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Erection Problems Are Cause For Divorce

Erection Problems Are Cause For Divorce

Erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide. It may not be the direct cause, but erection problems generate secondary effects that follow each other as a chain reaction: fear of infidelity, insecurity, lack of understanding, fights, lack of desire, serious psychological damage and, of course, sexual dissatisfaction.. All this disguised as “irreconcilable differences”.

Why do so many couples get divorced because of erectile dysfunction? 

Because it is something that is not talked about. If it is difficult for the individual who suffers from it to assimilate the issue, it is even more complicated to understand that this is a problem of two. The “cousin of a friend” used to say of his erection problems, “nobody knows what he has…until he has it!”

Never better said. Couples may not know that their spouse has erectile dysfunction, until they are the ones who start to suffer the consequences.

A few years ago, couples did not get divorced. Men and women were taught that marriage was for life, no matter what one or the other had to put up with. Were they happier than couples today? Very probably not, but unhappiness was part of the package and was accepted with resignation, so it was better to reconcile the “differences”. Of sexual dissatisfaction, not to mention! How could that be a cause for divorce? It was what there was and if you didn’t like it, bad afternoon.

Today, at least half of couple ties end in separation. Among the first “irreconcilable differences” – Solomonic decision that frees both of guilt and having to give explanations – are infidelity, physical or emotional violence, money problems, lack of communication and yes, lack of sex.

As a cultural fact, during the thirteenth century in Europe, erectile dysfunction (which then was not even known that such a male health problem existed), was the only acceptable reason for the annulment of marriage. If the objective was to procreate a family, it was valid to give up the bond if the man was not capable of giving offspring to a woman. In fact, it was considered a fraud. We can already imagine what it was like to present evidence…

But marriage annulment back then was not as easy as claiming “ irreconcilable differences ”. The woman had to demonstrate – through other humiliating processes – that the marriage had not been consummated, that is, that she was still a virgin.

The men of that time must have married very old or suffered from erectile dysfunction from a very young age. In any case, it must have been terrible to be put on trial for not being able to copulate and worse still, not having a cure for his erection problems.

Well into the 21st century, we know that more than 50% of the men in the world will suffer from erectile dysfunction approximately from the age of 40 (although male sexual impotence occurs more and more frequently in young people).

We also know that science is on our side and today we have multiple options for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

The mass and digital media have been open for several years to talk about male sexual dysfunctions, with very complete information about the alternative solutions. So why do couples keep breaking up because of erectile dysfunction?

The sexual differences in the couple, are they irreconcilable? 

As we have already said, erectile dysfunction is a male health problem in which the symptoms and consequences are suffered by two people. For this reason, both members of the couple must take action on the matter. Being empathetic, putting yourself in the other’s shoes, putting aside your ego and holding hands to go out together to find the solution, is the first step. And no, it is not easy at all.

According to studies conducted, one in five marriages end because of male sexual impotence.

The most common reaction in women to the apparent lack of sexual interest of the husband (or the inability to have sexual relations with her), is to doubt: is it because of me? Does he not like me anymore? Is he cheating on me? ?

The doubts are justified and he also has them: is it just with her? Is it that she doesn’t turn me on anymore? Am I bored? Could it be that I need something “new”?

Here are some interesting facts also provided by the leading sexologist clinic in Delhi:

  • Nearly 60% of men who come to the clinic for erectile dysfunction have had sexual experiences with someone other than their regular partner.
    • 38% of these individuals have taken the ’empirical test of sexual potency’: failing with their partner, they venture to have sex outside their home (with other people) to see if the ‘failure’ is due to sexual problems. with your partner or not.
    • Men with erectile dysfunction are 6% more likely to be unfaithful.

As we can see, what lies behind these figures is a first impulse to blame the other. Thousands of cases of “it’s not me, it’s you”.

Well ladies and gentlemen, realize, in erectile dysfunction there is no culprit! It is not something that the man has done to make himself impotence (at least not consciously) or that the partner has stopped looking attractive.

It is something that just happens. The causes are many and varied, whether physical or psychological. What concerns us here is how a couple experiences this sexual dysfunction and, above all, how to prevent it from being a cause of separation.

The key word is “reconcile”. Among the ancient Greeks there was something called “agonal arguments”. In these debates it was not about defeating or humiliating the other, but about reaching a truth. Discussions as a couple must be agonal, productive, without the desire to win. The debate is healthy as long as we understand that it is not about fighting, but about being understanding, opening our minds to the points of view of one and the other in order to find, together, that truth that causes change.

In communication on any topic, especially one as sensitive as erectile dysfunction, words should always be positive. Empathy, sensitivity to the feelings of the other and the ability to be compassionate are essential to encourage the man, who is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life, to seek medical help.

Most likely he is depressed, afraid, feels hurt in his self-esteem; what you need is a hug, not a reproach or an emphasis on “you can’t”, “you don’t satisfy me”, “you are not capable”, “there is something wrong with you”.

Let us never lose sight of the fact that sexuality is the responsibility of both and if the love is deep, mature and true, the egos are put aside.

