitute a series of practices that not only facilitate the stimulation of the erogenous zones to achieve pleasure, but also help to achieve greater closeness with the partner in intimacy. In addition, they help make the meeting more than satisfactory, says top sexologist in Delhi.

These games are carried out before penetration and their main objective is to provide the maximum possible pleasure, in order to bring the excitement to a high level and, later, achieve an intense orgasm.

This preview is the best way to start a good sex session because it makes you more lubricated and increases the passion between both of you. In addition, they will help you relax, have fun, get to know yourself better, establish a more intimate connection, gain confidence and reach climax more easily.

In addition to kisses, caresses, masturbation or erotic games, there is an essential requirement to promote an exciting prelude: imagination. The brain is the main sexual organ and the more stimulated it is, the better your performance in sex will be.

The importance of preliminaries

This preceding phase is very important, the problem is that sexual intercourse is commonly considered almost exclusively intercourse. This definition leads you to understand the preliminaries as prior to the sexual response itself, when, in reality, it is about the relationship, the first step towards it.

Avoid understanding sex as a mere coital relationship. You could talk about reaching orgasm, although you would be wrong if your only goal was to reach it, because it could cause stress for you and your partner. This would spoil the game.

The games

Couples spend an average of ten minutes foreplay, a fact that is natural. What many do not know is that by increasing desire through touching, massages or even dirty talk, sex will be much better. Take a look at these preliminaries suggested by sexologist in Delhi:

  • The ears. They are a part of your body that, before any touch, be it bite or lick, activates the nervous system.
  • The toys. Use them with your partner or, better yet, give him the control. The downside is that he won’t last long and he’s going to want to pounce on you soon.
  • Put the light down, touch his whole body with oil or lubricant. Give him a sensual and pleasant massage to relax. In addition to the feeling of delight, it will make them forget about stress.
  • The shower. When he goes to take a bath, take the opportunity to surprise him and get in the shower with him.
  • Visual stimulation also comes from foreplay: start by lathering up and letting him look at you.
  • Oral sex: fellatio and cunnilingus (meaning the practice of oral sex where you suck, rub, lick or nibble) are still the star preliminaries.
  • With your hands. This technique is for the most daring: masturbate in front of your partner and masturbate her too.
  • Spicy photos. Pose suggestively and take raunchy photos that will boost your libido.
  • Striptease – A sign that your lover will love is to see how you slowly take off your clothes to the rhythm of the music and a very hot dance. The secret is that you feel safe. Forget complex. Choose lingerie that makes you feel very sexy. Remember that everything is a matter of attitude!
  • Role playing games Dress up as a very sexy character and play a role. You can be a nurse or a teacher and he can be a policeman or a firefighter. They are good and fun moments that fuel passion.


The best recommendation by the best sexologist in Delhi for a couple is always communication. Nothing sexier than connecting with a man through conversation. This kind of contact gets you to open up completely to him. The most optimal foreplay is to tell each other what they want. As obvious as it may seem, it is one of the things that is least done. What is achieved is repentance when at the end there has been no full satisfaction.

The purpose is to enjoy both, together. Any preliminary and behavior that favors excitement and desire will bring you closer to the goal of enjoyment. Remember that all these situations do not occur only in the so-called preliminary phase, but are maintained throughout the relationship and strengthen it, says sex specialist in Delhi.

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adolscent erectile dysfunction

Adolescent Erectile Dysfunction

Adolescent erectile dysfunction can have serious consequences: early treatment is essential

Surprisingly, erectile dysfunction can also occur in teenage boys.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which, as a result of abnormal functioning of the organ system, a man suffers from a potency disorder permanently and for a long time. However, erectile dysfunction problems are no longer just a disease of the elderly, it can occur in more and more men under the age of forty, but also in teenage boys, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Adolescents who experience erectile dysfunction can be mentally injured, and the condition can also affect their later sex lives and the quality of their relationship, so it’s worth starting to explore and treat the causes as soon as possible, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Adolescent erectile dysfunction

It seems unlikely that a teenage teenager will have erectile problems, although as well as mental, there may be an organic problem in the background.

