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Dissatisfied with the shape of your belly?

Information on abdominal plastic surgery (abdominoplasty):

Changes in the abdominal wall are most often caused by obesity, weight loss after obesity, permanent changes left after pregnancy, and surgical interventions. Excessively formed skin and excess fat on the abdomen can cause not only aesthetic but also functional complaints, spinal disorders, skin diseases in contiguous skin areas, and psyches disorders.

Abdominoplasty in Delhi involves surgery on the abdomen to remove or repair lesions on the skin, adipose tissue, and abdominal wall. A tummy tuck incision curved line connecting the two hip thorns, it travels in a furrow in the groove above the pubic mound. Sagging, sometimes stretchy skin is removed along with the subcutaneous adipose tissue. If dilation, abdominal wall, or umbilical hernia is observed between the rectus abdominal muscles, it is treated. The umbilicus is then fixed according to its original location. The wound is closed in several layers with a plastic suture. At the end of the tummy tuck in Delhi, a compression bandage or corset is placed.

Who do we recommend abdominal plastic surgery for?

Abdominoplasty in Panipat is the most ideal solution if your dissatisfaction with the shape of your abdomen causes you mental disorders!

Things to do after plastic surgery on the abdomen

It is absolutely necessary to wear a compression bandage or corset after tummy tuck in Panipat for 4-6 weeks. In the uncomplicated case, the wound healing is 2 weeks. After the observation period after the operation, the patient is returned with an attendant. It is up to the patient to organize the home care and follow the instructions. Later, the patient is checked regularly, sutures are taken, and further instructions are given by the best plastic surgeon in Panipat.

Possible complications after abdominal plastic surgery

The complication of any abdominal plastic surgery cannot be guaranteed by any plastic surgeon in Delhi. Complications of medical intervention: thrombosis, embolism, post-bleeding, inflammation, however – thanks to the development of medicine – they are becoming less common and can be treated if they occur. To prevent complications, low molecular weight heparin derivatives are used, which the patient must continue at home.

Complications include whey formation, weakness due to blood loss during surgery, somnolence, wound infection, and sensory disturbances due to superficial skin nerve damage. A late complication may be a hypertrophic or keloid scar.

The day after the abdominal plastic surgery, the patient can get up, at which point a dressing change or removal of the drains is performed. The load is gradually regained, usually within 2 weeks, and wearing an elastic abdominal bandage is necessary for 4-6 weeks to promote adhesion.

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