The objective is, first of all, to solve the erection problems and then, to recover the sexual enjoyment of both and, of course, harmony.

Inform yourself with a sexologist in Delhi is essential. He will determine the causes of erectile dysfunction from a complete review of the patient’s health status and in the same consultation, he will recommend a treatment.

The treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction are many and varied: oral medications, topical application, psychological therapy, shock wave therapy, among others, all always complemented by professional advice of the best sexologist in Delhi.

The latter is recommended, if both parties are available to take it as a couple. With the guidance of an expert sexologist in Delhi, they will be able to find their way back to the pleasure of a full sexual life, solve the conflicts that erection problems may have generated and, best of all, save their relationship.

Nobody teaches us how to have healthy sexual relationships, we learn it along the way if we are lucky enough to find a good partner (or partner). But when you go through something as strong as erectile dysfunction, the balance in all aspects of life can be broken.

At Dr P K Gupta Clinic we are pleased to have helped more than 1 lac patients to recover the enjoyment of their sexuality and their relationships, thanks to our sexologist doctor in Delhi who is experts in disciplines related to male sexual health, always with ethics, professionalism and total privacy.

Men and women have different ways of living our sexuality, each one has their triggers, their internal clock and their emotional needs. These differences are not irreconcilable if you find the right help and understanding of the other.

Our partner is the best mirror. They are there to show us aspects of ourselves that we are often unable to see.

Erection problems do not have to end in divorce. Acting in time can save us a lot of suffering.

Sex is life and it is much more beautiful when you live in harmony, with health and with the right person.

Taking care of your erection problems is the first big step to reconcile the differences.

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how to recover the sexual desire

How to recover the sexual desire lost with the pandemic

When the relationship is ‘deserotized’: how to recover the sexual desire lost with the pandemic

The coronavirus has confined us, it has made us feel vulnerable and it has made it difficult for us to venture what the future will be like. With this percale, how do we keep the desire for sex?

Let’s go for a year of pandemic. By now, we’ve stretched resilience to its limits. But it begins to crack: stress, anxiety, depression… With these wicks, the libido of many has been rock- bottom for months. “In order for the sexual response to develop in all its stages (desire, arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution), the body must be calm. The slightest activation of our sympathetic nervous system, whose function is to put us on guard and in an immediate alert-flight attitude, will annul the relaxation necessary to start desiring”, explains Dr P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in India.

And here’s the problem: the pandemic has skyrocketed our long-term stress levels (daily fear of infecting ourselves or our loved ones, losing our job, not being able to meet the bills). We have been on constant alert for almost twelve months and we are dragged along, physically and emotionally. With those wickers, it’s normal for erotic passion to decline in many bedrooms.

Strategies to get back in the mood

The loss of sexual appetite does not distinguish between single and married, in a relationship or far away. At the beginning of the pandemic, the joke was circulating that, for once, those who live as a couple would have more sex than single people. But locking yourself up by obligation 24 hours a day with your better half (and with the children) more than an eternal honeymoon was for many a Big Brother: a lot of hustle and bustle and little intimacy. Those who lived alone were also not free from collective fear and now, on top of that, they have to rewrite the script of flirtation and spontaneous sexual relations. “Losing a loved one also often affects sexual arousal. And having passed the covid in the first person leaves a transitory exhaustion, even post-traumatic stress, which also interferes with erotic desire.

Low libido is not a disease. Just as it leaves, we can make it come back… with time and good manners. Experts propose several guidelines to recover sexual desire at home. “It is essential to recover spaces and time as a couple. When that space of complicity is missing, the relationship becomes ‘de-erotized’. Knowing how to stop working and give yourself a break for pleasure is not going to sink the world economy. And it will do a lot of good for the couple’s sexual health.

The comfy of walking around the house doesn’t do much good to passionate desire either. Although we are comfortable with our loose clothing, without perfume, without combing or making up (them) and with messy hair and a few days’ beard (them), being careless is the staunch enemy of passion. A dinner arranged, even at home, can enliven the passion of the senses.

What if there are children involved? In the absence of grandparents (it is not the best time to recruit them), you have to use your imagination. If both telework, perhaps the working day can be delayed a bit after leaving the children at school to dedicate a moment of pleasure to each other. With the children at home, the best sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta, proposes to take it as almost like an adventure. “Establish a private moment while you leave the children with some snacks and their favorite movie. Or wake up earlier and play don’t get caught.” Anything to stimulate sexual desire.

And, although these are bad times for fantasy, we must return to eroticism. “Ask your partner about their fantasies or what they would like to try. Recover games that were previously pleasurable for you, try erotic readings…”, says sexologist in Delhi. Other colleagues are more precise: incorporate sex toys or other gadgets, new postures, watch pornography in privacy… Anything agreed upon that can spice up bedroom life helps.

In times of social distance, recovering physical contact is another key for specialist. “We must not neglect expressions of affection with touch, caresses, kisses, hugs. It is essential for the body and, above all, the head (the most important organ in this whole matter), to tune in again with the erotic and affectivity with our partner”.

