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The sexual myths that must be dismantled to enjoy more in bed

Sex education is increasingly attached to the center of social debate. Even today, issues around sex are still stigmatized. In the vacuum produced by the lack of teaching about sexual practice, myths arise that are the ones that govern many of the errors that do not allow us to enjoy in bed, or simply know if we are doing it or not. The best sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta has set out to dismantle some of these myths:

The kind of porn you watch is what you want in bed

This is the first myth Dr P K Gupta wants to bury. If sex education barely exists in educational programs, pornography reaches young people more and more sooner. Dr Gupta reminds that “it is designed for your entertainment and pleasure; it is not an instructional video.” Also, ensure that your sexual orientation is not governed by what you see on these pages. “It is common for heterosexual women to view lesbian pornography.” The reason: heterosexual pornography “is designed to attract and stimulate the owner of a penis,” as this sexologist in Delhi points out. While, contrary to this, lesbian pornography revolves around the vulva.

If women do not lubricate, they are not aroused

Another myth built from the equidistance of men to women. “A woman can be completely aroused, but not wet,” says Dr P K Gupta. In fact, the reasons why this does not happen are multiple, and many have to do with minor medical causes. From the menstrual cycle to estrogen levels… It is normal that a woman is not always lubricated when aroused. In addition, for these moments it never hurts to have a lubricant stored in a drawer at hand (for these and for any sexual moment). However, the sex specialist in Delhi warns that “if this happens continuously and causes pain during sexual intercourse or challenges in your sexual life, consult your gynecologist.”

If there is no orgasm, there is no good sex

“An orgasm is just an asset, not the goal,” Dr Gupta reiterates. The orgasm remains the clearest mirror that the ways in which couples are structured, like knots in the social structure itself, often lack a conscience built on respect and care. Social problems are transversal to these knots that are couples, and as a consequence in sex, the female orgasm has been silenced for centuries. Many women feel pressured to have an orgasm to show their partner that they are enjoying the sexy experience, or are simply faking it, over and over again. “This pressure increases anxiety and takes the focus away from the sensations in your body and triggers negative thoughts “, says the top sexologist in Delhi. In the end, the pressure apprehended to have an orgasm reduces the likelihood of having it. Recalls Dr Gupta: “An orgasm does not mean that sex is good. But if you have one … enjoy it. Pleasure is what makes sex good. ”

All orgasms are like an explosion

Another myth that the pornographic industry generates is the consideration that an orgasm has an echo. If the knowledge about everything that sexual practices entail arises from the projection on those who are there, on the other side of the screen, being recorded and without affective ties that symbolically unite their bodies while practicing the sex you contemplate, whatever they do or say it is the only possible option. But the truth is that there are many different types of orgasms: clitoral, vaginal, anal, erogenous, combo … and a long etcetera, recalls Dr Gupta. Everyone is different and feels differently.

The bigger the penis, the better the sex

Nobody is good at this kind of competition. No person with a penis depends on it. Life is much longer than the measurements of your genitals. As the sexologist in Delhi adds, “it’s not about size, it’s about how it’s used.” Having this clear, now it only remains to explore the infinite possibilities between positions and ways to stimulate yourself and your sexual partner.

“Sex is both a mental and a physical act,” emphasizes the best sexologist in Delhi, who recalls the importance and necessity of an education that contemplates human nature in its entirety. As Dr P K Gupta says: “Challenge the myths you’ve heard, continue educating yourself about your body, and make sex talk a routine. Define your sex life based on what is ultimately pleasurable.”

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Short Sex. Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation of the semen is a male sexual disorder, which usually occurs before the age of forty years. By this definition is meant medical eruption seed before sexual intercourse or after its onset in a very short time. Of course, such a situation can not satisfy both partners.

Premature ejaculation treatment is not necessary, as it rarely happens. In this case, no need to worry. But if it happens on a regular basis and at the same time there is pain in ejaculation – one should seek help from sexologist in Delhi, because it is threatening functional sexual disorders.

Early ejaculation of sperms are divided into two groups: the basic and continuous. The first subgroup includes men whose manifestation manifests itself since the onset of sexual activity. This can be due to all the major fears, excessive nausea, stress, etc.

