Breast Lift Surgery

Frequent Doubts About Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy

Breast Lift Surgery

Over the years, the female breast tends to descend due to the natural aging process of the tissues that support it. Other factors such as pregnancy, weight changes or loss of elasticity of the skin favour this decrease in the position of the breast. We know for good fact that many women have frequent doubts about breast lift surgery or mastopexy. In this post the best plastic surgeon in Panipat will answer the questions that are usually transmitted to us in consultation when considering this intervention.

Breast lift or mastopexy: frequent doubts

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy manages to reposition the breast tissue and eliminate excess skin, thus improving the shape and projection of the breast. It is an intervention with very satisfactory results for our patients, which, however, is not without doubts. Here are some of them.

Am I too young to have a mastopexy?

The age of the patient is not a determining factor for undergoing a breast augmentation in Panipat, but the degree of breast ptosis or descent of the areola that she presents. This circumstance can occur early in young patients, due to the lack of elasticity of the tissues. With this surgery it is possible to return the breast to a suitable position for each patient, giving it a rejuvenated and natural appearance, says the plastic surgeon in Panipat.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the areolas with this surgery?

The goals of a mastopexy are to elevate the position of the areola, reposition the breast tissue, and remove excess skin. It also allows to reduce the size of the areolas when they are larger than desired.

Is it necessary to place implants?

One of the main issues raised by this surgery is the need or not to increase the volume of the breast through the placement of implants. Often the indicated treatment consists only of repositioning the patient’s breast tissues (auto prosthesis). In other cases, to regain volume and achieve a proportionate aesthetic result, a breast augmentation in Panipat using implants is associated. It is a decision that is made jointly, according to the experience of the surgeon and the desire of the patient.

Will my chest size change?

After a mastopexy without implants, the volume of the breast does not change, so you will continue to wear your usual bra size.

What will the scars be like?

The length of the scars varies, depending on the case. Usually, one is located around the areola, and another, between the areola and the breast groove. Sometimes it is necessary to resect skin in the area of ​​the sub mammary groove to achieve the desired result. At 8-12 weeks is when they can be most noticeable, such as a reddened line. From that moment they fade until they become practically imperceptible, explains the plastic surgeon in Panipat.

When can you see the end result?

Although the changes are already evident from the first moment, it is considered that the final result of a mastopexy is not appreciated until after a period of between 8 months and a year.

Are the results final?

After a mastopexy, the areola will permanently maintain its position, so it must be precisely located. Other changes in the shape of the breast depend in part on the quality of the patient’s skin, subsequent pregnancies, or variations in weight. Although these changes occur, the degree of satisfaction remains very high regardless of the time elapsed, says the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

If you still have questions about breast lift surgery or mastopexy, do not hesitate to contact the best plastic surgeon in Panipat. We can help you.

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