Finally, sex specialist in Delhi suggests taking advantage of any moment as a couple to warm up engines. “Favoring spaces of physical contact, such as showering together or having a massage, without demanding that it go to greater lengths, gradually awakens desire and brings you closer to your partner again.”

What if I feel like it, but my partner doesn’t?

Each person experiences the pandemic in a different way. And not only because of the way of facing the reality of the coronavirus. The employment situation, the health of parents, siblings or friends, also conditions. “It is a delicate situation, because the person who maintains the desire usually feels rejected and abandoned and this often leads to expressing it from reproach and demand”, comments the sex doctor in Delhi. “This creates anxiety and a huge sense of guilt which, in turn, increases pressure and stress. Far from solving, we increase the problem. It is very important to try to talk to our partner without reproach or anger”.

Being caught by the pandemic at a time without a stable partner is not easy either. “Most people are being more cautious and, having less sexual stimulation, it is normal for the sexual appetite to decrease. But it is something that will recover over time and with the progressive return to normality.” says sexologist in Delhi.

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sexually incompatible

The three tests to know if you are sexually incompatible with someone

Few couples would file for divorce due to sexual incompatibility. However, if we better understand this concept and its consequences, perhaps the ruptures would be less painful, dramatic, without victims and executioners, and even friendly.

In my erotic life I have discovered that the sexual dimension is very different from the affective or friendly one, and that it does not always agree with our tastes or hobbies. I’ve had lovers that, at first, I wouldn’t have given a penny for. And if someone had introduced them to me with the intention of Celestina, I would have laughed in their face. However, everything changed radically and magically when it was passed to the horizontal plane. I have also met charming people, with whom I would have gone to the end of the world but never to the bedroom; because the thing, it is not very well known why, never got to work.

“There is no feeling”, with this mantra we abort many relationships without thinking too much, many times without even having started, and we make the next one go through the particular erotic casting. How many good lovers have been discarded by an unsuccessful first time? How many sexually incompatible couples could have been avoided were it not for the narcotic effects of falling in love?

Finding out that one is sexually incompatible with a one night stand or with someone they are starting to go out with is not a drama, but things get complicated if the defective is the perfect man or woman in everything except in bed -shit!-, or if it turns out to be the person with whom we have shared half a life.

Unfortunately, there are still no reliable tests to detect sexual incompatibility, in the way that is used to discover if one is allergic to pollen, dust or grasses and, on the other hand, many of the problems with which couples come to sexologists in Delhi can be easily solved. The true incompatibility is something more subtle, or more obvious depending on how you see it, because we often look too much at the trees and they prevent us from seeing the forest.

Perhaps many do not have all the sex they would like, but there are other things in life, right? Then there are those who protest having an overly fiery partner, something like disavowing a few extra pounds in a famine-stricken African country. Some, after reading too many women’s magazines, become obsessed with spicing up their erotic lives when the couple’s favorite flavor is vanilla. Yes, that so neutral and that combines with everything. And there is no shortage of those who get involved in the postures, caresses, kisses and touches that turn him on the most, and that his selfish better half not only does not carry out but has not even found out yet about the menu that he likes the most, in what dosage and at what times you prefer it to be served.

But these relationship pitfalls are not what really make two people incompatible in bed, but others. Dr P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, believes that the aspects on which the incompatibility is based are other more general ones. Dr P K Gupta points out that the key questions to ask are basically three: Do we have similar libidos? Do we share the same idea regarding monogamy and infidelity?

Friendly libidos

According to sex specialist in Delhi, “differences in desire give couples many problems and is one of the most common causes. Why they decide to ask for professional help. A union that is only based on sex will not go very far, but I do not predict much life for those who have buried their erotic dimension when the desire of one of the members is still alive. Sexual incompatibility exists and there are couples who love each other very much but who will be unable to give each other the pleasure they expect, because their love is more fraternal than erotic or because they have opposite tastes. But talking about sex is not evaluating each powder but knowing what the other thinks about the subject, their attitudes, desires, fantasies, what they expect from their sexuality and how they relate to it.

Differences in desire can be adjusted, agreements can be reached, autoeroticism must be used as a tool for self-satisfaction, also in the couple, and one should be able to handle temporary or momentary imbalances in desire, due to illness or income in a new stage of life, such as maturity or menopause. However, it can be very difficult, and even impossible, to make two initially different libidos coexist and be happy, something that almost always gives rise to misinterpretations: “he doesn’t want me anymore”, when in fact his level of desire has always been higher, been low, except for the short-lived infatuation phase. Believe me, libidos are usually very stubborn and persevering in their ideals.

It is convenient to agree on concepts such as monogamy and infidelity

There are fewer and fewer defenders of pure and simple monogamy, of “until death do us part”, of “two is company and three are a crowd”; at the same time that fidelity begins to be an increasingly flexible and unnatural concept, since biologists have discovered, thanks to DNA determination techniques, that the genetic information of chicks of eagles, geese, swans and other species of birds -which until now embodied the ideal of lifelong love- did not correspond to that of their supposed parents.