The second subgroup includes men with acquired functional disorder of this type. As a rule, that kind of disorder develops in those of the boys who were originally supposed to control the ejaculation process. This pathology, which is the result of inflammatory processes in the genital organs. For example, inflammation of the prostate or urethra. The fact that this type of disease increases the sensitivity of the genitals, which inevitably leads to rapid ejaculation, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Before you learn how to get rid of premature ejaculation, let’s look at the causes of this phenomenon. Earlier eruption sperm does not become a biological disease, but rather a problem of a purely psychic nature. Dissatisfaction Intimate contact with premature ejaculation usually becomes the main cause of the mental disorders. Man fixates on himself, trying to make the final process. If ejaculation occurs before the onset of sexual union, there is a problem with fertilization, which leads to artificial insemination.

Premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is based on full, comprehensive research to identify and determine the cause of the disorder. Currently, there are many techniques & treatment available for premature ejaculation, that do not have negative consequences.

To intimate life brought complete satisfaction, sometimes very effective treatment. Of course, all cases of early ejaculation of the semen cannot be called a rapid, because the cause could be a woman (clitoral orgasm, frigidity, lack of pleasure of coital penetration, etc.).

Premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi may be different. First, let’s try the methods taken from life, the best sexologist in Delhi explains the method that could achieve unique results.

How to get rid of rapid ejaculation:

  • To block the eruption seed pinched the penis in the area bridle location. This can create as a partner and his partner. Preferably, a woman should be in the top position.
  • When a man is ready to ejaculate, he “comes out” of women, so for a while, interrupting intercourse. This action lowers the level of excitation. After some time, the Law goes up.
  • Deep breathing helps. The mule rupture is in motion affecting the vagus nerve, thereby hindering the process of ejaculation.

Sex specialist in Delhi prescribe new drug that is clinically tested – “DAPOXETINE”, which can not only cure the previous eruption, but also increase the duration of sexual intercourse is almost three (3.5) times! This component is incorporated in the market new medicines from well-known pharmaceutical companies.

obesity and erectile dysfunction

Restore your sexual ability by losing weight

Erectile dysfunction can often be caused by obesity. Both erection problems and obesity can both affect your sex life. Find out why you should control your own weight to restore your sexual ability.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common chronic diseases faced by men. It is estimated that about 30 million men over the age of 20 experience it at some point in their lives. However, that prevalence does not reduce anxiety if you face this problem yourself. Erectile dysfunction can occur in different ways. It can be, for example, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual activity. Although it can be caused by a variety of factors, obesity and sexual dysfunction in particular have been found to be associated, and overweight men are 2.5 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than normal weight ones, warns sexologist in Delhi.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction – A Real Lather

Weight gain can affect your sex life in two ways. First, obesity predisposes you to cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, which prevent blood from flowing to organs such as the penis. Second, obese men have less testosterone, which is a vital male hormone for sexual function. This affects your ability to get an erection, as you need testosterone to increase the availability of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels in the penile tissue, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction – Psychological Effect

According to sex specialist in Delhi, being overweight can also pose psychological barriers to you and a healthy sex life. Due to decreased testosterone levels, you may experience lower sexual desire, depression, and decreased energy levels. These factors not only inhibit physical sexual function but also the psychological desire to have a satisfying sex life. Men have even reported decreased vitality and well-being.

Weight Loss – Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Do you want to restore your sex life? In that case, it’s time to drop your extra weight. It has been found that weight loss improves sexual function in a third of obese men, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

While the idea of ​​losing weight may seem overwhelming, the rules are really simple. First, see how much you eat. Ideally, you should drop 0.5 to 1 pound per week, which means 500 to 1,000 calories a day. So, it’s time to start reading those much dreaded nutritional tables.

Second, look at what you eat. Forget greasy chips and candies and instead grab salads and other raw vegetables when you crave a snack. Replace white bread and pasta with whole grain. It has been found that these simple dietary changes are very effective in curing erectile dysfunction in overweight men.

Last but not least, exercise. Physical activity is especially important for any successful weight loss process. The numbers speak for themselves: very active men are 30% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than couch potatoes. You don’t have time to move? Leave a few episodes between your favorite TV series and exercise for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week. However, remember that the core is about embracing these healthy habits in your lifestyle and not just because the time has reached your ideal weight.

If weight loss does not restore your potency, you can take the help of the natural erection enhancer Prelox, which has been clinically proven to increase a man’s performance in achieving and maintaining his erection.


Why are men so worried about penis size?

The discussion about penis size is often in the form of a joke or a whisper. Nevertheless, a sensitive but important topic for discussion also requires a more serious study. Why do men care so much about the size of their penis? The issue is rarely addressed by sexologist in Delhi and even health professionals do not always have the tools to understand or help individuals who care for the size of their genitals. Male patients may be concerned that their penis may be smaller than average size or even too small – they may even consider surgical penis extension. Often, they also think women care and worry about the size of their penis without any indication of that, says top sexologist in Delhi.

