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breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery – Important Points About the Procedure

Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is one of the most popular procedures today. Indicated to take care of problems caused by very large breasts, such as back and spine pain, reduction mammoplasty relieves these complications, providing a more comfortable size for the woman. Breast reduction surgery also has the benefit of a healthier, younger, and symmetrical appearance.

Frequently asked questions about breast reduction surgery

Talking about the most recurrent approaches and questions about breast reduction surgery, in an attempt to guide more people who are interested in the subject and are curious to know how the reduction mammoplasty procedure works .

First of all, the woman who wants to undergo breast reduction surgery in East Delhi must be within her ideal weight, so that the result is harmonious in relation to her figure. In addition, weight variation can interfere with the shape of the breasts. The breast is formed mainly by glands and fatty tissue. The glands do not grow back after breast reduction surgery, but the fat can build up again if the patient has gained weight.

Breastfeeding after reduction mammoplasty

One of the most frequently asked questions to plastic surgeon in Noida is whether it is possible to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

In some extreme cases, called gigantomastia, in which it is necessary to remove the nipple completely to reposition it, breastfeeding may be impaired. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, breastfeeding normally follows breast reduction surgery. This is because the glands are not completely removed in the procedure, and the woman is still able to produce milk.

Time is also an important factor in this regard. In general, the more time that has passed after breast reduction surgery, the easier lactation will be. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the best plastic surgeon in Noida of the desire to have children, in this way, he will choose the most appropriate surgical technique. For women who have children, breastfeeding should be stopped at least two months before surgery.

Can I lose sensation after breast reduction surgery?

Another important point is sensitivity. Many women fear losing it after breast reduction surgery. Because of the changes that the breasts undergo after a procedure like this, it is common for some change in sensitivity to occur. But it is rare that this effect is definitive. In most cases, the loss of sensitivity is more intense at the beginning and tends to decrease over the first six months, until it returns completely to normal.

How is the postoperative period of reduction mammoplasty?

The postoperative period of breast reduction surgery is a moment of extreme importance. It is essential that the patient correctly follows all the surgeon’s instructions for this step, especially rest. The return to work and the resumption of physical activities can only be authorized by the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

In addition, it is necessary to respect the correct way of sleeping, sitting and moving in the first days after the surgery. Such care is essential for the healing and recovery of the patient.

Finally, it is always good to remember that the conversation with the plastic surgeon in East Delhi and the clarification of all doubts are essential to obtain a successful plastic surgery, in addition to also respecting the needs of the postoperative period of the breast reduction surgery, thus helping to ensure better results.

Talk to a Breast Reduction Surgery Professional

Do you have any questions related to breast reduction surgery in Delhi? Contact a plastic surgeon in Delhi and clarify all questions before making the surgical decision.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

Breast Growth in Men

Is breast growth in men normal? Is there a way to decrease?

If you suffer from overdeveloped male breasts, you’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 40% of men go through this.

The problem is that most of the time, in addition to breast growth, which is already a great aesthetic discomfort for men, the increase also brings a feeling of swelling and pain in the region.

This is very bad, as the characteristic is uncomfortable in the person’s daily activities and can also interfere with other habits, such as going to the beach, gym or wearing certain clothes, because most men with large breasts feel ashamed of this part of the body..

Therefore, if you are tired of breast growth, having to hide them or suffering from pain in the area, follow us, as we will show you how to reduce the male mammary gland.

What is breast growth in men?

Breast growth in men is characterized by breast enlargement and, in some cases, pain and discomfort in the region. Breast enlargement in men can occur at different times, in childhood, in adulthood and in adolescence. Especially on the last one!

Big male chest is more normal than it seems.

About 60% of boys aged between 10 and 14 suffer from breast enlargement. However, as it is a hormonal problem, it tends to disappear by age 17.

In addition, breasts do not always grow equally. It may occur from augmenting only one breast.

What makes a man with a woman’s breast? Main causes!

Breast growth in men can occur due to two factors: excessive development of the mammary gland, due to hormonal disorders, such as estrogen in high amounts, or due to excess fatty tissue due to overweight.

Breast enlargement due to male mammary gland growth

All bodies (female and male) have mammary glands, the organ responsible for producing milk. In women, the glands are more developed, due to female hormones, called estrogens.

