Psychological impotence? 10 mental causes that cause erectile dysfunction

psychological impotence

Psychological impotence? 10 mental causes that cause erectile dysfunction

psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is mainly caused by anxiety, stress and depression. And it occurs frequently in men under the age of 40.

Psychological impotence is an erection problem to which every man is exposed.

There are many factors that can affect a man’s sexual performance, and their causes can be divided into 2 groups:

Physical causes related to body disorders and psychological causes (also psychogenic male impotence) caused by mental disorders.

In this article we will explain about sexual impotence caused by mental or psychological factors.

Psychological erectile dysfunction is becoming more common in men aged 20 and 40.

But why does psychological erectile dysfunction affect the younger segment?

The answer is very simple:

The current rhythm of life so hectic of young people, produces situations of stress, exhaustion or anxiety, which will eventually affect their sex life.

Finding the cause of the condition is what can be a challenge for the top sexologist in Delhi; because they can be multiple emotional or psychological factors, which are blocking the patient’s proper sexual performance.

What is psychological impotence?

It is defined as the persistent inability to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual performance mainly or exclusively due to psychological or interpersonal factors.

It may occur unexpectedly and coincide with traumatic events such as economic or labor problems.

Like erectile dysfunction from physical causes, those with psychological impotence do not usually comment on it.

It is estimated that only 33% of men who have it consult with their partners, and 18% are seeking professional help from sexologist in Delhi, India.

What are its causes of psychological impotence?

Here are the top 10 causes of psychological impotence:


It occurs when man cannot reach the erection, and loses self-confidence.

The fear of failing again makes him focus on his penis and erection, rather than his partner losing his excitement. This new failure reinforces negative memory by creating a vicious circle.


It is one of the main causes of psychological impotence. Different work problems, personal or economic, can affect the sexual desire and arousal necessary for man to achieve an erection.


Depression is an emotional disorder that causes a loss of interest in performing different activities that were previously pleasurable. And that is characterized by a feeling of constant sadness.

Fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

There may be a conscious or unconscious fear, to be infected by a sexually transmitted disease or to have a child.

Even with condom use, or some other method of contraception; usually men, they can get erections by masturbating but not with the par

Sexual preferences

Denial or doubt about sexual identity, in addition to family or social pressure, can cause men to try unsuccessfully to exercise a sexuality that does not satisfy them and is therefore reflected in their inability to maintain an erection.

Low self-esteem

A physical defect, poor experience with previous couples, or lack of acceptance can lead to insecurities that interfere at the time of sex.

Partner-related factors

Lack of communication to solve problems can lead to resentment, fear, frustration or rejection towards the partner.

Also long-term health problems, family or economic problems, can be the cause of the loss of sexual desire and therefore erectile dysfunction.

Religious or cultural taboos

The education or culture we grew up with can influence feeling guilty about having sex. Some religions also tend to present it as sinful and bad.

Consequences of child sexual abuse

Trauma suffered from sexual abuse at a young age often results in sexual dysfunction that prevents the full exercise of sexuality in adulthood.

The help of the best sexologist in Delhi, India who, through therapy, leads the patient to properly overcome these traumas, is essential.

Excessive consumption of pornography

Men, even if they have a stable partner, often turn to pornography as a means of arousal.

This results in man getting used to growing sexual stimuli to get excited.

Failure to present these or to a lesser degree can lead to psychological impotence.


Here are some treatments for the cure of psychological impotence:


It involves the help of a sex specialist in Delhi and consists in analyzing and expressing the factors and fears that could give rise to impotence. Apart from looking for solutions to problems with the couple.

Behavioral therapy focuses on eliminating anxiety, fears and bad habits through re-education and body awareness exercises.

Oral Drugs

Although they don’t correct the root cause of impotence, medications like viagra can be used as support.

Only as behavioral therapy progresses and patient confidence and safety is restored; once that goal is achieved, the medicines should be discontinued.


Trying to overcome psychological impotence without the help of a sexologist doctor in Delhi, India is not recommended. We should go with a sex doctor in Delhi, India to help us find the origin of the condition; Overcoming the fear of talking to the best sexologist in Delhi, India about our sexuality will result in a better diagnosis and having a healthy sex life again.