The comparison of your penis size starts at a young age

Headaches caused by the penis are age-old and universal issues. Little boys in many different cultures get used to touching themselves early and often. If one thinks of the existence of jealousy, it cannot be denied, yet this is rare for women to be affected by men, but it almost always occurs among men. In men’s minds, uncertainty consists of comparing the size of one’s penis to the organs of other men and the idea that it matters to women. Men would like their penis to be bigger, but on the other hand, they feel fear for it, feeling there is a hidden danger in it. Such contradictions make it very difficult to understand the size, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The concern about this comes a lot from childhood: big is always better. Children struggle within the abilities available to correct the injustices of being small, and often the primary male figure in their own lives (such as the father) is found as a point of reference. Culturally ingrained habits of, among other things, women going to the bathroom in a group work in reverse among men, where a unified tacitly accepted opinion is always to go alone. So it is better for no one to be able to inspect a man’s high costs and evaluate these dimensions. The belief in the smallness of your own penis may lead men to physically enlarge something they have reduced in their mind, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

Is a big penis a measure of manhood?

Indeed, the search for a physical solution to a mental problem has led to the growth of the field of medicine focused on penis enlargement treatment in Delhi. At a time when men imagine women wanting them to have a bigger penis, women would prefer men whose confidence would be enough to keep such worries in check. Women value self-confidence and even more often women may be concerned about an oversized penis that is feared to lead to damage to their own body. So does penis size matter? Not so much with the dimensions themselves, but with the emotions and fantasies revolving around it, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

alcohol and sexualty

This is how alcohol affects our sexuality

No ugly woman, just little alcohol! A glass of drink will make sex much better! – we know many similar sayings that alcohol and good sexual intercourse are inextricably linked. How much is the truth in this?

The effects of alcohol on sexual life are twofold and contradictory. On the one hand, alcohol has a negative effect on the physiological processes required for sex, on the other hand, alcohol has mind-altering effects, making it more open, bolder, and uninhibited. That is, sexual desire may increase, but the chances of successful coexistence decrease. The stronger the psychological effects of the first few drinks, the more one drinks, the more negative physical consequences one has to face, warns sexologist in Delhi.

This is how it affects women

Nor can scientists say clearly whether or not alcohol increases sexual desire in women. The research results are twofold. Of course, there are ladies whose libido increases after a few drinks, while others react just the opposite. It may also be that although someone feels spiritually ready to coexist, not physically at all. It is more difficult to reach an arousal state, the genital response is also reduced, the likelihood of reaching orgasm is lower, and the orgasm will not be as intense, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

This is how it affects men

For men, the effects of alcohol on sexual performance are much clearer. Consumption of some beverages also affects blood circulation, the balance of the hormonal system and the functioning of the central nervous system. Accordingly, not only will it be more difficult to achieve erection, but also to maintain. Too much alcohol can not only delay, but also completely prevent ejaculation: this means that even if someone tries in vain, they will not be able to cum, point out the sex specialist in Delhi.

Psychic effects: Alcohol makes you more unscrupulous

But the psychological effects of alcohol should not be forgotten either. Alcohol not only makes you bolder, but also boosts your self-confidence. We can feel much more attractive and also have a better belief that we will have a positive, satisfying sexual experience. And this self-fulfilling prophecy alone may be enough to enhance coexistence.

Openness and risk-taking also have negative effects. It is much easier for us to get into situations that we would soberly reject. Under the influence of alcohol, we are more courageous to try new things, have sex without protection, or hide in bed with a person we met a few hours earlier. So the dangers of alcohol include unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Do we really see others as more beautiful than alcohol?

One of the most common malicious sayings is that alcohol beautifies even less attractive women and men. That is, if someone is not sober, it is easier to give in to their needs below, and they are also willing to have sex with someone they would otherwise reject.

Surprisingly, this has also been proven by scientific research. Plus, not only do we see people more attractive drunk, but we also find landscapes more beautiful after a few drinks.

premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Remedies: What Are The Treatments?

There are currently several premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi. We can also use relaxation and communication techniques and exercises, but in some cases, sexologists in Delhi may prescribe medications that help a lot.

First, the diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation

Most of the time, sexologist in Delhi will diagnose a patient with premature ejaculation if he has one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Ejaculation almost immediately (within 30 seconds to a minute) after penetration, which occurs frequently.
  2. Difficulty preventing ejaculation during sex or any other sexual activity.
  3. Finally: the feeling of disappointment, anxiety, or dissatisfaction with one’s sexual performance, going to the point of avoiding certain sexual activities.