According to a study conducted on 40 young people between the ages of 14 and 19 who had had an erection problem for an average of two years and who therefore sought help from one of the centers that specialized in it. The research found that half of the teens had reduced or absented sexual urge, 30 had trouble getting an erection, and 35 had trouble maintaining an erection for an extended period of time.

Penile blood flow was monitored by ultrasound in 25 boys, 12 of whom were found to have inadequate flow, and 13 were presumed to have psychological causes behind the problem.

Early treatment is essential

Performance failure can also cause shame and lack of self-confidence in young people, but prolonged erectile dysfunction can also affect their general mental state and their existing or later relationships. According to the person skilled in the art, if there is a physical cause, treatment is often possible with hormone therapy or vascular surgery and medication. If the possibility of organ damage is ruled out, the problem is most likely of mental origin, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Psychic causes can include anxiety, stress, childhood abuse, or depression. Inexperienced couples may experience erectile problems in the early stages of sexual intercourse, which will make the young person increasingly frustrated, tense, and fear of leaving, which may accompany them throughout adulthood.

There are several methods of sex treatment in Delhi to help get rid of anxiety, performance failure, and poorly innervated attitudes. Counseling with sexologist doctor in Delhi helps you explore the problem, resolve tensions, and resolve it.

Is childhood masturbation harmful or not?

From the age of six, children gradually map out the roles of their own gender and engage in cognition of their bodies, and later, during adolescence and early puberty, they develop a sexual interest in the other sex. The development of this process is as natural and normal as complacency at a young age, which is taboo to this day, says top sexologist in Delhi.

Erection Loss

5 Tips on How to Overcome Erection Loss

Stress, anxiety, the time to put on a condom, the desire to do everything right… Know that the loss of erection at the time of penetration is a very common problem. But do not despair: in these cases, it is best to get around the problem, enjoy the moment and take pleasure in other ways, other than by penetration. So, the erection can come back or intercourse can happen in different ways!

In fact, it can happen to everyone. And the partner is usually understanding. But if it is not… It is important to talk about what happened – or else to change partners (o)…

Anyway, the best sexologist in Delhi will give you 5 tips on how to make things go well:

Why did I “blow” during sex? Is it normal for this to happen?

This can really happen, but it is still necessary to identify the problem.

From time to time, it is normal to have this kind of difficulty. There are several reasons for this, as long as the difficulty does not become a pattern.

Usually, things get better on their own. Sometimes an appointment with sexologist in Delhi can help as well.

For example, we know that many men, when they discover a partner for the first time, end up feeling more stressed. That’s because they want to do well, maybe they are worried about the time to put the condom on… And these factors are accentuated if the person is a little more anxious or a perfectionist.

Thus, over time, the person will feel calmer, he regains confidence and things evolve! This is a passing thing, not least because men are not machines with an on / off button (which is comforting, by the way)!

In addition, there is a second case: the person does not have an erection problem when he masturbates, he has morning / night erections… Things only get “bad” during intercourse – or during penetration.

Thus, it is not possible to speak about erectile dysfunction, because erections are present outside the sexual context for two. The block is mainly psychological.

To overcome the problem, you will probably have to look at yourself and work on it – and the partner’s role is essential to reassure you. Because, of course, sexual intercourse is a shared act.

Loss of erection during penetration: what to do?

We are going to give you some tips on how to overcome the loss of erection on penetration, but you also have the possibility to freely discuss the problem with sex specialist in Delhi in these matters.

We identified the 2 main cases:

  1. one occasional discomfort with a new partner or partner (this is normal) and
  2. a constant difficulty during penetration, but without signs of erectile dysfunction with physiological causes.

In relation to the second case, the nature of the problem must be examined in greater depth. The problem may be a simple psychological block, as we have already commented, or it may arise due to other factors.

For example, we know that excessive masturbation can lead to “failures” for a number of reasons. It is another normal phenomenon: if you masturbate several times a day, you increase the risk of not having energy when it is time for intercourse.

On this issue, too much pornography certainly does not help either.

