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Cassey Ho & Ashley Borden: Amazing Thigh Workout

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Today, Cassey and Ashley team up to bring you the best of Pilates Bootcamp and Perfect Form into one amazing workout for your inner and outer thighs!

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About Cassey

In Pilates Bootcamp, certified Pilates instructor Cassey Ho (aka Blogilates) showcases her POP Pilates style, where she takes you all the way through tough but fun Pilates workouts designed to tone your arms, your legs, your abs, your butt, and everything in between.

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About Ashley

Whether you want take your fitness routine to the next level, target a specific trouble zone or offset the effects of sitting all day at a computer, celebrity fitness and pro-athlete trainer Ashley Borden’s specialty is helping you unlock the potential in your body. She will help you identify how your body moves, offering routines to help you build your best body.

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