Researchers still do not know what causes premature ejaculation in men. However, several factors can contribute to this:

  • Prostate problems
  • Thyroid problems
  • Use of drugs
  • Marked physical sensitivity of some men
  • Anxiety, apprehension, and lack of confidence during sex, as well as other psychological factors
  • Individual variation in response to large excitation

Premature ejaculation treatments

Often, medications are not needed to resolve premature ejaculation. In fact, most men are able to increase their time without ejaculating just using psycho-behavioral therapy techniques. They reduce sex-related anxiety and nervousness levels, which can help improve overall sexual performance.

But it is worth remembering that the practice of exercises and behavioral therapy techniques require dedication, discipline, and time to achieve the desired results.

There are, however, two types of effective medications for premature ejaculation, which can help you get results more quickly.

First, there is a category of drugs that are applied directly to the penis: this type of premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is designed to lightly anesthetize the penis, delaying ejaculation.

Second, there are treatments in the form of pills that retain serotonin in the brain.

What are the remedies for premature ejaculation that work?

There are remedies for premature ejaculation that work well. Many recent studies, American and European research, show positive results from two groups of drugs, which help in the duration of erection and intercourse. On average, the duration of erection triples from the first week of use.

The different drug treatments

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI or SSRI)

A great solution for premature ejaculation is to use selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Until a few years ago, there were no drugs specifically designed to treat premature ejaculation, but currently, SSRIs (originally used to treat depression and anxiety disorders) have also been shown to be effective in treating premature ejaculation.

In India, there are mainly two important names: Paroxetine, in daily use, available in regular pharmacies; and Dapoxetine, for use on-demand, available only at compounding pharmacies. These are prescription drugs, which means that you should see a sexologist doctor in Delhi before taking them.

Topical treatments

The second possible solution is the use of topical treatments (gels, creams, etc.).

Most of these products have lidocaine as their main ingredient. Lidocaine, for example, is a local anesthetic, applied as a spray, cream, or injection. When applied to the penis (such as spray or cream), lidocaine reduces sensitivity, especially during foreplay and penetration. This makes it less likely that you will ejaculate sooner than you or your partner would like.

Although the lidocaine spray affects your sensitivity during sex, in low doses it will not usually make your penis very numb. But the use of larger doses can cause anesthesia of both the penis and the vagina. That is why it is important to make a correct and targeted use of this type of treatment: if used correctly, the anesthetic does not reduce your sexual pleasure and only delays ejaculation.

How to use lidocaine spray?

The use of lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation is simple.

First, apply it to the glans and the body of the penis 20 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Then massage in circles until completely absorbed. Lidocaine comes in a bottle with a doser, making it possible to apply one or more doses to the penis.

It is preferable to start by applying a small dose before sexual intercourse. So, in case you don’t notice big improvements in the ejaculation time, you can increase the dose.

But remember to follow the instructions provided! That way, clean your penis with a damp towel or take a shower before re-applying. All to ensure that there is no more spray on your skin.

Finally, don’t forget to also clean your hands. Lidocaine can numb your skin if it stays on for too long. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the spray to start working. This means that you will have to wait a while before starting any sexual activity.

In summary, there are gels, creams, sprays, and other treatments for premature ejaculation. They are products designed to reduce penile sensitivity and stop premature ejaculation. Most of these gels and sprays on the market use local anesthetics such as lidocaine and/or prilocaine.

Are the treatments effective?

The remedies for premature ejaculation are quite effective. In fact, we had a lot of good feedbacks from patients who consulted the best sexologist in Delhi.

First, they consulted a sex specialist in Delhi over the internet. After this contact, they were able to have their treatment (prescription and medication) delivered to their home. Most of the time, a sex doctor in Delhi decided to prescribe two products: Lidocaine and Paroxetine / Dapoxetine. The first results appeared quickly and the duration of our patients’ erections increased.

Is it useful to consult the doctor?

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, it is highly recommended that you consult a sexologist in Delhi to discuss this. It is important not to isolate yourself and talk about your problems before anxiety sets in. Thus, the best sexologist in Delhi will be able to propose a treatment adapted to help you have a happier sex life.

Other solutions to cure premature ejaculation

Sometimes treatment alone or exercise alone may not work. For this reason, the top sexologist in Delhi has built a true care protocol dedicated to premature ejaculation, which allows you to combine exercise and medication if necessary. The goal is to achieve conclusive results as quickly as possible, always protecting your health.

premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation and how to treat

To answer what premature ejaculation is, we first have to define ejaculation itself.

