Let’s Talk About Quarantined Sex!

Quarantined Sex

Let’s Talk About Quarantined Sex!

Quarantined Sex

We are going through a time where we stay in our homes all the time due to the global health emergency due to COVID-19. This has led us to share more with the family and, above all, with our partners.

And although isolation seems to be the best time to take advantage of and explore sexuality with our partner, many experiences the opposite.

Desire And Sex Decrease at This Time?

The fact of being confined all day at home doing all kinds of activities such as working, studying, exercising, sharing with our family, and being intimate with our partner, can become a bit overwhelming.

Doing everything in the same place and seeing each other all the time can create a disconnect between couples. As stated by the renowned sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta on sexual desire in times of pandemic, ” we now live at work, and this has totally changed our lives.”

For this reason, it is just as important that you have a routine as if you were planning to leave home. Try to get up early, exercise, start work, and end your workday at a specific time; so you can share quality time with your partner.

According to sex specialist in Delhi, many people thought this was a long sleepover, and also assumed that they could spend all their time as if they were on vacation. In other words, many assumed that being in quarantine means being in pajamas all the time and this, of course, does not help the desire for a couple. We must pamper ourselves, take care of ourselves, and feel good about ourselves.

The fact of being careless, bathing late, and being all day in pajamas, prevents you from eroticizing yourself. If you do not feel good about what you see in the mirror, logically your partner will not be attracted to that new version of yourself. In short, being seen in that state all the time and every day can cause sexual disinterest in the couple.

How Do I Make Myself Wish?

To make ourselves desire, we have to desire ourselves too. And how do I desire myself? Eroticizing myself, in a way that I look at myself in the mirror and recognize myself, makes me feel good with what I see; that’s why it’s so important to follow a daily routine, says Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in India.

In addition, the important thing is not only to have sex, it is to connect. In life as a couple, the look and the special connection that there is at the beginning of a relationship is lost a lot.

What I Can Do?

The sexologist doctor in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta, explains that surprise and novelty are something that is lost in stable couples. That is, in marriages or relationships that have been together for many years, people feel safe and the brain relaxes, so to speak.

For this reason, we must prioritize and give the importance that is required to sexual relations within any relationship. In many cases when they are parents or dedicate all their time and effort to work, people forget about their partner.

And it is not that there is an exact frequency for sexual intercourse. There are people who want to have sex every day, others only twice a week, and others every 8 days. This depends on each couple, finding a balance, and dedicating time to their relationship.

The best sexologist in Delhi, always advises in a relationship to follow these recommendations to achieve that balance that we all long for:

  • Prioritize our relationship.
  • Have deep communication with our partner.
  • Do not stop eroticizing, that is, putting yourself in an erotic mode.

Let’s not neglect our relationship, let’s try to be good for ourselves and for the other. Feeling good about ourselves will make our partner want to be with us in many ways, not just sexual.

So, get to work! Let’s put the pajamas aside and adopt a routine that allows us to continue with our lives within this new normal.

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