Premature Ejaculation, How to Identify?

premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation, How to Identify?

premature ejaculation

Rapid or premature ejaculation is a disease that has a high prevalence in the sexually active population. It is estimated that about 20% of adults suffer from this problem. But nowadays, where information is available to everyone, it becomes very important to filter what you read.

Be smart and don’t fall for these advertisements that use your fragility, distort scientific concepts to convince you that you have a problem and they have the solution.

Premature ejaculation fits very well in the preferred environment for those who like to sell magic solutions. Therefore, qualified information is essential, suggests sexologist in Delhi

How to identify

A premature ejaculator is a man who does not perceive any control over ejaculation. Quite different from wanting more penetration time, something common among men, the diagnosis of a disease deserves clear criteria so that there is no indiscriminate use of drugs to boost relationships, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

In the premature ejaculator, it happens almost automatically, as soon as it penetrates or even before penetration. In addition, the lack of control must be constant or at least happen in most sexual relations. And there is still a need for another item indispensable to the diagnosis: the fact should generate great discomfort and dissatisfaction for the man and/or the couple, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Top sexologist in Delhi often see men who call themselves “early ejaculators” in the clinic. The initial step is to understand each other’s complaint. Some can penetrate for more than 10 minutes and still find little. This is said to be insufficient for the partner to achieve simultaneous orgasm. Here comes a very important factor: in some couples, the woman with orgasm difficulty or who cannot reach vaginal orgasm (vaginal intercourse) can confuse and create a misdiagnosis.

Basic types of premature ejaculation

There are also different types of premature ejaculation (PE). Here we will summarize them in the two most known: the one that accompanies the man since the beginning of his sexual life, called primary PE; another that arises after emotional stress, called secondary PE. Researchers more recently established two more subtypes: situational and relative that exceed the purpose of this article, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

Exemplifying each of these two basic types of PE: the man in his 30s who has never achieved any ejaculatory control and seeks medical help from sex doctor in Delhi because he married and realizes that his wife is not satisfied with the two minutes he is able to penetrate her; the 60-year-old diabetic man who is no longer able to maintain penile erection (rigidity) and after marital separation (emotional stress) starts to live with rapid ejaculation (sometimes even before penetrating) with his new girlfriend 10 years younger.

Treating individually: each case is different!

The premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi for each case is individual. There is no universal formula for treatment. And this is the reason why many unwary people embark on unrealistic promises that always end in financial loss and the feeling that “my case is more serious, … even this expensive drug has not solved it”. For this reason too, choosing the right professional is very important. Here in India, the number of sexologist clinic in Delhi that call themselves specialized in sexual health has grown. They invest fortunes in advertising where only the real training of the responsible sexologist in South Delhi is lacking. The good old curriculum. Caution! Some sell medicines and professionals are paid in proportion to what is sold, generating a clear conflict of interest.

While primary PE is always accompanied by a profile more linked to anxiety, which does not mean that it is “a problem of a psychological nature only”, secondary PE can be triggered by a concrete physical problem. When the man who was fully satisfied with his 10 minutes of ejaculatory control experiences difficulty in erection, loss of confidence can destabilize ejaculatory control and cause him to ejaculate in less than a minute. As if he preferred to end the relationship before he was ashamed of impotence. Of course, this is not conscious, but something that happens. Therefore, in this case of PE secondary to erectile dysfunction, we must focus the sex treatment in Delhi on the recovery of the man’s erection and self-confidence.

In the case of primary PE, the recommendation of the sexologist in East Delhi is to focus on combination therapy and have a multidisciplinary team. The use of drugs that act in the brain’s orgasm control center is essential, and must be associated with psychotherapy, the use of desensitizing creams (which help in the beginning of treatment) and measures to change habits that focus on reducing stress, recovery self-esteem and anxiety reduction.

A fundamental tip for anyone who is going to start premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is not to create the expectation that the improvement has to be quick. Typical of those who are anxious. Calm. A problem that involves sexuality and that you have lived with for years will not be solved immediately. But it will gradually improve and with patience you will be able to achieve your goals, says sexologist in Delhi.

Advice for those who do not have premature ejaculation

Finally, be sure to celebrate the fact that you do not fit the diagnosis of premature ejaculation. This is not why the sexologist in Delhi will not help you. But support will come as other measures and not with drugs.

Understand the association between anxiety and ejaculation control. For it is always present. The more anxious, the worse the ejaculatory control. There are people who refuse this rule, because they are calm and peaceful. The problem is that anxiety is not always felt or perceived by the sufferer. So if you want more control time, here are some tips suggested by sexologist in Delhi:

  • Extraordinary performances are not always covered
  • Exchange quantity for quality. Your partner will thank you
  • Invest in foreplay and discover other sources of pleasure besides penetration
  • Feel the excitement of your partner and reserve the penetration for the moment when both are at the same level
  • Believe in yourself and discover with her the position of greatest pleasure for both of you
  • Vary the intensity and frequency of intercourse, reducing when you notice that ejaculation is near
  • Maintain a regular sexual frequency, avoiding long periods of abstinence. So you will arrive at the relationship with less anxiety
  • See masturbation as a moment of self-knowledge and a good way to train the extension of pleasure. Don’t forget to do regular physical activity, eat intelligently and have your periodic medical exams. These healthy attitudes help to preserve your self-esteem and prevent erectile dysfunction. Take care of your penis!

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