Ejaculation is characterized by the release of sperm. Thus, premature ejaculation is when, during sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs earlier than a man would like. The problem is sometimes also called “rapid ejaculation” or “premature orgasm”.

For many people, premature ejaculation can be frustrating. Thus, the situation can make sex less pleasant and even impact the couple’s relationship.

In India, approximately 1 in 3 men have problems with premature ejaculation. We often think that the problem is only psychological but be aware that biology can also influence several issues. Let’s see:

Male ejaculation: definition

The central nervous system controls ejaculation. When men are sexually stimulated, signals are sent to the spinal cord and the brain. Upon reaching a certain level of excitation, the signals are then sent from the brain to the organs of the reproductive system. This causes the penis to release sperm (ejaculation).

Ejaculation has 2 phases: emission and expulsion.

The emission occurs when the sperm leave the testicles and go to the prostate, then mixing with the seminal fluid to produce the sperm. The vas deferens are the tubes that help to carry the sperm from the testicles, passing through the prostate, to the base of the penis.

The expulsion occurs when the penis base muscles contract. This forces the sperm out of the sexual organ. Normally, ejaculation and orgasm occur at the same time, but some men can have an orgasm without ejaculation. In most cases, the erection ends after this stage.

How to tell if you suffer from premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs during sexual intercourse when the man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like. Know that this is a common complaint about sex: estimates vary, but generally, 1 in 3 men say they experience this problem at some point.

If this happens rarely, there is no reason to worry. However, you can be diagnosed with premature ejaculation if:

  • Always ejaculate within a minute or less after penetration;
  • It is often not possible to delay ejaculation during sexual intercourse;
  • You feel distressed and frustrated and therefore tend to avoid intimate situations.

Both psychological and biological factors can be involved in premature ejaculation. Although many men are embarrassed to talk about it, it is a common and curable problem. Medications, guidelines by the best sexologist in Delhi, and sexual techniques that delay ejaculation (or a mixture of all of these), for example, can help make sex better for you and your partner.

Premature ejaculation: what are the causes?

The causes of male premature ejaculation can be diverse.

Hormonal deficiency

Although the exact cause of premature ejaculation is not known, serotonin may be one of the possible factors. It is a natural substance, produced by the central nervous system. That is why high amounts of serotonin in the brain increase the amount of time before ejaculation. In contrast, small amounts can shorten this period, leading to premature ejaculation.

Psychological causes of premature ejaculation

However, psychological factors should not be overlooked! That’s because mental health problems can also lead to premature ejaculation. Below is a list of examples of diseases that can cause it:

  • Anxiety
  • Fault
  • Unrealistic expectations regarding performance in bed
  • History of repression of sexuality
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Relationship problems

Age factor

Age may be related to the quality of your erection, although premature ejaculation can occur at any time in life. Although aging is not a direct cause of premature ejaculation, it can cause changes in erection and ejaculation.

For older men, erections may lose some firmness and size (in proven cases, the diagnosis is erectile dysfunction). In addition, erections may not last as long as usual. The feeling of being about to ejaculate may last for less time. These natural changes, therefore, can cause older men to ejaculate earlier.

Consequences in the relationship

As you suffer from premature ejaculation, you may feel that you are losing some of the intimacy you share with your partner in sex. You may feel angry, embarrassed, upset, and end up moving away from him/her.

Premature ejaculation affects not only you but your partner as well! He/she may be upset about the “disorders” in their sexual relations. In this way, premature ejaculation can make partners feel less connected or hurt and distant.

So, talking about the problem is an important step. Sex treatment in Delhi can be helpful. Exercises, such as the technique of pressing the perineum, for example, can help you and your partner to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.

What to do to not have premature ejaculation?

In some cases, treating premature ejaculation involves simple measures, such as masturbating an hour or two before sex, in order to delay ejaculation during sex. Your sexologist in Delhi may also recommend that you avoid sex for a period of time and focus on other types of sexual “play” in order to relieve any tension in relationships.

Now, we’ll introduce you to exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. First, you need to learn how to locate the muscles in that part of the body. Weakness in the pelvic floor muscles can affect your ability to delay ejaculation. So-called Kegel exercises can help to strengthen this region.

To perform these exercises, first, find the correct muscles. To identify the pelvic floor muscles, stop the stream of urine in the middle when you are peeing or tighten the muscles that prevent you from flatulating. These techniques use the pelvic floor muscles.

Once these muscles have been identified, you can do the exercises in any position (although it is easier to practice lying down at the beginning)!

