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Premature Ejaculation: 5 Myths And Truths On The Topic

Premature ejaculation usually occurs moments after penetration. In some cases, there is not even time for the penis to penetrate the partner’s sexual organ. In other words, in simple contact with these regions, a man already loses control, explains sexologist in Delhi.

For some men, this sounds funny, but the conversation here is very serious. It is a disorder that affects about 45% of Indians. This disorder even impairs the sex life of many couples and leads many men to depression. Therefore, we are facing a public health problem. As if the jokes weren’t enough, there are still many rumors about premature ejaculation. For example, have you heard that masturbation is one of the causes of this dysfunction? Or has someone close to you already said that circumcised men are more prone to the disorder? Yeah, not everything they say out there is true. So, in order to resolve some doubts, In this article, best sexologist in Delhi reveals some myths and truths on the subject. Follow everything until the end!

What you need to know about premature ejaculation

Condom slows ejaculation

Unfortunately, some men believe that using two condoms can control the rash. However, this only increases the risk of them bursting due to friction. That is, even if they use condoms with anesthetic substances, for sure, this technique will not work. So it’s a myth.

Masturbation helps to train the body

Certainly, onanism brings countless benefits to the man who practices it, as it is also a way for the individual to know his own limits. As a curiosity, start-stop masturbation is an exercise used to control sperm output. In fact, the technique is excellent for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, as it helps them to get out of the routine, improves their mood, and, consequently, helps them to better control the release of semen. Therefore, masturbation is a way of training the body and improving sexual performance, suggests sexologist in Noida.

Stress makes you come faster

Yes, it’s true. It is worth noting that sexual practice requires psychological participation. Often, we need imagination to develop desire and stimuli. So, when the body is present and the mind is wandering around in problems, the result tends to be frustrating. Thus, before becoming intimately involved with someone, a man must get rid of thoughts that can harm him. And, if mental confusion remains, the advice is to seek help from a sexologist in Ghaziabad.

Alcohol and drugs delay ejaculation

The effects of alcohol and drugs on the bed can be disastrous because these substances damage your erection, says sexologist in Faridabad. This is because their excessive consumption leaves the body dehydrated, which increases the amount of the hormone angiotensin, commonly associated with erectile dysfunction. Thus, this is also a myth.

Premature ejaculation has no treatment

Myth. There are several procedures aimed at this type of disorder. For example, the patient can combine the use of drugs with therapies. That way, he will have the opportunity to treat the mind and body. That is, for those who want help, yes, there are several alternatives. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem in adolescence when boys are still discovering sex. However, in adulthood, this becomes a serious disorder, mainly because it affects different areas of man’s life, warns sexologist in Gurgaon. So don’t keep that information, share it with anyone who needs help! Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have and I will be very happy to answer your comments on this matter.

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Ten things that have nothing to do with sex harm your sex life

Ordinary habits and events that apparently have nothing to do with the couple’s libido can significantly interfere with sexual performance. Learn how to deal with ten of these villains.

ROUTINE: when it is pleasant, the routine shows that the couple’s relationship is healthy. But once one of the couples (or both) no longer has an interest in knowing how the other is doing and does not take care of the relationship, the sex life can sink. “After some time together, due to stability and daily tasks, some couples start to postpone sexual activity. One day because they are tired, the next because they need to take care of their children and, when they realize, they no longer have sex”, says the best sexologist in Delhi. “Although many people are prejudiced against this strategy, setting a date for sex is a great way to get around the routine. You need to create situations to be together with the couple and enjoy the relationship.

SLOTHING: occasionally, giving in to laziness due to tiredness is not a problem. But care must be taken that it does not become an excuse for lack of desire and affects the relationship. “If this attitude becomes frequent, the couple may feel devalued,” says sexologist in Delhi. According to him, it is understandable that, on certain occasions, it is impossible to circumvent tiredness and engage in pleasurable sex. But in others, it is worth making the effort to experience that moment. “It may be that the sex is not phenomenal, but it is possible to enjoy the caresses and enjoy. Just let yourself be involved”, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

LACK OF MONEY: running out of pennies to pay expenses or having to deprive yourself of some things that you like because you have the money counted is stressful and it lowers self-esteem. “Sadness and nervousness, resulting from the situation, evidently affect libido”, explains sexologist in Noida. To prevent the sexual life from going down the drain and the partner starting to think that the problem is with him, the best sexologist in Noida suggests maintaining a dialogue Open. “The lack of communication is what usually causes more problems between the couple,” he says.

ANXIETY: either because of everyday problems or because of the desire to impress the partner in bed, anxiety can greatly affect sexual life, causing problems such as rapid ejaculation or lack of erection. “Sexual activity requires relaxation and calm. Faced with tension, the body puts the body on alert and the blood goes to the extremities. But the penis needs good circulation to be erect”, says sex specialist in Noida. In the case of women, the consequence of anxiety is the difficulty of achieving good lubrication. The advice of the sexologist doctor in Noida is to try to put the worry aside. “To feel and provide pleasure, let things flow and enjoy the moment,” he says

PROFESSIONAL DISSATISFACTION: it is common for people dissatisfied with work to have their self-esteem affected. Mood swings are also common. And all of this decreases libido and the willingness to have sex. The best solution to escape this trap is to attack the generator of dissatisfaction. “Assess whether the problem is with you or your job. Then, think about alternatives that are within your reach to change the situation,” says sexologist in Ghaziabad. If the dissatisfaction is due to some disagreement in the corporate environment, try to resolve it directly with the colleague. But if the problem is with the company or the profession, in some cases, think about a change, but with caution.

FOOD: Some symptoms resulting from poor diet cause indisposition and do not match sex. This is the case with heartburn, poor digestion, stuffing and gas formation. Hence the importance of eating healthy foods and avoiding excessive portions of food, especially before going to bed. “Eating too much food depresses the central nervous system, responsible for the proper functioning of the organism. Poor nutrition contributes to the clogging of arteries, such as the penis, damaging the erection”, explains the best sexologist in Ghaziabad. The affected erection for this reason it is not common, but it happens.

SEDENTARISM: if you consider that sex is also a physical activity, it will be easy to come to the conclusion that the more you exercise, the more willingness you will have to have sex. Not to mention that, as explained by sexologist in Gurgaon, exercise also releases substances such as serotonin, which increase self-esteem, the feeling of well-being and excitement. “There are also aesthetic benefits, which contribute to further increase self-esteem and sexual disposition”, says the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: alcohol is a depressant drug and, in excess, it decreases the sensory perception (affecting the five senses), which is essential for sex. According to sexologist in Faridabad, the substance also degrades testosterone, a male hormone directly related to libido, faster. “In high quantities, the drink can impair the body’s response, causing the orgasm to take longer to happen. Erection problems and lack of lubrication can also occur”, says the best sexologist in Faridabad.

MEDICAL TREATMENT: antidepressants and medications for the treatment of chronic diseases, such as hypertension and ulcers, can alter hormonal function, decreasing libido. Remedies for baldness and some contraceptives can also affect sexual desire and lower the rate of testosterone. “If this happens, do not interrupt the treatment. See your doctor, who will be able to assess the need to change the dose or change the medication”, says sexologist in Delhi.

LACK OF PRIVACY: couples who have small children may be tense and afraid that the children will enter the room in the middle of the night. But, so that this insecurity does not cool the sexual life of adults, it is essential that the couple create a routine and have their moments of intimacy preserved. “Going out from time to time for a few hours, to enjoy and date (and leave the children with the nanny, grandparents or other trusted people), is an efficient measure to keep the relationship and intimacy preserved”, says sexologist in Delhi.