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mommy makeover

What is mommy makeover?

Many women after being pregnant and having their children, their body is not the same as before this process. It is understandable that in some way the body generates changes that are not very pleasant or that do not generate security, but it is also very normal and, in all cases, it is different, because each body reacts differently to pregnancies, states the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

But to explain …

What is mommy makeover?

It is a series of surgeries that are performed to rebuild a woman’s body after a pregnancy. It is clear that the majority of women who undergo this procedure is because they already decide that they will not want to have more children, but this surgery has nothing to do with being able or not to have children … don’t worry. In case of having a mommy makeover and wanting to have children again, that is fine, but it is advisable to be totally sure that it is time to do it and that you will not have any more children, as it is very likely that the procedure will be lost, says the plastic surgeon in Jammu.

This mommy makeover process includes different procedures such as: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or reduction. If you want to do a mommy makeover and regain your natural state prior to pregnancy, you must bear in mind that you can only do it after 6 months of being pregnant, explains the best plastic surgeon in Jammu.

The mommy makeover is an excellent alternative to regain the body’s safety because it offers effective results and quick solutions to aesthetic problems that were generated after the state of pregnancy.

How do I know if I can have a mommy makeover?

As we mentioned before, it is essential that at least 6 months have elapsed since the operation to be able to perform this procedure. It is also essential that you consult first before doing so, so that your trusted plastic surgeon in Jammu performs the preliminary examinations to make sure that everything is in order and can give you instructions on preparing for surgery.

These types of procedures that involve different surgeries require more care, so we recommend that you inform yourself very well about the place where you are going to do it. Remember that your health is more important, and you should feel confident and secure when doing it, says the best plastic surgeon in Jammu.

How can I prepare for a mommy makeover?

Before performing any procedure, the plastic surgeon in Jammu first makes a prior consultation along with examinations to have a clear picture and proceed to indicate which areas he can treat without running any risk to the patient’s health, achieving the desired results.

It is clear that plastic surgeon in Jammu will give you instructions on the care and preparation you should have for the day of surgery. But all that will be discussed within the consultation when Doctor knows what your case is and your conditions.

What care should I have after a mommy makeover?

Post-surgical care depends on the type of surgeries and interventions that were performed during the procedure to achieve the desired body shape. Generally, the patient must be hospitalized for the first 24 hours and under the care of doctors and nurses to know that everything is fine.

At first it will hurt a bit like any surgery that is performed, and you will have to rest because the body has just been subjected to different treatments. Another important care that is carried out after a mommy makeover is the compression girdle that you will have to use for a certain time after the surgery, explains the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Now that you know more about what mommy makeover is, we hope you can enjoy the process much better considering that you already know what it is, how you can prepare yourself and what care you should take after the operation.

We already mentioned it to you before, but it is good to emphasize again that it is important that you choose your trusted plastic surgeon in Jammu well so that you can obtain the results you expect and above all that your health is stable.

So, if you want to have a unique experience in your transformation process, contact the best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

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Rhinoplasty in Delhi

Nose Surgery – Meet Rhinoplasty

The nose is a fundamental element of the harmony of our face, often small changes in its shape, such as a small gibbon, or the discreetly dropped tip can generate dissatisfaction, or reflect an aspect of personality that does not represent us. To correct the appearance of the nose many people resort to plastic surgery, called rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in Delhi is an alternative that we can take into consideration when it comes to refining the beauty of the nose. With diversified techniques, it can alter the appearance of the nose according to the patient’s desire and of course, medical indication.

The Possibilities in Rhinoplasty

There are numerous possibilities with the method. It is possible, for example, to increase or decrease the nose, to give projection to the tip, to correct the asymmetry or nasal deviation, to fine the nasal wings, to define the nasal tip or to decrease the bone.

The Emergence of Rhinoplasty in Nasal Reconstruction

The practice comes from antiquity, with cases of nasal reconstruction, described in India, and translated around the 6th century – aesthetic rhinoplasty is estimated to have been developed at the end of the 19th century.

