DNA on the move: the mitochondrial genome is moving

This video is about the wonders of mitochondrial DNA, with a focus on the transfer of mitochondrial genes to the nucleus. Who knew DNA was so mobile?
+GREAT review paper about organelle gene transfer: Timmis, J. N., et. al. (2004). Endosymbiotic gene transfer: organelle genomes forge eukaryotic chromosomes. Nature Reviews Genetics
+Animals with linear chromosomes: Kayal, E. (2012). Evolution of Linear Mitochondrial Genomes in Medusozoan Cnidarians. Genome Biol Evol
+Paternal transmission of mitochondria DNA in fruit flies: Wolff, J.N., et. al (2012). Paternal transmission of mitochondrial DNA as an integral part of mitochondrial inheritance in metapopulations of Drosophila simulans. Heredity
+Paternal transmission of mitochondria DNA in bivalves: Doucet-Beaupré, H., et. al. (2010). Mitochondrial phylogenomics of the Bivalvia (Mollusca): searching for the origin and mitogenomic correlates of doubly uniparental inheritance of mtDNA. BMC Evol Biol.
+Review paper discussing benefit of organelle genes going to the nucleus & the 1 in 30 random E. coli sequences can get yeast proteins to the mitochondria: William Martin, Reinhold G. Herrmann (1998). Gene Transfer from Organelles to the Nucleus: How Much, What Happens, and Why? Plant Physiology
+Review paper on endosymbiosis: Jennifer J. Wernegreen (2012). Endosymbiosis. Current Biology
+mitochondria inside the nucleus studies:
Eldarov, C. M., et. al. (2020). Mitochondria in the Nuclei of Rat Myocardial Cells. Cells
Bakeeva, L. E., et. al. (2001). Mitochondria Enter the Nucleus (One Further Problem in Chronic Alcoholism). Biochemistry
+ animal without mitochondrial DNA: Yahalomi, D., et. al. (2020). A cnidarian parasite of salmon (Myxozoa: Henneguya) lacks a mitochondrial genome. PNAS

+transcription video: Drew Berry, Received from YT user WEHImovies
+Introduction To Biology (1952). Received from YT user A/V Geeks
+Reading And Sorting Mail Automatically (1970s). Received from YT user A/V Geeks
+The Wonder Of Reproduction (1958). Received from YT user A/V Geeks
+Fourth Network. Received from YT user A/V Geeks
+Power Of Plants, The. Received from YT user A/V Geeks
+Mechanical Principles (1930) by Ralph Steiner. Received from YT user VertikalDesign
+Inside the living cell. Received from YT user Hashem Al-Ghaili
+cytoplasmic flow (yellow cell): Heiti Paves, Movement of organelles (cytoplasmic streaming) in Tradescantia stamen hair cells, time lapse recording.
+engulfing (blue video): Andrei Savitsky, The predatory ciliate Spathidium eats the ciliate Vorticella.

+mitochondria: Picard M, McManus M, Csordás G, Várnai P, Dorn II G, Williams D, Hajnóczky G, Wallace D (2015). “Trans-mitochondrial coordination of cristae at regulated membrane junctions”. Nature Communications
+ Andrei Savitsky, The video shows the effect of ethanol on Paramecium bursaria ciliate.
+ Alexander Klepnev, Diatoms. Water from the banks of the river. Differential interference contrast. Ob. 20x

+Mealy bug: John .A. Davidson, Univ. Md, College Pk, Bugwood.org
+Henneguya salminicola: Craig Banner
+Lettuce: Wikipedia user: Geographer
+ Synchytridium endobioticum: USDA
+ Drosophila simulans: Dr. Andrew Weeks


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