Now perfect the technique: contract the pelvic floor muscles and hold for three seconds, then relax for another three seconds. Repeat several times in a row. As your muscles get stronger, try to do the exercises while sitting, standing, or walking.

Remember to stay focused! For best results, focus only on the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. But be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Also, avoid holding your breath: instead, breathe freely during the exercises.

Repeat 3 times a day and do at least three sets of 10 repetitions daily.

How to stop and delay ejaculation so you don’t come too fast?

There is another method known as the “squeeze” technique.

A sexologist doctor in Delhi can teach you and your partner how to use this technique. Next, we will explain the steps of the method.

Begin sexual intercourse as usual, including any stimuli in the penis, until you feel you are almost ejaculating.

Ask your partner to squeeze the tip of your sexual organ, in the region where the head (glans) meets the body of the penis, and press for several seconds until the urge to ejaculate passes.

Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. So, you can have sex with penetration without ejaculating. So, after some practice, the sensation of knowing how to delay ejaculation can become a habit and dispense with the squeeze technique.

If the practice causes pain or discomfort, there is another technique that consists of interrupting sexual stimuli just before ejaculation, waiting until the level of arousal has decreased, and then starting again. This exercise is known as the Start-Stop.

Another option is to use a condom. Condoms can decrease the sensitivity of the penis, which can help prevent premature ejaculation. Some condoms have lidocaine or are made of thicker latex, just for this purpose.

When to see a sex doctor in Delhi?

If you ejaculate too fast (sooner than you would like) and suffer from it, talk to your sex specialist in Delhi. It is common for men to feel embarrassed when talking about sexual health issues, but don’t let that stop you from talking to a sexologist in Delhi! Premature ejaculation is a common and treatable problem. Therefore, you have the opportunity to quickly consult a sexologist doctor in Delhi!


The consequences of taking erectile dysfunction medications unsupervised

The erectile dysfunction is a sexual pathology that worries men especially those who remain sexually active. On many occasions, erectile dysfunction is a symptom that indicates the presence of other pathologies.

This dysfunction can appear at any age, it is more frequent in young adults from the age of 40.

Many men resort to taking erectile dysfunction medications in order to counteract its effects without having been diagnosed by a sex specialist in Delhi for sexual disorders.

What is erectile dysfunction?

The erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse firm enough to maintain a pleasant sexual intercourse.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The ED has multiple causes, among which can be mentioned:

Psychological causes: among them we can find depression, anxiety, insomnia, excessive worries about family and work problems and in this way, attention is diverted in the sexual act, which can trigger problems in the relationship.

Vascular causes: These are very frequent and are caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis, so it cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Among these causes we can find the presence of high blood pressure, diseases such as diabetes, high levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause vascular disorders.

Neurological causes: In this case, the connection between the brain and the penis is lost due to a nerve injury caused by diseases of neurological origin such as multiple sclerosis or by surgical intervention at the pelvis or spine level.

Hormonal causes: These are the product of the lack or decrease of male sex hormones.

Pharmacological causes: They are registered after the use of medications for erectile dysfunction prescribed for heart diseases or psychiatric problems. They have side effects which can intervene in the decrease of sexual desire or in the ability to maintain a satisfactory erection during sexual intercourse.

At what point is the use of medicine indiscriminately resorted to?

Men, once they have an episode of erectile dysfunction, resort to ingesting chemical or pharmacological products obtained from their friends or acquaintances with whom they feel more confident than going to a sex doctor in Delhi who specializes in sexual dysfunction risking consuming a drug without a prescription control regarding the dose and duration of treatment. Which can have a negative impact on the body, even causing severe damage to health depending on the use of medications.

Many of the problems that can be presented by the indiscriminate use of these drugs for erectile dysfunction are nervous, cardiac, psychological dependence on the drug, explains the sexologist in Delhi.

There are many young people who, due to psychological problems, whether due to stress, family or work problems, are affected at some point by erectile dysfunction and without having a precise diagnosis they self-medicate exposing themselves to physical, sexual and heart risks.

In young people, the main causes of erectile dysfunction are produced by the indiscriminate high consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, resulting in disorders of the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Once they start having sexual intercourse due to their inexperience with the first sexual intercourse, they resort to the consumption of drugs for anxiety or to increase the level of arousal, this they do thinking that through the intake of this drug it will help them to have longer intercourse and thus look good to your partner.

At this time, they can mix drugs with drugs that could be lethal in some cases due to severe hypotension that could cause death.

