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Ashtanga Inspired Yoga | Morning Flow With Intermediate Binds

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga | Morning Flow With Intermediate Binds

This 20 minute Ashtanga inspired intermediate yoga class will start your day perfectly and challenge your practice to help advance to a new level.

While remaining with your conscious breath & awareness through each movement, this morning yoga class will start out with an Ashtanga Surya Namaskar B sun salutation to get the body moving. Then the practice will move through many variations of yogic squats, forward folds, inversions, and more to stimulate and wake-up your body. This intermediate yoga flow will involve many binds to boost your digestive system, increase your metabolism, and get you ready to start your day.

Remember to be patient with your body and never force any posture. This is an intermediate yoga class that is for anyone that wants to advance their yoga asanas and challenge their body in a different way. Remember to use your Ujayi breathing to keep the mind and body steady and focused. Releasing all the toxins and negativity with each breath.

Namaste xx


Location: 100 Hills Indigenous Trail, Nepal
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How to get flexible HAMSTRING?!??(Part 2)

How to get flexible HAMSTRING?!??(Part 2)

How to get flexible HAMSTRINGS?!?(Part 2)

I apologie for the extra noses and the drumming in the background, this is life of Mumbai even on a sunday! But i do HOPE I’M AUDIBLE!

ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DOING ANY EXERCISE! DON’T JUST BLINDLY FOLLOW, BE very mindful of your body and if you get tired, allow yourself to pause and start again.
Yoga is a journey. You can make yourself stronger by giving your self the time and patience.

Just be careful, honor your body by going to the level you’re comfortable while not being lazy!
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