Backbend flow

Usually I get people who tell me “men can’t do yoga” because “men aren’t flexible” and I’m like 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 First of all NO matter which gender or sex believe you are YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE ! @beholistic108 Bibhu, is a prime example of this. Last year we did level 2 together and he couldn’t do chakarasana walls let alone a drop back. And in a year with his hard work he has GOTTEN SOOOOO MUCH BETTER. No ones perfect, and no one should even strive for perfection and IF YOU put in the efforts changes will come! You have to be PATIENT, gentle and must have the courage to believe in yourself.
Give him 6 months and I’m bet even coming back up from chakarasana will be smooth like butter.
And also, you might think”oh, yoga is about asanas and to check out your own butt!” Because you see that over flowing on Instagram or just that’s what you associate YOGA with. BUT is it so much more than that. It’s about 1. Trusting yourself 2. Taking care of your mental, physical AND emotional health. 3. Being more than your body. Knowing your more than your body but still taking care of your body.
Do you know for months when the depression was so bad (after not being able to get out of my bed for months!) I would just go on my mat and be in child’s pose and cry and cry and cry. Was that not yoga? Of course it was. Every time I would have an anxiety attack I would breathe. And the one thing about an anxiety attack is YOU CANNOT BREATHE. But now you I can even sense when my mood has shifted or I’m getting an anxiety attack and with the pranayama I can calm myself before I get one.
This is yoga. It teaches you to be one with yourself. It teaches you to accept yourself all of yourself and start healing. 💙 .
Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.


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