Q&A Time! | Health & Travel Hacks, Yoga, Relationship Advice, Avril Lavigne, & PREGNANT?!

Q&A Time! | Health & Travel Hacks, Yoga, Relationship Advice, Avril Lavigne, & PREGNANT?!

00:00 – Greetings, Controversy Address, & Gratitude
07:25 – Travel, How We Became Digital Nomads & Advice
16:20 – Mark & Avril Lavigne’s History & Alien/ UFO sightings
17:50 – Relationship Advice
22:45 – Boho Beautiful International Tour Thoughts
24:00 – Human Experience, Challenge, Life Suffering, and the Self Awareness solution
27:40 – Our Favorite Books
29:10 – Living outside the status quo, Coping with family & friends during self-evolution
34:39 – Will We Make Babies? Is Juliana Pregnant?
36:09 – Prince + Contest Winners
41:40 – DETOXIFY, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Plant-Based Living, Vegan Cheat Meals, Protein Powders
42:00 – How much should I workout?!
43:00 – Our secret to complete personal optimization
45:00 – Detoxify, Why We NEED to detox, What it means to detox,
49:31 – What We Were Like Before We Went Plant Based
58:41 – Yoga Advice 101 Begins- How Much Yoga Is Enough?
1:00:55 – How We Plan Yoga Classes & Practice Our Personal Yoga
1:02:01 – Boho Yoga Teacher Trainings? And Recommendations
1:06:00 – Flow State- What is it? How do we find it?
1:08:30 – Yoga For Back Pain
1:10:00 – PILATES!
1:11:40 – Our Cardio Routines
1:12:50 – Costa Rica History & Advice
1:14:10 – Yoga Pants Advice & Fast Fashion Impace
1:17:30 – Prince our Vegan/Vegetarian Rotty- What He Eats & Why!
1:21:00 – Upcoming Boho Beautiful PODCAST!?

We get so many questions about so many important and valuable topics from so many of you… And we constantly feel terrible because we don’t have the time to cover everything. So… we thought we would try something new…

So we ended up talking about EVERYTHING! Yoga, Travel, Digital Nomadic Strategy and Advice, Our Relationship, Budget Travel Solutions, Plant Based Benefits, Vegan Cheat Meals and Junk Food.

It worked like this… we took question submissions on our Facebook and Instagram and then chose a handful of beauties to go through off the top.


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