According to sexologist in Delhi, “the couple has to be a personal and unique construction, based on the needs and desires of its members. Within this creation also enters the proper concept of fidelity. We can design a model based on the one that existed until now, or manage the erotic desire towards other people in a different way, based on playing for pleasure and not for love. Some couples allow certain flirtations or punctual relationships with others, without this being an offense; while others cannot even glimpse this possibility. This chapter is another of the usual frictions in the relationship and many times the cause of its breakup, so it is important to have a similar vision on the subject, although it may change over the years or experiences.”

And, to ask, that there be similar sexual tastes

A modern version of Romeo and Juliet could be a couple where she is bisexual and an avid BDSM practitioner, while he believes in tender, romantic, lifelong love. Or vice versa. They are madly in love but sex is a disaster and, finally, their disparate tastes undermine the coexistence, full of bitterness and unsatisfied desires.

“Sex is covered with gravity and seriousness”, says Dr P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, “when it should be something playful and hedonistic. When we approach it from this perspective, things change and we dare more to try and express our desires, because everything is less deterministic, less transcendent. It is very difficult for two people to exactly match their erotic tastes and preferences, but the solution is to be open to trying new things. There are people incapable of transmitting to the other what they like, their fantasies, but what is desirable in a relationship is to feel and make the other feel. If tastes are very different or irreconcilable it can be a problem, but first you have to try to be flexible and open and teach the other, at your own pace. So, the difference in palates, instead of being an obstacle.

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sexual desire low in men

Sex: Why is sexual desire low in men?

It is a fairly taboo subject today, there is still the belief that men always feel like it, they are always ready. For a long time men have carried almost all the weight of the relationship regarding initiative and sexual performance. Although it is true that I hear more and more female patients who say “my partner doesn’t feel like it, he doesn’t look for me anymore”.

Let’s start at the beginning, what is sexual desire? I have found multiple definitions like:

– It is the phase of stimulation of sexual impulses to activate the sexual response.

– It is the desire to have sex with someone.

– It is a pleasurable anxiety of an erotic nature, a state of mind, a propensity to get excited and a host of pleasant sensations.

– It is the need or sexual impulse.

A sexologist in Delhi defines it as the desire and interest in maintaining erotic and/or sexual intimacy with oneself or with someone to obtain pleasure.

We must differentiate several types of low sexual desire:

– Primary:

The lack of desire is forever, there has been no change.

– Secondary:

When you enjoy a good desire, but at a given moment you lose interest in sexual behavior.

– Generalized:

The person with low desire experiences it in all situations, the couple, other people, masturbation, etc.

– Situational:

Desire towards the partner is not experienced, but towards other people or towards self-stimulation.

What factors can lower sexual desire?

The most important thing is to know the cause(s) in order to treat it and resolve the discomfort. There are organic and other psychological causes, so it is important as a first step to go to the urologist to carry out the relevant tests and if everything is correct, the next step is to go to the best sexologist in Delhi to resolve the possible psychological causes.

Organic factors:

– Treatment with some medications.

– Hormonal alterations and neuroendocrine problems.

– Metabolic diseases.

– Chronic diseases.

Psychological factors:

– Couple problems.

– Sexual dysfunctions.

– To feel down.

– Anxiety and stress.

– Fatigue.

– Pressure to satisfy the partner.

– Low sexual satisfaction (monotony, loss of pleasure, etc.)

– Loss of attraction.

The first step is to recognize the problem and seek help in the hands of good sexologist doctor in Delhi because each case is different. On many occasions we believe that time or we ourselves are going to solve it, but time goes by and everything remains the same, that’s why it is best to go to a sex specialist in Delhi to solve the discomfort since with a little involvement and desire it will be resolved being able to enjoy again of sexuality.

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coronavirus and sexualty

Sex And Love, New Affected By The Coronavirus

The labor and financial uncertainty, the permanent contact in the same physical space, the concern for the health of the family and the lack of recreation spaces, have increased intra-family tensions and conflicts, decreasing the sex, intimacy and good health of partner.

With regard to the sexualty, the best sexologist in Delhi and couples therapist Dr P K Gupta, share the following tips to nurture romance and enjoy love during these holidays:

1. Recognize If There is Any Type of Anxiety

Although this is not humanity’s first pandemic, it is the first we have faced on this scale. The fear of dying and losing a loved one, added to uncertainty, fatigue, the crowding of family members at home, and in some cases, economic pressure, are unequivocal triggers of stress.

Illness, which according to Dr P K Gupta, is one of the main causes of both partner problems and sexual difficulties in men and women. “Assessing the environment, identifying individual and collective stress situations and acknowledging your own fears in front of your partner, this gives rise to listening and thus surfing this great wave from a more human perspective, which just as it came, it will go”, recommends sexologist in Delhi.

Dr P K Gupta suggests remembering three fundamental aspects within a couple.

