Pilates Hard Core Blast ♥ Yoga Workout | Out To Pasture Sanctuary

This intense yoga workout is all about getting results in your abs and building core strength. With a clean diet and regular use of this video, there is no doubt you will see incredible definition in your midsection.
Combing PIlates core exercises with Yoga postures, this class will get you toned and stretched.

We were lucky enough to do one of our Yoga events on our Boho Beautiful Positive Movement Tour stops at the Out To Pasture Sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. After the event we had the incredible opportunity to film a yoga class with some of their beautiful animals. OTP is a great example of two people who dedicated all their time and energy to saving animals and helping others. It is so inspiring to have the opportunity to spend time with such people that do such incredible things, all out of the goodness of their hearts.

Enjoy the class and the mini doc! xo

Juliana & Mark

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