Today, the technique has been improved with extensive knowledge of physiology and nasal anatomy.

There are two most common accesses of rhinoplasty: open and closed (depending on the type of scar). The technique varies depending on the model of the nose, the purpose of the surgery and the evaluation of the plastic surgeon in Jammu.

Open Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty a small incision is made through the columela – a narrow band of tissue that stifls the norins. Through this incision, the tissues that cover the nose are carefully lifted, allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose. It is a solution indicated, for example, in cases of major changes in the tip of the nose – since it is possible to carve it with greater freedom, says best plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Closed Rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty there are incisions only inside the nostorines, without lifting the skin of the nose. In this case there are some advantages, such as the procedure being a little more agile, and there are no external scars.

Post-Operative Rhinoplasty

In both cases the postoperative period is usually pain-free, and when it appears it is easily solved with the use of analgesics. The formation of hematomas is common and complete absorption takes place in about 20 days. A kind of internal plaster and cap support the nose as the surgery begins to heal for about a week.

While the initial swelling subsides within a few weeks, it may take up to a year for the new nasal contour to be completely reset. During this period, the swelling may appear and disappear and be a little larger in the morning. Often surgery is also associated with other nasal procedures such as septal correction and turbinectomy, says best plastic surgeon in Jammu.

Why Opt for Rhinoplasty?

In addition to generating a beautiful appearance for the face, Rhinoplasty can produce functional improvement effects, and can improve the patient’s breathing. In some cases, it can be performed in conjunction with Septal Bypass surgery.

What should I consider before opting for Rhinoplasty?

It is important to note that each of us has our own genetics, so it is not possible to choose a nose that we intend to have (for example, based on an actor or actress).

The ideal is to fix and perfect your nose to make it more harmonic to the face and help you look better, suggests plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

Enlarged Breast in Men has a Solution!

Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of male breasts. It must be borne in mind that in mature age 30% of men develop this disorder. Most patients do not have symptoms, when they appear they are usually hypersensitivity or pain in the breast area or sometimes problems with the nipples. There are varying degrees of presentation in terms of the volume developed and they range from mild to severe, explains the Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

Newborns, men going through puberty, and older men can develop gynecomastia as a result of changes in normal hormone levels, although there are other causes as well.

In general, gynecomastia is not a serious problem, but it can cause significant discomfort or discomfort in patients who have it.

Gynecomastia has a significant negative impact mainly on the social well-being of affected adolescent patients. Men and boys with gynecomastia sometimes have chest pain and often lack self-image confidence or may feel embarrassed. This reflects in the way of acting (social functioning), mental health and self-esteem, says the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

Gynecomastia can go away on its own.

The pseudoginecomastia is the increase in volume of the male breast due to the accumulation of fat, in these cases it is affected both sides and usually no enlargement of the glandular breast tissue.

Male Gynecomastia Surgery

The Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi says that the psychosocial impact was not affected by the severity of the disease. That is, no matter how large the breast augmentation is in men, if it exists in any form it is recommended to consider early treatment regardless of severity.

When suffering from gynecomastia, some men believe that losing weight will solve the problem, but this is not always the case.

Check out the rest of the post and understand what are the problems that breast augmentation in men causes and how it can be solved.

Understand what causes breast enlargement in men

Gynecomastia is the medical term that is given to the enlargement of the mammary region in men. In most cases, the overgrowth of the mammary glands in men is associated with a hormonal imbalance, which usually occurs during adolescence. This is because during this phase there is an increase in estrogen production and at the same time a decrease in testosterone, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

In addition, gynecomastia is also associated with the use of steroids and anabolic steroids, drug use, genetic factors, increased adipose tissue, among others. Generally speaking, this problem poses no health risks. However, the patient usually suffers from several other problems.