In men, the female hormone rate is low, so the male mammary glands are normally not as developed, tending to remain imperceptible.

Big breasts in men occur when there is an increase in estrogen. The hormone increases the size of the mammary glands, which leaves a man with a swollen male breast.

This growth is called gynecomastia. To find out if this is your case, you must evaluate some factors, such as the possible causes of hormonal imbalance and its symptoms.

Breast enlargement due to breast fat

The second leading cause of breast growth in men is obesity. Weight gain can cause chest fat to increase, leaving the breasts large and in some cases, soft and saggy.

However, this is not a condition exclusive to overweight people. The growth of fat in the chest can also affect people who are at the ideal weight and are more predisposed to accumulating fat in the breast region.

This enlargement of the breasts by fat is called lipomastia.

Lipomastia and gynecomastia cases require different treatments, as they are not the same problems. However, large breasts in men can occur due to two factors: obesity and hormonal disorders.

That’s because body fat also promotes increased estrogen, which leads to enlargement of the mammary gland. In this case, the solution is to combine the two treatments for large breasts.

What are the symptoms of breast enlargement in men?

The main symptoms of breast enlargement in men are: fat chest, presence of a lump in the region, redness, secretion, pain, swelling and a feeling of stone in the man’s chest. Identifying the symptoms is important to know what motivated the increase in breasts and then define the appropriate treatment.

How to diagnose male breast enlargement?

To diagnose male breast enlargement, one needs to know the cause of this reaction. By analyzing the symptoms of growth, for example, the plastic surgeon in East Delhi is already able to differentiate whether it is a case of gynecomastia or excess fat.

In situations where the patient has a fat and flaccid chest but it is not painful, the probability is that he has fat in the chest. Now, if the symptoms are swelling, lump or stone in the breast and pain in the nipple, it is likely to be a case of male mammary gland enlargement.

For each of these causes there is a different treatment. So, to have a more accurate diagnosis, the doctor requests mammography and ultrasound exams.

Having the result, the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi indicates the correct treatment to stop the growth of the breasts.

How to make male breast smaller?

There are several methods that promise to reduce the male chest, such as medicine, exercises, diets and surgery for breast reduction in men. However, some of the treatments for breast growth in men only inhibit or disguise the volume.

In the case of medicine, for example, it does not end with large breasts in men, it only inhibits the growth of the region to continue.

Diets and Exercises

Diets and exercises to lose body fat can also be an alternative to getting rid of big breasts.

However, they are only for men who need to burn chest fat. That is, if you had an enlarged mammary gland, this procedure will not be effective.

Surgery to reduce the male breast

Male breast reduction surgery in Delhi is able to completely eliminate any focus of volume in the chest, whether caused by the mammary gland or by fatty tissue. The procedure can be indicated on 4 occasions:

  • When breast enlargement is more severe and is bothering the person;
  • If the patient has had a treatment that did not bring results;
  • After 1 or 2 years of breast enlargement, if it occurs before age 17 or after age 50.

How is the surgery to reduce the male breast?

To shrink the large male breast due to the growth of the mammary gland, it is possible to perform surgery. In the same, the best plastic surgeon in Noida makes small incisions at the bottom of the areola, removes the gland and finally closes the place with sutures.

How to get rid of breast fat in men?

Surgery for breast reduction in men with excess fat is lipomastia. First, the plastic surgeon in Noida applies a serum to the region, which makes the fatty tissue more malleable. Then, with the help of a cannula, it removes the fat from the breasts through back and forth movements.

The lipomastia procedure then works like a traditional lipo.

Remembering that, if the patient has an increase in the mammary gland and fatty tissue, he can do a combination of both procedures.

How to shrink the male breast permanently?

The most effective method of losing breast fat and eliminating the male mammary gland is plastic surgery. After recovery from gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, the patient will be able to see the full result.

The breasts will be much smaller, with no indication that there was volume. In addition, the scar will be practically imperceptible, since it is made in the areola region.

But the advantages do not end there, surgery to reduce the male breast also improves the following aspects:

  • Self-esteem and security: there will be no more shame due to large breasts;
  • Social and loving relationships: say goodbye to the fear of being judged;
  • Choice of clothes: you can wear whatever clothes you want, without having to think about hiding your chest area.

