Can Certain Vitamins and Minerals Help Strengthen Your Teeth?

Can Certain Vitamins and Minerals Help Strengthen Your Teeth?

Can Certain Vitamins and Minerals Help Strengthen Your Teeth?

There are a few things that we can do that can help strengthen and keep our teeth healthy as we grow older. A major contributor to this is our diet and the addition of certain vitamins and minerals. This article explores the various ones that we can incorporate into our lifestyle that will keep that smile going for years to come. Consider adding these to your daily intake and see what a difference it makes to your oral health.

6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Your Teeth

Certain drinks and foods can harm your teeth, but on the flip side there are also foods and drinks that are good for your teeth. Sugary foods, sour candies, alcohol, bread, carbonated drinks, too many citrus fruits, junk food like chips and more are all bad for your teeth. However, the ones that are good for them include fruits and vegetables, the raw versions are always best but keep away from too many citrus fruits.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, the below 6 should be considered.

Vitamin D

A rich source of Vitamin D is naturally the sun; however, we have been taught that too much sun is not good for our skin’s health, so where do we turn to in order to get our regular dose of Vitamin D? Cereals fortified with vitamin D and dairy products like cheese, milk, soya, egg yolks, margarine and fatty fish such as sardines and salmon to name a few. Vitamin D helps to boost mineral density in our teeth and bones.


One of the most important minerals for your bones and teeth health is calcium. This mineral helps to strengthen the enamel and it is richly found in many food and drinks such as dairy products like milk and cheese but is also a high constituent part of almonds, beans and leafy greens such as spinach, and kale, as well as yoghurt and mixed leaf salads. Found on a dentist in Cambridge Ontario website is the recommendation of adding calcium to your diet but to avoid food and drinks which have a high sodium and fat content.

Vitamin C

Collagen has become a well-discussed topic for our health and body. It has been seen to help with the health of our skin and comes in powder or capsule formats. It is the latest must-have product and everyone from celebrities to social media influencers have started adding it to their drinks and diets.

Known to make our skin, bones, cartilage and ligaments stronger, the addition of Vitamin C to our food plays a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen in dentin, and is beneficial to oral health. For your teeth, it can help in their maintenance, growth and repair. Foods such as kale and oranges are good for this.


If you want to make your teeth enamel stronger have Phosphorus. It can naturally protect, as well as rebuild your tooth enamel. Protein-rich foods such as eggs, poultry, fish and meat are sources of raised levels of this valuable health mineral.

Other Vitamins include Vitamin A and Vitamin K. These are all beneficial to good oral health and can be found in many food groups

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