Patients are often very embarrassed, which makes them walk with hunched shoulders, altering their spine and posture. In addition, they avoid going shirtless, even on beaches, and they can develop psychological problems due to social isolation and low self-esteem, says the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

The solution

Most men who suffer from breast overgrowth seek Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi. Before doing this, it is essential to seek the opinion of a Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

It is important that the patient seeks guidance and if the clinical treatment does not show results, then Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi may be the best solution, as long as it is suggested by the doctor.

Who can do it?

Hormonal change often ends after adolescence. An assessment is then recommended to see if gynecomastia is needed or if it is better to wait until adulthood to assess the situation again. The Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi recommends surgery only after age 18 years.

How is the procedure?

The Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi consists of making a small, half-moon-shaped cut around the areola. Afterwards, the fatty plaques that characterize the problem are removed. In some cases, a drain is placed for the exit of pus and secretions that may form due to the cut.

It is also possible for a breast liposuction to be performed. This indication is made for cases where breast enlargement is caused only by excess fat. There is still the possibility of the procedures being combined: first the excess fat is removed and then the gland.

Anesthesia can be general or epidural with sedation. The surgical procedure takes an average of 1 hour and the patient stays in the hospital for 8 to 12 hours.

The goal of treatment in patients with gynecomastia is to reduce the size of the enlarged breasts, restore a normal male breast contour, and correct deformities of the breast, nipple, or areola. Common reduction methods include liposuction, removal of excess glandular tissue, or the use of a combination of liposuction and excision for Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi.

Do you want to know more about this problem and answer your questions? Then get in touch with the Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi and request an appointment to talk to the experts.

plastic surgeon in Delhi



Maybe if I had to collect the podium, it would be breast plastics, eyelid plastics, and abdominal plastics, divided by wrinkle fillings. In addition, what has become more common in my practice lately is facelift, liposuction, and vaginoplasty. Today, people are able to talk more openly about problems related to the body, actively seek the opportunity to improve and shape them, and we listen to realistic expectations and requests and, to the best of our knowledge, remedy beauty flaws.

In addition to aesthetic surgery, restorative surgery is a very important part of job for plastic surgeon in Delhi, as we treat post-tumor lesions, birth defects or even accidental scars in a hospital setting.


When a patient first visits a plastic surgeon in Delhi, the doctor assesses their needs, asks in detail what they want to change and what they want to be, and then considers, based on detailed professional considerations, whether the request is justified. Consider whether the idea is feasible, what are the dangers of complications, whether there is an aggravating circumstance (e.g. underlying disease) and, all in all, whether the risk is proportionate to the expected outcome. If the best plastic surgeon in Delhi thinks the patient’s request cannot be met, the risk of complications is higher than average, the patient’s request is unrealistic compared to the expected result, or the procedure would not produce a spectacular result (e.g., the patient wants upper eyelid surgery but does not hang so skin that would be worth cutting into), you should not recommend surgery.


This depends on many things, such as the surgical technique used by the best plastic surgeon in Noida, but also on whether the patient is following the advice on aftercare. The durability of the result can be influenced by a number of external and internal factors, eg skin type, lifestyle (it is worth bearing in mind that eg smoking and sunbathing reduce the elasticity of the skin.). Greater weight fluctuations can also worsen the outcome of surgery, but individual diseases or the flexibility of connective tissue that is specific to an individual can also affect how long the condition created by surgery will be.


It also depends on the part of the body to be operated on and its development time. The formation of the ear is completed at the age of 5-6, the nose at the age of 17-18, so these parts of the body can be operated on at this age or later. Aesthetic breast surgery under the age of 18 is not unanimously recommended by plastic surgeon in Noida.

Due to the development of medicine, the upper age limit for surgeries is being pushed higher and higher: surgery, anesthesia and after-treatment are now so high that there is virtually no such limit. Rather than age, it is a question of health status whether an intervention can be performed.