  • The passion and/or romantic sexual desire of great intensity, this keeps active the physical union and the emotion of feeling close to the other. Important, be cautious and avoid unwanted pregnancies at this time.
  • Intimacy: generally, in new situations like this, there are many things to learn about the other, which makes it necessary to create spaces just for the couple where they can talk and enjoy those novelties that are experienced together.
  • Communication: an essential element in any human relationship, this allows you to always be connected with the other, evidencing their needs and satisfactions and thus improve the environment for love and sexuality. Without communication, sexuality loses its impact as a defense mechanism against stress and uncertainty.

2. The Couple’s Romance

Going on a date, having a picnic in the candlelight room, dancing, having positive conversations, and removing any dense or negative topics allows you to reconnect with each other. These spaces are exclusively to get away from the stress of COVID -19 and re-establish the harmony between the two.

For the sex doctor in Delhi, interaction with your partner is essential in times of crisis, romantic encounters are necessary, the sexual bond favors balance, restores energy, minimizes toxic stress, activates endorphins and stimulates motivation to live.

3. Keep Spaces Alone

It is essential to be comfortable with oneself, to guarantee a better relationship with those around you. Listening to music, reading a book, meditating or simply taking a nap, ensure that you give yourself that space for recharging and privacy and a break from the “forced” time of coexistence in the same place.

For Dr P K Gupta, a sex specialist in Delhi, the individual leisure space continues to be one of the main factors in preserving sexual desire in long-term relationships, as well as the quality of the relationship as a couple.

Dr P K Gupta emphasizes the need to differentiate the time dedicated to recreation and work, since due to circumstances, the latter has increased markedly and therefore the level of stress and fear of losing one’s job in times of crisis, which exacerbates the intolerance of the couple and bad relationships.

4. Establish Routines

Mixing work and home means that there are no limits or separation between both responsibilities. Ensuring the time for meals, work, play, conversation, even the time to turn off phones and disconnect from technology, encourages the use of moments as a couple to share and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Creativity

It’s time to think outside the box. Surprise the other with some unexpected detail and turn the new routine or confinement into an opportunity for something new. Dr. P K Gupta, Top Sexologist in Delhi states that confinement is optional and in reality we must recover humanity and that only occurs through physical contact. “I suggest using mindfulness techniques to make the most of every moment with your partner. Contact, sensations, stopping, observing, breathing and connecting with oneself and with the other is the key to a fully sexual life”, he recommends.

6. Sexual “Naughtiness”

Don’t wait for the big moments for sexual interaction. Take the interaction to small gestures during the day. Holding hands, rubbing the body or… any physical interaction that maintains the daily attraction and not leave it only for intense moments of intimacy.

7. Accept Changes

We are unique and different “individuals”, that is why we do not react like others to unexpected situations. “Human beings do not respond identically to stress, therefore, respecting individual processes and observing them while preserving the ability to be surprised, will allow us to discover facets of ourselves and of the couple that probably had not been previously evidenced,” says sexologist in Delhi.

8. Physical Activity

Dancing alone or with a partner to the song you like the most, following an internet exercise routine, jumping in the same place for a while or simply shaking and moving your body for a few minutes, releases endorphins and improves your mood. This is directly reflected in the couple’s relationship, ensuring that the feeling of happiness generated motivates them to feel greater sexual attraction and thus keep the flame of love alive.

9. Celebrate Special Dates

Regarding the sexualty, it is important to take advantage of these dates to generate a festive atmosphere in the midst of the monotony caused by confinement. Despite the fact that many brand this day as a superfluous celebration, it is the best opportunity to remember as a couple why they decided to be together and relive moments in which love was the protagonist.

10. Couples Therapy

If the tensions remain, it is advisable to start a therapy and try to work on the guidelines that a sexologist in Delhi can determine according to each particular case.

In conclusion, this time of general tension can be seen as an opportunity to rethink love and resume sexual life with a more pleasant and romantic vision. Love and sex as new victims of this pandemic can also be our examples of overcoming and recovery.

“Taking advantage of the fact that we are in a month where we have a good excuse to celebrate love, couples, romance, we also want to draw attention to those things that can affect relationships in the framework of this difficult and challenging year. For this reason, at sexologist clinic in Delhi we offer the possibility of having therapy to consult and follow up with best sexologist in Delhi, so that couples can overcome the difficulties and tensions present in their relationships”

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common stds

Do You Know what are the Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Lets start by the beginning! Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are known in different ways: sexually transmitted infections or STIs, and in English they are recognized as STDs, sexual transmission diseases.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the STI are transmitted from one person to another through sexual activity, which can be vaginal, oral or anal.


According to the best sexologist in Delhi, there are about 20 different types of STDs and among the most common sexually transmitted infections are:

8 Chlamydia

The chlamydia infection is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause serious and permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system and make it more difficult or impossible for her to become pregnant in the future. Chlamydial infection can also lead to a life-threatening ectopic (outside the uterus) pregnancy.