Combining masturbation and pornography is not the problem in itself. The problem is to replace the reality of sex with unrealistic fantasies or let yourself be influenced a lot by porn movies, with the risk of having a false image of your own sexuality or of your partner.

If you feel you are in either of these situations, decrease the frequency with which you masturbate and avoid pornography. From that moment on, things should improve when you are with your partner.

A healthy lifestyle is also important: good nights sleep, healthy eating, regular physical activity, etc.

Overcoming a psychological block

If the problem is more specific and occurs despite a healthy lifestyle, without excessive masturbation or pornography, the difficulty is probably psychological.

Here are some simple tips to make the penetration part less stressful:

1) Face the relationship with tranquility

During sex, do not focus on penetration, otherwise you will lose your temper every time.

In sex, it is important to keep your mind free, carefree. And to do that, you must first learn to rest and relax in your daily life.

Play sports, invest in yoga or meditation to reduce stress or anxiety.

Learn to feel your own breath: inhale slowly and then exhale, feeling the air pass through your lungs before you leave. Practice this type of exercise frequently, repeat it for 5 minutes to control your heart rate in time H.

2) Check if the problem occurs when putting the condom on

If so, then get ahead and don’t wait until the last moment to put the condom on!

Keep a condom close at hand, so you don’t have to look for one desperately on the spot – which can cause a loss of erection.

3) Remember: sex is a shared act

The role of the partner is therefore fundamental.

If you have any difficulties at the moment of penetration, let the partner take care of that moment: instead of putting yourself in an active (“dominant”) position, prefer a more passive position, in which (the) partner will be on top of you, for example.

4) Don’t just focus on this loss of erection and penetration

If you think about penetration before you even have sex, the chances of “failing” are greater…

Take your time, there are other ways to enjoy yourself. Play with your partner, exchange caresses, kisses and other stimuli.

Oral sex is a great way to start the relationship and to share pleasure: it will divert your attention from your erection, without your arousal diminishing.

Another important point: leave the routine Kiss → Oral sex → Penetration. There is no predefined standard! Be instinctive and listen to your and your partner’s desires.

The sexual act must not revolve around penetration. Women, for example, have even more orgasms outside of penetration!

5) Try to use a cockring, for example!

At the beginning of intercourse, and when your erection is strong, you can also use a cock ring! It will help you maintain your erection.

But be careful: the ring can be a little difficult to put on and requires a little practice.

And last but not least: if you lose your erection during intercourse, you don’t have to end sex because of it – that would be the worst thing for you and your partner.

In doing so, you will feel guilty and enter a vicious circle. So, try to have pleasure in other ways, as we explained, this will reassure you for the next time.


If, despite everything we have said, your difficulty persists, seek the assistance of a top sexologist in Delhi. Our tips can be useful, but we know that they are very comprehensive. The sexologist doctor in Delhi, in turn, will be able to clearly identify what the problem is in your case.

For example, taking erection medications in small amounts can help you overcome this small difficulty, it can make you feel calmer, ending the problem of penetration in the long run.

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Male sexual health

Male sexual health: break this taboo and learn more

The male sexual health is still a taboo for most men. Social prejudices that exalt an alleged unshakable male virility inhibit them from seeking help from sexologist in Delhi to take care of their sex performance.

Taking care of sexual health is a fundamental part of developing the well-being of individuals and building solid emotional relationships with their partners.

After all, what are the main or most common male sexual health problems? How to prevent them? When should I see a sexologist doctor in Delhi for proper sex treatment in Delhi?

Come with us to learn more about the importance of caring for sexuality!

What are the main male sexual health problems?

The three most common problems related to male sexual health and performance are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctionand a lack of libido.

Let’s talk a little about each of these three problems and how they reflect on man’s well-being.

What is premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation happens when a man reaches orgasm, and the penis consequently releases sperm.

The premature ejaculation therefore manifests itself when a man has trouble on the ejaculative control in sexual intercourse and orgasm arrives before the desired time.

The central nervous system is responsible for this physiological manifestation. The stimuli are sent from the brain to the reproductive organ, which stimulates the sensation of excitement until the height of sexual pleasure and ejaculation.