Liposuction in Delhi

10 lies and truths about liposuction

Although today the internet offers us a lot of information (even too much) about surgical interventions, dissolving doubts is still essential to face insecurities before surgery and face them with peace of mind. The liposuction in Delhi is one of the most in demand interventions and possibly cosmetic surgery that can generate more doubts given the varied information circulating about it. Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi will try to dispel some of them.

1.Liposuction is used to lose weight.


It is not a method to lose weight, nor to treat obesity. Paradoxically, patients do not observe a weight change after the intervention equivalent to the volume that has been extracted. liposuction in Delhi is a method to modify volumes and shape creating more anatomical contours. The more localized the fat accumulation is, the better the result is obtained, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

2. Extracted fat accumulations are easily reproduced


Fatty accumulations such as those in cartridge belts have a very important genetic component. We can ENSURE that once modified cartridge belts will not reproduce again. Contrary to the accumulations of the abdomen we have been winning them, extracting them implies a commitment on the part of the patient to take care of their diet and physical activity so that they do not reproduce again. Liposuction in Panipat does not prevent us from gaining weight in the future, but the distribution of that gain will be distributed in another way, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

3. Liposuction in Panipat produces a rebound effect.


This technique does not produce a rebound effect. It will always be interesting for the patient to adopt healthy habits to maintain the results obtained, says the Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

4. Liposuction removes cellulite.


Liposuction in Karnal removes clumps of fat. It does not modify cellulite although it can indirectly modify it by eliminating underlying fat. Liposuction is NOT a treatment method for cellulite, clarifies the Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

5. Laser and ultrasonic liposuction are better than classic liposuction.


NO new technology has so far proven to be superior to classical liposuction in terms of results, instead they have brought new complications that it does not have. Most of these technologies actually require the complementary use of classic liposuction to achieve satisfactory results, explains the Best Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

6. The results are not immediate.


Depending on the volume extracted and how localized the fat was, there is a certain result that can be immediate but it will not be until three months that we will be able to judge them with the assurance of having already gone through 80-90 percent of the entire process. Most patients begin to feel satisfied one month after the intervention, says the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

If you are thinking of undergoing Liposuction in Panipat to show off the results this summer, keep these deadlines in mind and get going!

7. The skin will be flabby.


If the patient maintains elastic skin, it will re-adapt to the new shape without any problem. The surgeon must evaluate the quality of the skin to set a limit to the amount that can be extracted without significant impact on the skin, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

8. Liposuction is a simple and safe method.


Within cosmetic surgery techniques, Liposuction in Karnal is a simple and safe body contour modification method. Hence its popularity. However, like any surgical technique, it is not free of complications or side effects, most of them in relation to your previous state of health and that you should evaluate with your Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

9. Liposuction is performed in most cases with local anesthesia.


In very localized and small-volume cases, it can be performed safely under local anesthesia. However, if we take into account that the objective of liposuction is to obtain harmony, in most cases it is necessary to work on several anatomical regions. In the pre-anesthetic consultation, the patient has the opportunity to discuss with the anesthesiologist the most appropriate anesthetic technique for their case, says the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

10. This is a technique for women only.


More and more men are also undergoing liposuction in Delhi, either to modify accumulations that do not respond to diet or exercise or to modify accumulations in the breasts known as gynecomastia.

Although this is a simple and safe technique, safety should never be underestimated, and it should always be performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon in Delhi and in a hospital environment that ensures the conditions for a satisfactory result. It is important to bear in mind that it is a technique that requires great sensitivity and aesthetic sense on the part of the surgeon who performs it. It is your experience rather than the technology that will determine a good result.

buttock augmentation

Buttock Augmentation: Technical and Postoperative

Over time, the buttocks undergo transformations: sagging, loss of volume, the appearance of “dimples” or an unsightly distribution of fat. To correct these imperfections and give volume to the buttocks effectively, you have to resort to plastic surgery. Dr Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Delhi, use the most innovative buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

Buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

To carry out the buttock augmentation, Dr Singla performs a liposuction tailored to the silhouette, called lipofilling. A job with which excess body fat is extracted from the back, the love handles, the flanks, the holsters or the abdomen and is transferred to the gluteal area that needs to modify the volume or contour. At present, this technique is also used to restore the quality of some damaged tissues, since this adipose structure is a rich source of stem cells, with important repairing and regenerative effects on the transferred area. This is very useful for those who have scars or who have undergone radiation therapy.