Young people do not need any medication to maintain an erection or increase sexual desire. They use them for fashion just for the sake of maintaining a prolonged erection and providing greater sexual satisfaction to their partner. In many cases they are induced by friends who say they do not want to fail during the sexual act, in many cases, according to them, taking a drug gives them greater security.

The risk that young people run when they start taking these drugs is that they can become dependent on the drugs and can have real erection problems once they feel unprotected from the drug from a psychological point of view. What can lead to depressive symptoms and the appearance of psychological illnesses that they did not suffer from, says the sex doctor in Delhi.

Adverse Effects of Using Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Medications used to treat erectile dysfunction can cause:

Nasal congestion

  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Redness of the face
  • In some cases priapism.

Priapism is a sustained erection that can last more than 4 hours is indefinite, which makes the penis unable to return to its flaccid state, which is the natural state.

This is considered a medical emergency, if it is not treated quickly it can cause much more serious dysfunctions that cannot be solved with medications.

Medications used for erectile dysfunction can be ineffective and dangerous in cases where men use drugs such as:

Nitrates or blood thinners after heart problems, strokes, or blood pressure problems.

Medications for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi should be recommended and supervised by specialists in sexual dysfunction such as urologists and sexologists in Delhi as they are drugs that increase the release of relaxing substances and vasodilator effect that act systemically producing effects at the level of the penis and other organs. which may present some complications or side effects.

The indiscriminate use of these medications puts the patient’s life at risk, the ideal is to attend a consultation with sex specialist in Delhi for sexual dysfunctions, only they will recommend what techniques or medications you need without their use affecting your health. Consult with the best sexologists in Delhi.

causes of premature ejaculation

Top 10 Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The premature ejaculation is a problem faced by men but it affects the couple. It is a very frequent dysfunction in the sexually active stage of man; There is no specific age for its appearance, however, it can be said that there is premature ejaculation when there is a time of intercourse less than two minutes in addition to a decrease in control at the time it is performed.

The vast majority of men have suffered premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, which in some cases has gone unnoticed. Once they have become conscious, they enter the situation of ed.

What is the premature ejaculation?

It is an alteration that occurs in men, it occurs when control over ejaculation is lost, it can occur before penetration occurs or at the same time it is performed. This happens without any control, frequently or sporadically, it can be a trigger for relationship problems.

Once it becomes frequent and conscious, you should go to the sex specialist in Delhi to make the diagnosis, define the causes and implement immediate therapy.

The premature ejaculation occurs most often in young men.

There are many advances that are obtained daily at a scientific and medical level, but there is still no specific cause of what causes premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation causes that can cause it we have: medical and psychological.

Medical or organic causes: Within this group are physical conditions that can become permanent.

  1. Vascular problems: This is related to blood circulation, since it plays an important role in erection. The existence of blood flow produces the hardening of the penis, if there is an alteration or obstruction that prevents the entry of blood to this area, erection disorders are generated that lead to other problems. Vascular alterations can cause semen to escape prematurely.
  2. Heart problems: the presence of hypercholesterolemia or high blood pressure can directly cause disorders in blood circulation and consequently in the erection of the penis.
  3. Diabetes: is another disease that can lead to circulatory disorders and loss of sensation due to nervous problems.
  4. Hormonal disorders: the decrease in testosterone (male sex hormone) like thyroid hormone disorders can affect ejaculation, it is vital to note that hormones intervene in the functioning of the sexual organs.
  5. Psychological problems: It is important to mention that some traumas can affect and produce premature ejaculation, among them we can mention the loss of self-confidence during the first sexual relationship, this may be due to the stress of looking good to the couple and if In the opposite case, where it has already occurred on other occasions, you should consult with the best sexologist in Delhi and start the therapy that best suits your symptoms.

Another situation that can occur is the loss of interest in the sexual act, it can be an important factor for premature ejaculation to occur. In this case, what is achieved is a lack of satisfaction and less intensity during orgasm.

