How To Do Ajni Sara?

How To Do Agni Sara?

hi my loves,
Now that you MAY have understood uddiyana bandha we can move to ajnisara. BUT if you’re still learning uddyana take your time come here when you want to go ahead. please dont get excited and do it aimlessly. understand what is being explained and feel the subtle changes within.
Agni Sara is a complete practice that fuels your inner fire, stokes digestion, promotes elimination, clears your mind and activates prana. Agni means fire, which is the elemental quality responsible for digestion. Sara means essence. Learn specifics and work with traditional methods to intensify the practice like uddiyana bandha and lifting your pelvic floor. Features an explanation, several demonstrations and in depth guidance. Please do on an empty stomach. if you’re pregnant or are on your period and have had surgery till 3 years back please avoid.

let me know how you feel.