Advantages of buttock augmentation with the fat of the patient:

With the buttock augmentation technique that plastic surgeon in Panipat uses, also called a Brazilian lift, excellent and immediate results are achieved. In addition, it has the following complementary advantages:

  • Scarring is minimal because fine suction cannulas are used.
  • The fatty grafts are gradually deposited in the recipient area until the desired volume is obtained.
  • There is no risk of rejection of prostheses because they are not used.

Buttock augmentation technique step by step.

Buttock augmentation with the patient’s own fat is a liposculpture that is tailored to the silhouette of the person, so it requires a prior study of the figure of each individual. Only in this way is it known where the filling should be done to round and improve the appearance of the buttocks. In addition, before the buttock augmentation operation, an in-depth medical examination of the patient’s state of health is carried out, verifying that their health allows the intervention in complete safety.

During the buttock augmentation procedure, the following steps are followed:

  1. The patient is prepared by providing general anaesthesia, as the procedure is a meticulous and time-consuming process, and this option offers greater safety for all.
  2. Excess body fat is removed from the back, love handles, holsters or abdomen of the person undergoing the intervention.
  3. The extracted fat is centrifuged, purified, and prepared, leaving it ready for transfer.
  4. The fat itself is transferred to the buttocks by means of an injection with microcannulas in strategic points of the same, thus achieving volume and relief in this area of ​​the body.
  5. Dressings are placed on the transferred area that the patient must maintain until the next cure, usually about a week.
  6. A postoperative garment is placed on the areas that were used to remove the fat.

Smokers must give up the habit several weeks before the intervention and prolong it to promote healing.

You should not smoke before, during, or after buttock augmentation, as tobacco hinders oxygenation and the arrival of nutrients to the skin in the operated area, slowing down tissue regeneration and, therefore, healing.

Buttock augmentation: Hospital and medical team.

Best plastic surgeon in Panipat wants maximum safety and quality for his patients. For this reason, it has a professional medical team and the guarantee of operating in one of the most advanced and prestigious hospitals in Delhi, Panipat & Karnal. The hospital has innovative technology, comprehensive health care and exquisite patient care.

Buttock augmentation with natural aesthetic results.

The end result is an increase in volume and a lifting effect of the gluteal area, as well as the appearance of a sculpted and fat-free figure.

Keep in mind that the scars that a buttock augmentation with body fat leaves on the person’s body are minimal. This is because the size of the incisions is too small.

The results of this type of intervention are visible one month after the intervention. A minimum time to show off a splendid figure.

Postoperative and recovery of buttock augmentation.

The postoperative period and the recovery from a gluteal augmentation procedure is simple. In addition, just 24 hours after being operated on, the patient can return home without major problem as long as he follows the advice of best plastic surgeon in Karnal.

General Postoperative Recommendations

For the postoperative period and the recovery of the person who has undergone a buttock augmentation operation to be satisfactory, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • A postoperative garment must be worn for a month after the intervention.
  • Keep the dressings until the next cure, generally one week after the intervention.
  • Follow the instructions on antibiotic treatment and medication to be taken to avoid postoperative discomfort.
  • Go to the appointment for the next cure in consultation.


The results of this type of intervention are quickly visible. In fact, they can be seen a month after the intervention. After this time, we can show off a splendid, natural, and proportionate figure in any situation.

Since the discomfort is minimal, 24 hours after the surgery, we can begin to move with increasing difficulty.

It is important to avoid support in the area where the fat has been grafted as it could be reabsorbed more than usual if the area is under pressure.

Two weeks after the surgery, you can return to work and, after a month, lead a normal life, including sports activities.