  1. Presence of anxious cadres that are capable of producing a vicious circle. At this time, the partner must be taken into account and supported by her, this will be of great help, this is one of the most frequent causes of premature ejaculation.
  2. Presence of physical, mental, work and family stress can trigger disorders in sexual life, and consequently alter ejaculation, this type of situation causes low self-esteem in men, nervousness or even panic before sexual intercourse puts life at risk in couple. The top sexologist in Delhi advices to enjoy the moment together, as it will relax you and get more out of your privacy.
  3. The use of substances such as alcohol and some drugs in an inappropriate way can affect the normal functioning of the body, therefore control over ejaculation. Just as the nervous system can affect concentration at the time of intercourse, this is why sexologist doctor in Delhi recommends reducing the consumption of these substances to achieve the enjoyment of the sexual act.
  4. Weakness of the pubococcygeal muscles, these intervene in ejaculation, the loss of tonicity and weakness due to lack of exercise can cause this alteration, the way to strengthen them is through Kegel exercises, which are used to strengthen the muscles pubococcygei, in this way reduce and prevent premature ejaculation from occurring.
  5. Urological infections: infectious disorders at the urinary or prostate level can be the cause of premature ejaculation, therefore it is recommended to see a sex doctor in Delhi for any symptoms in the pelvic area, once it is clear which is the premature ejaculation causes that gave rise to the problem, a multidisciplinary therapy must be implemented by the hand of sexologists in Delhi who are knowledgeable about the subject and trained to implement the treatment that offers the greatest benefits to the patient so that they can quickly, safely and without side effects restore active sexual life and their relationship with their partner.

Changes in diet promoting a healthy, natural diet, without chemical additives, rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber are an excellent option, in addition to changes in the rhythm of life can improve sexual life, for this you must comply with a daily routine of ejaculation exercises 30 minute solutions; With this, it is possible to release stress, relax the body and stimulate substances such as endorphins, which improve mood and can reduce premature ejaculation problems.

All this for the benefit of the patient who is going through this sexual dysfunction, the most important thing is to seek professional help, improve communication with the couple and comply with the instructions of the best sexologist in Delhi, who depending on what the patient requires, will have for him the best premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.

Alcohol and Erection

Alcohol and Erection: Friends or Enemies?

Drinking alcohol makes it difficult to get or maintain an erection. Studies reveal that 50% of drunken men have found it difficult to have sex.

This situation is seen by man as a failure. From there, you can start to develop feelings of anxiety that will end up making it difficult to respond to sexual arousal in the next encounter. And it can trigger a vicious cycle that can end in permanent erectile dysfunction, warns sexologist in Delhi.


Like almost everything, alcohol has both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, it stimulates the appetite, has calming effects and produces dis-inhibition and sociability in the person who consumes alcohol. These consequences occur when consumption is moderate, that is, between 30 and 60 cubic centimetres, the equivalent of two glasses.

These effects are due to the fact that alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system, so euphoria occurs due to the inhibition of the mechanisms that regulate the behaviour of the nervous system of the person who has consumed alcohol, a fact that affects the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for retaining the system of norms and values ​​that we have learned.

But, on the other hand, the moment that limit is crossed, the person separates from their fears and shyness, in a way that increases their self-esteem. This can be a difficulty when it comes to interpersonal relationships, because, although alcohol can trigger a great erotic stimulus, it also interferes with the ability to maintain a correct erection, says sex specialist in Delhi.


Small amounts of alcohol can promote erections. This is due to the reduction of anxieties and the vasodilator effects derived from its consumption.

But the ability to erect is affected when blood alcohol levels reach 40-50 mg / dl (0.4-0.5 per 8 thousand), and it can be completely absent from 100 mg / dl (> 1 per thousand) upwards.

Various studies and investigations have provided valid data on this topic, concluding that regular alcohol consumption is negatively associated with erectile dysfunction. The consumption of more than 10 alcoholic drinks per week seriously affects the erection; with 8 the risk of erectile dysfunction is significantly reduced, and with the consumption of less alcohol per week, from 1 to 7 drinks, no significant risk is found.

The best sexologist in Delhi suggests, in contrast, that light or moderate alcohol consumption (20-30 g / day) prevents cardiovascular risks and erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, and like almost everything in life, you have to know how to find the balance and not abuse, in this case, alcohol.


Long-term excess alcohol consumption can damage the sex life, affecting the body chronically.

Alcohol raises blood sugar, a major factor in the development of heart disease.

Correct sexual functioning requires good circulation, and if the arteries become clogged with plaques, the blood flow to the heart is affected, in the same way that the current to the penis is affected, which will leave a negative impression on your sex life.

Also, alcohol can increase cortisol, the stress hormone, and lower testosterone levels, a negative effect on libido.


Alcohol has different effects on each person; therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention to your body and know how to set your limits.

Moderate alcohol consumption has effects on the expression of desire, disinhibits the manifestations of sexual arousal and, according to several doctors, increases them. On the other hand, the high consumption of this substance has an effect of suppressing the sexual response, resulting in an inability to have sex or orgasm.

If you have erection problems or alcohol-induced problems from having sex, consult with trained sexologist doctor in Delhi to help you with stress and anxiety and to help you find a solution to your problem.