There is good news, chlamydia infection can be cured with the correct treatment. If you already have this diagnosis, take the medications that the sex specialist in Delhi prescribed and you will soon be able to stop the infection and reduce the likelihood that you will have complications in the future. Be careful, medicines against chlamydia infection should not be shared with anyone.

7 Genital herpes

The genital herpes is caused by the virus herpes simplex. It can generate sores in the genital area, rectal, buttocks and thighs. The sores usually appear near the area where the virus entered the body. These blisters break and become painful, then heal. Attention! The virus can be spread even when the sores are not present and also, mothers can infect their babies during childbirth.

On the other hand, keep in mind that there is no cure for genital herpes. The virus remains in your body forever, however, medicines can help decrease symptoms, reduce flare-ups, and lower the risk of spreading it to others.

6 Human papilloma virus

There is a very common group of viruses that are known as the human papillomavirus. They usually do not cause problems in people, but some types of these viruses can cause genital difficulties or trigger cervical cancer. However, do not panic because this disease is easy to prevent with a vaccine that should be given to both girls and boys.

On the other hand, keep in mind that many of these viruses affect the mouth, throat or genital area because they are very easy to transmit, they do not require penetration. How can you acquire them? Through direct contact with the genitals, by sharing sex toys, or during vaginal, oral, or anal sex.

5 Gonorrhea

We reached the fifth common sexually transmitted disease among patients diagnosed with an STI.

The Gonorrhea is easy to treat but can generate, sometimes, permanent complications. It is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae and can be passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

If not treated early, gonorrhea can increase a person’s risk of acquiring or transmitting the human immunodeficiency virus. In addition, in women it can end in pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies or even infertility. Complications in men with gonorrhea include epididymitis (an inflammation of the tube that carries sperm) and also infertility.

It’s Not Just These, There Are Still 4 Other Common STDs

4 Hepatitis B

The Hepatitis B is a viral infection that causes inflammation, damage to the liver and can also affect other organs. The hepatitis B virus is spread through contact with the blood, semen, or other body fluids of an infected person.

If you want to avoid this sexually transmitted disease, you can get vaccinated against hepatitis B. And if you definitely already have hepatitis B, you can take steps to avoid transmitting this disease to other people, such as not donating blood, organs or tissues.

3 Syphilis

The Syphilis is spread through direct contact with wounds or lesions that are part of the infection. A pregnant woman with syphilis can pass the disease to her fetus through the placenta or during birth.

You need to know that the first symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease appear approximately ten to twenty days after sexual contact with the infected person. You should also keep in mind that there is no natural immunity against syphilis, therefore, a previous infection does not protect the patient.

2 Tricomoniasis

This sexually transmitted disease (STD) is caused by the protozoan parasite, called Trichomonas vaginalis. Symptoms can vary, indeed, most men and women who have the parasite do not know they are infected.

Sexologist in Delhi suggests to watch out for this, men! If they have trichomoniasis, they may feel itchy or irritated inside the penis, have some discharge, or feel burning after urinating or ejaculating. In the case of women, they may notice itching, burning, redness or pain in the genitals, discomfort when urinating, or a clear discharge with an unusual odor that can be clear, white, yellowish or greenish.

Hmm, it is definitely better to treat trichomoniasis because otherwise it can cause discomfort when having sex and the infection can last for months and even years.

We Come To The Close of This List!


This is a much talked about STD… it is the most advanced stage of infection by the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, which is what we know as AIDS.

HIV destroys the cells of the immune system, causing a progressive deterioration of the body’s defenses. Without treatment, HIV infection can last without symptoms for five to 10 years.

This virus can be transmitted by contact with breast milk, blood, semen, or vaginal secretions of infected people. This is very important information: it is not possible to be infected through kisses, hugs or handshakes or by sharing personal objects, bathrooms, gyms, food or drinks, or by mosquito bites.

With this clarification, we come to the end of this journey, remember that sexually transmitted diseases usually do not present symptoms in their initial stages and therefore, constant check-ups with sexologist doctor in Delhi are essential. Also, do not forget to take the appropriate preventive measures, such as vaccinations, use of condoms, having only one sexual partner or practicing abstention.

Oh, and remember that when it comes to sexuality, Dr P K Gupta sexologist in Delhi is a trusted name.

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Maxims To Renew Your Relationship as a Couple Long Live Love!

Maxims To Renew Your Relationship as a Couple Long Live Love!

Do you feel that your marriage is in limbo? Do you think that the flame of love is going out and that nothing is like before? According to a survey led by Second Love, a social network for unfaithful people, the main fear in a relationship is falling into a routine (40%).

Don’t let your courtship or marriage get to this point! For Dr P K Gupta, consultant and sexologist in Delhi, l to monotony can always fight as both do their part. “If couples are aware of the situation, the crisis they are going through or at least one of the two takes the initiative, the primary passion can be recovered, and this combined with mature love will lead to developing an inventive love that will give greater importance to kisses, caresses and pampering as essential preliminaries to reach unlimited levels of pleasure, “he says.