Make the right choice!

If you are tired of having very large breasts, you want to recover your self-esteem and not feel ashamed of going shirtless, consider plastic surgery as a solution to your problem.

But before that, remember to go to a plastic surgeon in Delhi to have an analysis of the cause of your breast growth. Because it could be a case of hormone dysregulation that led to gynecomastia, or a situation of fat accumulation.

Liposuction in Delhi

Liposuction: why resort to surgical remodelling

Liposuction, body contouring surgery, is not an easy way to lose weight.

Liposuction in East Delhi is a surgical intervention that can only be achieved if the diet and a healthy lifestyle do not have the desired effects on localized adiposity.

If the surgery is performed by the expert hands of a professional Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi, the figure will appear more balanced and toned.

Liposuction: who can do it?

With liposuction the body is remodelled by eliminating fat deposits in critical areas such as:

  • Abdomen.
  • Arms.
  • Back.
  • Hips.
  • Buttocks.

Can everyone have liposuction?

It would be nice to answer yes, but not everyone can actually undergo liposuction, and a good Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi is not afraid to say no to his patient.

The reason is very simple.

Since liposuction, also known as liposculpture, actually “empties” areas of the body from accumulated fat, it is very important that the containment tissue, that is the skin and all the scaffolding that supports it, is reactive.

By this we mean that the skin must then have the natural ability to readjust to the new shape of the body.

This can only happen if the skin has a natural good elasticity and the surgeon’s evaluation, in this case more than ever, is essential.

This evaluation also affects the decision on the amount of fat to be removed.

The liposuction in Delhi, for the above reasons, it is therefore not the appropriate tool in case of obesity, it is the perfect tool for those who show unsightly protrusions at precise locations.

Liposuction: the ideal patient

The liposuction in Panipat requires a healthy and balanced enough state of health, which presupposes that the ideal candidate is a person who does not suffer strong variations in weight, has a rather active life and leads a balanced overall lifestyle.

This means that once the contours of the figure have been redefined it is very important to keep physically active so that, especially if you are prone to the accumulation of fat, these accumulations are averted, suggests the best plastic surgeon in Panipat.

The liposuction surgery: the preparations

The liposuction in Panipat is a surgical procedure in effect, for this is essential to a preparatory phase to follow, on the advice of the professional who will run it, exactly.

At the ritual tests such as electrocardiogram, blood and urine tests, the surgeon may request further specific tests.

In the weeks preceding the surgery it is undoubtedly imperative to avoid the use of some medicines that can compromise the success of the surgery and observe a very balanced lifestyle.

As far as smoking is concerned, abstention should be started a couple of months before the operation, since nicotine interfering with circulation could compromise tissue elasticity.

The plastic surgeon in Panipat may prescribe the intake of an antibiotic in the days preceding the surgery to prevent and protect against any infections.

The liposuction surgery: the execution

The liposuction surgery, depending on the areas to be treated, can last from 1 to 4 hours and is performed under general or local anesthesia.

Before performing the intervention, the team draws lines on the areas to be treated to precisely mark the points in which to intervene and the areas in which to aspirate excess adiposity.

The aspiration of the fat is carried out with a thin cannula and the material taken is continuously observed so that it is always ” pure “.

At the end of the operation, the plastic surgeon in Panipat, to facilitate drainage, can insert a drainage tube for the next 24 hours.

The patient is discharged, in case of general anesthesia, after one night of observation, while in case of local anesthesia after a few hours.

It is very important, upon discharge, to walk immediately to avoid the formation of blood clots.

Pain, numbness, bruises, burning are all effects that can occur in the days following the surgery, but which vanish in about ten days.

When will the final result be visible?

The result of the operation can begin to be appreciated already after 2 weeks from the operation, but only after two months the postoperative swelling disappears completely, making the perfectly shaped and harmonious body visible.

The result of the intervention is long-lasting, but as long as you take care of your body, as we have already mentioned, living actively and with a general balanced lifestyle, says the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

You have to take care of your body and your well-being at 360 degrees, especially after the sacrifice of the intervention.

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