Grilled Chicken Burger | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Grilled Chicken Burger | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Grilled Chicken Burger | Chef Sanjyot Keer | Your Food Lab

Written recipe for Grilled chicken burger

Prep time: 25 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 6

For onion vinegar
• Onion 2 medium size (rings)
• Salt to taste
• Vinegar 1 tbsp
• In a mixing bowl add onions, salt and vinegar, mix well and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.

For coleslaw
• Mayonnaise ½ cup
• Red chilli sauce 1 tbsp
• Ketchup 1 tbsp
• Lettuce 1 cup
• Black pepper 1 tbsp
• In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and mix well, chill in the fridge.

For burger patty and toasting buns
• Chicken 500 gm (boneless)
• Salt 7 pepper to taste
• Red chilli powder 1 tbsp
• Garlic 1 tbsp (chopped)
• Fresh coriander handful (chopped)
• Oil for grilling
• Cheese slices 6 nos.
• Burger buns 6 nos.
• Mince the chicken with knife or use food processer to save your energy and time.
• Add salt & pepper, red chilli powder, garlic and freshly chopped coriander leaves, mix well and divide the entire chicken mince batch in 6 equal parts.
• Grease your palms with oil and shape them in burger patty.
• Set a grill pan or a normal pan on medium heat, add oil and grill the chicken burger patties from both the sides until crisp and golden brown. Make sure the chicken is completely cooked. Grill the burger patties and keep aside.
• Place a slice of cheese and cover and grill, allow the cheese to melt.
• Slice the burger buns in two halves and grill them in the same pan for 2 minutes on both sides.

• Toasted burger buns
• Grilled chicken patties with melted cheese
• Freshly prepared coleslaw
• Freshly prepared onion vinegar
• ketchup
• Spread a spoonful of coleslaw over the bottom burger bread, place the cheese melted chicken patty, top it with onion vinegar, spread ketchup on the top burger bread, close is it by facing the ketchup side down.
• Your Grilled chicken burger is ready to be served, serve with french fries on side

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