But Why Does It Get To This Point?

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, creator of the conference ‘Born for pleasure’, it is all due to the fact that over time the novelty no longer exists and that the imaginative capacity diminishes.” The years go by and yes, it is sad to admit that it is no longer desired, that they are bored, that everything is a routine… In addition, the excuses to avoid a sexual encounter are more and more frequent: fatigue, stress, children… They take over the body and nothing is like before”, he explains.

Do you want to regain the magic of your marriage and relive your courtship as a couple of teenagers? With the advice of the sex specialist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta, we give you six keys to achieve it.” Chemistry, like love, evolve. We must be clear that this moment may come; but if there is still admiration, physical taste and respect, there is a solution,” he says.

6. Change strategy with your partner

Instead of accusing the other, talk about yourself. “Right now I am very sensitive” or “I need your support” instead of “you attack me” or “you are unbearable, useless and selfish.” You’ll notice the change with this little strategy tweak!

5. Speak From Love

Dialogue is essential, but it is important not to express it in the form of frustration or reproach. Highlight what you like about your partner. For example: “I like the way you are tender and affectionate”, “I miss you a lot”…. instead of: “why are you never tender and loving?” Finally, it is more fair to question the relationship they have built together, because that way they will be more willing to change.

4. Pair of Friends: Become Accomplices Again

In your courtship, did you love to go to the movies, eat ice cream in the park, or did you accompany him to his football game? Repeat it. “Being complicit, tolerant, sharing dreams and even having the ability to accept frustration, are the perfect doses to recover love and therefore desire,” recommends sexologist doctor in Delhi.

3. Live Your Love And Sexuality As A Couple

Sex should be experienced as something natural, not as taboo. Give free rein to your imagination: go back to the conquest, seduce him and surprise him with different invitations. And remember that sexuality begins with you, that is; you can’t have good sex if you don’t know your body.

2. The Importance of The Sexual Preamble

According to Dr P K Gupta, for a sexual relationship to be satisfactory, not only physical contact counts, but also communication. “Stimulating the senses in a sexual game ignites desire. Gentle caresses, tender words or a flirtation prior to the sexual act itself is beneficial for both women and men”, sexologist in Delhi recommends. More ideas? Music, food, romantic dates, and even sexting (text messages with sexual content) are other forms of stimulation.

1. In The Details Is The Difference

Maybe you think that your relationship is fine, so you think it is not necessary to tell your partner that you love him, do not trust yourself! Relationships are like plants, you have to water them daily so they don’t wither. And this does not mean that you have to surprise him / her with luxurious gifts or that you have to spend day and night with your partner, no! the key is in the small details: a delicious breakfast, a letter, a loving text message…

Now that you know the maxims to not let the spark of your relationship go out, it is time to put them into practice.

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Quarantined Sex

Let’s Talk About Quarantined Sex!

We are going through a time where we stay in our homes all the time due to the global health emergency due to COVID-19. This has led us to share more with the family and, above all, with our partners.

And although isolation seems to be the best time to take advantage of and explore sexuality with our partner, many experiences the opposite.

Desire And Sex Decrease at This Time?

The fact of being confined all day at home doing all kinds of activities such as working, studying, exercising, sharing with our family, and being intimate with our partner, can become a bit overwhelming.

Doing everything in the same place and seeing each other all the time can create a disconnect between couples. As stated by the renowned sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta on sexual desire in times of pandemic, ” we now live at work, and this has totally changed our lives.”

For this reason, it is just as important that you have a routine as if you were planning to leave home. Try to get up early, exercise, start work, and end your workday at a specific time; so you can share quality time with your partner.

According to sex specialist in Delhi, many people thought this was a long sleepover, and also assumed that they could spend all their time as if they were on vacation. In other words, many assumed that being in quarantine means being in pajamas all the time and this, of course, does not help the desire for a couple. We must pamper ourselves, take care of ourselves, and feel good about ourselves.

The fact of being careless, bathing late, and being all day in pajamas, prevents you from eroticizing yourself. If you do not feel good about what you see in the mirror, logically your partner will not be attracted to that new version of yourself. In short, being seen in that state all the time and every day can cause sexual disinterest in the couple.

How Do I Make Myself Wish?

To make ourselves desire, we have to desire ourselves too. And how do I desire myself? Eroticizing myself, in a way that I look at myself in the mirror and recognize myself, makes me feel good with what I see; that’s why it’s so important to follow a daily routine, says Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in India.

In addition, the important thing is not only to have sex, it is to connect. In life as a couple, the look and the special connection that there is at the beginning of a relationship is lost a lot.

What I Can Do?

The sexologist doctor in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta, explains that surprise and novelty are something that is lost in stable couples. That is, in marriages or relationships that have been together for many years, people feel safe and the brain relaxes, so to speak.

For this reason, we must prioritize and give the importance that is required to sexual relations within any relationship. In many cases when they are parents or dedicate all their time and effort to work, people forget about their partner.

