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Sikkim (India) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Vacation travel video about destination Sikkim in India.
For centuries Sikkim has been a segregated and independent Buddhist kingdom on the edge of the Himalayas, a land-locked Indian state and India’s most northerly region. Historical, cultural and spiritual, Sikkim is strongly associated with Tibet and possesses more than two hundred monasteries. The most holy monastery of the Nyingmapa schools is in Tashiding and is located on a mountain in the east of the country, along the route from Darjeeling. It was built in 1717 following the sight of a rainbow that connected the site with the majestic Anchenjunga Mountain. The large complex consists of a modest main temple, several buildings, chapels and Chorten with relics of both Chogyals and Lamas. A romantic forest trail leads to the Dubdi Monastery that was built high above Yoksum in a spectacular location in 1701. Two prayer houses and three stupas are situated in the fenced garden terrain and it is one of the oldest monastery complexes that is no longer inhabited by monks. The narrow road leads to West Sikkim and travels past tea plantations on whose slopes are planted endless rows of tea bushes. The black ‘first flush’ from the Temi Tea Garden is considered to be a ‘royal’ tea with a subtle, sweet, elegant and harmonious taste. The plantation was established in 1969 and today Sikkim tea can compete with that of Darjeeling, despite their obvious differences. Tradition, spirituality, culture and handicrafts, ethnic diversity and rural life, all combined with both myth and legend. Sikkim is a rare jewel set on the edge of the Himalayas!

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