Love: The 10 Enemies of The Couple

For your couple to work, no need to look for miracle recipes. On the other hand, you can avoid certain traps which may over time weaken the links between you. Little guide to bad habits to absolutely avoid!

If the routine can sometimes be good, because it provides benchmarks, certain habits are to be avoided so as not to harm the relationship. For example, if it is good to watch the right movie as a couple, solo television, or even a duet, can ultimately have harmful effects on the relationship, says sexologist in Delhi.

TV every night

Television is a love killer, there is no doubt about it! To be avoided: dinner before 8 p.m. Eating your meal every evening in front of the television news does not facilitate complicity … And then, by dint of watching the film and then going to bed, you don’t even take the time to talk to yourself and worry about the other. Organize thematic evenings for lovers, board games, meals to prepare for two … in order to change and leave the TV aside, several evenings a week, suggests the best sexologist in Delhi.

Stop dating

Consequence or not of the presence of the TV, you do not go out! And this little restaurant that you loved so much; would it have closed? And the movie evenings that continued into passionate debates? Now you only go out once a month, and only to go to friends or possibly to receive. No more couple outings and romantic evenings! We must rediscover this magic of accomplice getaways, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi!

Extra time 

Even if this is not always obvious with professional constraints, it is essential not to come home late every night from work. Not only do you no longer have time for yourself, but you are also tired and irritable, which is not really easy for your partner! As long as work has completely taken over your life, it quickly becomes your only topic of conversation… Try to come home early enough to have a little time before dinner … Without taking the opportunity to sprawl in front of the TV! And above all, forget about the work from time to time, to pay more attention to the other, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

To let go

It is not because we are in a relationship and that we have known each other for years that we should let go! Stop wandering around in a jog, your hair messed up… and leaving your things lying around all over the house: take care of yourself! Certainly, your spouse loves you as you are, but why not make an effort to show yourself in the best possible light? You show him that you attach importance to his presence. In addition, for self-esteem, it is also important to take care of us, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Carelessness towards your partner

One of the couple’s other great enemies is the lack of attention. And it is not a question here of offering flowers or small gifts, but simply of looking at it. To notice when he (she) went to the hairdresser or bought a new jacket. Above all, do not hesitate to tell him when you find him elegant or that he (she) impresses you with his relevant remarks. Because compliments are always pleasant … But only if they are thought of, says sexologist in South Delhi!

Excessive jealousy 

Sexologist in East Delhi suggests to stop monitoring or questioning them all the time. Because the basis of a couple is mutual trust. By dint of suspecting it, you will eventually tire your partner and push him/her into the arms of another!

Abstinence and low libido

Sex doctor in Delhi says sex life is important in a couple. If it is normal to settle down over time, this should not become the rule! Because you have to keep fantasy and imagination! Reserve privacy periods, vary locations and positions …

In-laws, sometimes a source of disputes

No, of course, not all in-laws are the ones we like to decry in the movies. And the agreement is often cordial between the partner and the parents-in-law. But the main thing is to know not to insist or recognize when the other has a little enough. Do not impose Sunday lunch on him every week if you feel that he (she) is starting to “saturate”. And of course, this rule also applies to your evenings with colleagues, meetings of university alumni says sexologist in Delhi.

The absence of projects with the other

Forming a couple is not only about-facing everyday life without thinking about tomorrow. You have to build together. Short-term projects (vacation spots, buying a car, etc.) to more ambitious projects (children, going to the provinces, etc.). Do not hesitate to reflect on your future and how you envision it. This will bring you cohesion and the desire to move forward … together, says sexologist in Delhi!

Lack of communication 

The lack of dialogue is of course harmful for the couple. Admittedly, it often results from a lack of time or attention related to the various causes already mentioned. However, it is frequent that the dialogue exists, but that nobody listens to the opinion of the other … In this case, it is up to you to do together a work of dialogue posed, by making efforts to really seek to understand what the other means. If necessary, don’t hesitate to get help from a sexologist in Delhi.