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Karachi Halwa | 1200 रु का कराची हलवा बनाये सिर्फ 200 रु में हलवाई जैसा घर पर | Bombay Special Halwa

Karachi Halwa | 1200 रु का कराची हलवा बनाये सिर्फ 200 रु में हलवाई जैसा घर पर | Bombay Special Halwa

Aapke Dheron Comments pe Aaj Masala Kitchen Me Ban Raha Hain Bombay Karachi Halwa, Corn Flour Halwa Ek Bar Bana Liya To Swad Bhool Nahi Payenge.

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आप सभी की ढेरों फरमाइश पर आज मसाला किचन मे बन रहा है टेस्टी बॉम्बे कराची हलवा रेसिपी | कॉर्नफ्लोर का हलवा, परफेक्ट कराची हलवा, जैली हलवा, ड्राई फ्रूट हलवा,बादाम जेली हलवा बनाने की सबसे आसान रेसिपी | बॉम्बे वाला कराची हलवा बनाये बिना किसी झंझट | सिंधी कराची हलवा, सिंधी रेसिपी, हलवा रेसिपी, स्वीट रेसिपी, बाजार जैसा हलवा बनाने की रेसिपी जरूर देखिये और मसाला किचन की कराची हलवा/कॉर्नफ्लोर हलवा रेसिपी शेयर करना न भूलें | मसाला किचन | पूनम देवनानी रेसिपी

For Sugar Syrup:
* Water(पानी) – 400 Ml
* Sugar(चीनी) – 4 Cup/850 Gram

For Halwa:
* Corn Flour(आरारोट) – 150 Gram
* Water(पानी) – 300 Gram
* Ghee(घी) – 100 Gram
* Citric Acid(साइट्रिक एसिड) – 1 Gram/2 Pinch
* Green Food Color(हरा फूड कलर) – Some
* Chocolate Food Color(चॉकलेट फूड कलर) – Some
* Dry Fruits (सूखे मेवे) – 200 Gram
* Pistachio(पिस्ता) – For Garnishing
* Melon Seeds(तरबूज के बीज) – Some

For Sugar Syrup, keep the pan on the flame, put Water and Suger in it, mix it, and boil it. When Sugar dissolved properly in the Water then turn off the flame and keep it aside.
For Halwa, in a bowl, put Corn Flour, some Water and mix it with a hand blender. Then Keep the heavy pan on the flame, put some Ghee and some Suger Syrup in it and mix it. Now mix the Corn Flour mixture by sieving it and keep stirring it constantly. Then add Sugar Syrup and stir it continuously. Put Citric Acid Water & Ghee and stir it continuously. Cook the halwa with continuous stirring on a low flame until it starts to become thick and transparent. Then Put Green and Chocolate Food Color into the halwa and mix it well. After then Add chopped Dry Fruits in it and mix it well and cook halwa until appears transparent. Put the Halwa in a tray greased with Ghee. Put some chopped Pistachio on the Halwa and keep it cool for 4-5 hours at room temperature. Once it gets cooled completely then cut into pieces, serve it and enjoy it.
For wrapping, take polythene, put some Melon Seeds on it and keep the Halwa piece on it and wrap it. In this way, chewy and delicious Karachi Halwa will get ready at home.

इस वीडियो मे इस्तेमाल किये जाने वाले सामान का लिंक मैंने नीचे दिया है आप इस लिंक को क्लिक करके खरीद सकते है
Wooden spatula –
Green Food Color –
Food Color Set –
Chocolate Food Color –
Sugar –
Oil brush –
Tray –
Whisker –
Strainer –
Mixing Bowl –
Aluminium Handi –
Melon seeds –
Almonds –
Cashew Nuts –
Pistachio –
Clean wrap –
Citric Acid –
Ghee –
Wooden Board –
Serving Plate – (White)
Serving Plate – (Black)

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