And it is not that there is an exact frequency for sexual intercourse. There are people who want to have sex every day, others only twice a week, and others every 8 days. This depends on each couple, finding a balance, and dedicating time to their relationship.

The best sexologist in Delhi, always advises in a relationship to follow these recommendations to achieve that balance that we all long for:

  • Prioritize our relationship.
  • Have deep communication with our partner.
  • Do not stop eroticizing, that is, putting yourself in an erotic mode.

Let’s not neglect our relationship, let’s try to be good for ourselves and for the other. Feeling good about ourselves will make our partner want to be with us in many ways, not just sexual.

So, get to work! Let’s put the pajamas aside and adopt a routine that allows us to continue with our lives within this new normal.

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erectile dysfunction

If I Didn’t Have an Erection, Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, it happened, you couldn’t maintain an erection. Now your thoughts are flying everywhere… surely you wonder what happens, what your partner will say and even if you can have children. But, before you dive into that storm of thoughts, carefully read this guide we’ve prepared for you. Let’s start with the basics!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The best sexologist in Delhi defines erectile dysfunction as the inability to have or maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. ED, for its acronym in English, also consists of the recurrent inability to have or maintain an erection until achieving one’s own sexual satisfaction.

According to Dr P K Gupta, a sexologist in Delhi, occasionally suffering from erectile dysfunction is common. They warn that many men experience these events during times of stress. Therefore, having erection problems from time to time is not necessarily a reason to worry.

Why Didn’t You Have an Erection?

The Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical entity, explains that arousal is a process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. In such a way that, erectile dysfunction can have many causes…

Psychological causes: conditions such as depression or anxiety can interfere with achieving an erection, they can trigger even a lack of sexual appetite. On the other hand, stress related to problems at work, money, or difficulties with the partner are also factors that could result in sporadic erectile dysfunctions.

Physical causes: the aforementioned analysis highlights some conditions that are related to erectile dysfunction. Among others, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, surgeries in the pelvic area.

Eye to this fact: in particular, the direct relationship between addictions to alcohol or drugs and the impossibility of having erections has been exposed in the medical field.

When Should You Visit the Doctor If You Don’t Have an Erection?

Calm down, just because you haven’t had an erection doesn’t mean you have erectile dysfunction. Assuming a diagnosis for a single experience is not accurate, you should always consult with your sex specialist in Delhi.


Dr P K Gupta recommends that you visit a sexologist doctor in Delhi if you regularly have any of these symptoms:

  • Low interest in sex
  • Constant problems in achieving an erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Inability to reach an orgasm after abundant stimulation

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

There are some general recommendations that work very well for those who did not have an erection a couple of times, as well as for those who have been diagnosed by a sex doctor in Delhi with erectile dysfunction:

  • Get physically active and eat healthy. Losing weight will increase your chances of achieving satisfying sex.
  • Stop using tobacco and reduce your alcohol intake. Applying these recommendations is ideal in the entire population and even more so in those who have these episodes.
  • Talk to your partner. Although you feel ashamed, communication will allow better results in the treatment of this disability.

A sexologist in India is able to review your particular history and determine if there are other factors associated with your difficulty having or maintaining erections. In some cases a combination of treatments may be needed, including medication, lifestyle changes, or therapy.

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health benefits of sex


Sex, in addition to being a pleasant activity, is an excellent source of health benefits. Among which can be included the reduction of stress and cholesterol, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving sleep, circulation and has an analgesic effect. In addition, to help strengthen the emotional bond with your partner.

Here we tell you what are the main health benefits of sex and how they are related to the hormones released during sexual intercourse:


According to sexologist in Delhi, sexual activity on a regular basis can help you reduce the level of cholesterol in your body, achieving a healthier balance between the levels of good and bad cholesterol for each person.


Sex represents a healthy physical exercise, which has the ability to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, and also helps reduce the number of migraines or headaches.


When you have sex and are in a state of arousal, the rate of blood flow to the brain increases more quickly, and together with the increase in heart rate they result in optimal brain function. This blood flow is the main responsible for the generation of more oxygen.


It is proven that most people who have sex more often and in a healthy way are happier, feel more relaxed and without the feeling of stress.

When you have a sexual relationship, the brain assimilates it as “feeling good”, emitting endorphins and oxytocin, relaxing you to the maximum.

“Not only does it make us feel close to our partner, but it also promotes a positive state of mind, where our stress levels will decrease”; says Dr. P K Gupta, educator and sex specialist in Delhi.


Sex can help relieve pain and this is because during sexual activity the body releases a hormone called oxytocin.

Which, in turn, secretes endorphins that help relieve persistent headaches. In addition, to relieve other types of muscle pain and to leave you totally relaxed.


After sex, endorphin is released, which induces a stage of relaxation and will help you sleep more pleasantly than ever and, in addition, quickly enter a deep sleep.

According to the best sexologist in Delhi the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, also promotes sleep.

Dr P K Gupta, sexologist doctor in Delhi, explains that “having regular sex can have more benefits than making you feel closer to your partner, it can actually make you physically healthier”.

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