The causes of the phenomenon can be:

  • anxiety;
  • fault;
  • unrealistic expectations regarding performance in bed;
  • history of repression of sexuality;
  • lack of self-confidence;
  • hormonal changes such as thyroid hormones;
  • prostatic infections;
  • hypersensitivity of the glans;
  • and relationship problems;
  • and age.

Therefore, premature ejaculation is a problem related to sexual performance. The anticipation of this process during sex can cause frustration in both the man and the partner.

When treating the problem as a taboo or reason to be ashamed, the man is postponing a treatment for something easily soluble, as well as generating consequences for his sexual and emotional relationship with the partner.

It is common in these cases to develop a sense of guilt, shame, self-deprecation, and irritability, which can spill over into a partner or other social relationships.

How to prevent premature ejaculation?

There are some simple ways to end premature ejaculation. One of them is masturbation a few hours before sex, in order to control stimuli and delay ejaculation.

Another piece of advice is to avoid sex for a while and focus on other types of “sex play”. The pelvic movement called Kegel Exercise is also recommended by sex specialist in Delhi.

There are also remedies for premature ejaculation, which must be prescribed under the supervision of a top sexologist in Delhi. The search for treatment should be encouraged and not seen as taboo.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

What is erection? Erection is a physiological process of hardening of the penis after an intensified flow of blood through the vessels that supply it.

The erection phenomenon is simple: in a moment of sexual excitement, the cavernous bodies fill with blood and the penis gains volume as a result of this procedure.

Difficulty in hardening the penis is known as erectile dysfunction. The pathology is extremely common and affects more than 30 million Indians, although it is still treated as taboo and many men feel ashamed about it.

This prejudice only makes it difficult to start a treatment that can be simple, effective and leverage the patient’s male sexual health.

When looking for means of treatment it is important to point out the probable causes of erectile dysfunction. Some are shown below:

  • age (aging can make erection difficult);
  • consumption of substances such as tobacco and alcohol;
  • psychological problems;
  • the level of sexual arousal;
  • blood circulation capacity;
  • ability of the nervous system to transmit sexual stimulation;
  • obesity;
  • hormonal disorders.

How do I know if I have erectile dysfunction? There are two ways that an erection problem can be configured: the duration (difficulty of maintaining it for more than 5 minutes and the delay in getting the penis erect) and the stiffness (how rigid the penis is, is fundamental to define if there is a weak erection).

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Sexologists in Delhi point out to those who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction some ways of enhancing penis stiffness as a way to have a longer and pleasurable erection, such as:

  • have a healthy lifestyle;
  • prevent or control chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes;
  • exercise regularly;
  • and control the weight.

For those who suffer from the pathology, there are several pharmacological treatments so that the patient can enjoy a strong and prolonged erection. Medicines like Viagra and Cialis (Tadalafil) have already proven effective for millions of men around the world.

The best sexologist in Delhi should always be consulted before using these medications.

What causes a lack of libido?

Problems related to libido are immensely popular in the world of male sexual health and, like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, they are seen by men as a taboo or cause for shame.

But, after all, what is libido?

According to studies, libido is defined as the development of sexual desires. It is precisely this sexual impulse that encourages the person to seek sexual experiences or stimuli.

The causes related to lack of libido and low sex desire can have the following motivations, very similar to the causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • age;
  • androgenic deficiency (low testosterone);
  • a disorder called hyperprolactinemia;
  • psychological problems;
  • consumption of harmful substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol;
  • chronic, genetic, or urological diseases.

How to increase libido?

Yes, it is possible to increase libido. The methods indicated are, for example:

  • the practice of physical activity, which increases the amount of endorphins and, consequently, of daily mood and pleasure;
  • healthy eating and avoiding alcohol and smoking;
  • sexual creativity and innovation with the partner;
  • body weight control;
  • and improve sleep quality.

If none of these solutions work, it is necessary to assess the need for specialized professional assistance from sexologist in Delhi to solve the problem.

When to look for a professional?

The best sexologist in Delhi should be contacted if you notice that any sexual health problem is constantly and permanently present, bringing an impact on satisfaction with your own sex life.

Thus, the best sexologist in Delhi will be able to draw a more specific clinical diagnosis of the situation in order to find out what are the causes and best treatment methods.

best sexologist in Delhi

10 Complaints And Sexual Problems That Therapists Hear The Most

From a distance, everyone’s sex life seems perfect, but no one is sure what happens between the sheets of others. According to a survey, 56% of women and 51% of Indian men are dissatisfied with sex. But, after all, what are the main problems and complaints?

To find out what has been interfering with sexual satisfaction, a sexologist in Delhi reveals the most frequent complaints he hears in his sex clinic in Delhi. See below.

Lack of desire

The number one problem among women seeking help from a therapist is often the absence or diminished sexual desire. The mistaken idea still prevails that arousal happens only spontaneously, but the desire must be provoked. The more we think about sex, the more we fantasize. The more sex we have, the more we desire. Although less common, the lack of desire has grown among men. Stress, relationship problems, and the use of antidepressants are the biggest inhibitors of the will.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the reason that leads men to the office, followed by erectile dysfunction. The problem is also the most prevalent among gay people seeking help.

Little sex

Many patients complain about sexual frequency. Most of the time, it is men who express a desire to have more sex than women. Hormonal changes, biological cycles, and even the double female journey impact women’s willingness to engage in sexual activity. However, sometimes there is also an unrealistic expectation, motivated by pornography and a false idea that others have more sex. It must be kept in mind that sexual health is more linked to the quality of relationships, suggests sex doctor in Delhi.

Women who do not get there

Anorgasmia, that is, the inability to reach orgasm is a frequent problem for women. This dysfunction can have many causes, from difficulties in the relationship to a blockage in the delivery. Orgasm requires the loss of control, a very large surrender, and a feeling of vulnerability. Lack of adequate stimulation, little affectivity, and previous traumatic experiences may also be related to anorgasmia.

Sexual monotony

A general complaint is a lack of falling in love and sexual sameness, sex that always happens the same way, without any news. It is not easy to innovate in practices in long-term relationships and in the midst of a daily life full of commitments. However, the effort is worth it.

They do not feel wanted

Another frequent complaint among men concerns the behavior of partners, especially in longer relationships. Some feel unwanted and are dissatisfied with the lack of initiative for the sex of their girlfriends or women, who assume an exclusively responsive attitude. In the sexologist clinic in Delhi, men often say that they would like to see more of the attraction that they provoke in their partners and that they wait for these demonstrations.

No tuning in bed

A good relationship does not guarantee a good sexual rhythm. Many couples get along very well in life as a couple but do not have the same level of affinity in bed. This lack of harmony appears frequently in the offices. Sexual development, the way each deal with issues involving sexuality and the education received contribute to this disparity. Realizing that there is no perfect match is an important step in reducing expectations and better tolerating the flaws and peculiarities of the other, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Camouflaged erectile dysfunction

Difficulty in having or maintaining an erection is one of the sexual problems that most affect men. A survey showed that 59% of men aged 40 to 69 years had already had an erection failure. With premature ejaculation, it is the reason that most motivate men to seek help. However, many are postponing their visit to the office. With the advent of erection drugs, fewer men, unfortunately, seek the help of the best sexologist in Delhi for complaints of erectile dysfunction. In addition to causing psychological dependence in some cases, the drugs can camouflage other health problems and a lack of sexual desire.

Pain on penetration

After the lack of sexual desire and the difficulty in reaching orgasm, pain on penetration appears as one of the most recurring complaints among women. This symptom is called dyspareunia by a sexologist doctor in Delhi. When persistent, the problem can be linked to different causes of physical origins, such as inflammation in the pelvic region, or psychological. In addition, to avoid pain during penetration, the woman must be fully prepared for sex, hence the importance of dedication in foreplay. It is a physiological need since the female genital area is more spread out and needs more time for the vessels to irrigate.

Sex to fulfill the table

In addition to wanting more oral and anal sex, what sexologists in Delhi hear most from men is the longing for partners genuinely willing to engage in sexual activity. In offices, men also often express a desire to watch the woman looking for what is exciting for her.