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A Dubai Destination Wedding Photo Story | Nikita+Patrick

A Dubai Destination Wedding Photo Story | Nikita+Patrick

A spectacular Dubai destination wedding that brought together two multi-cultural families

When we first met Nikita, Patrick, and her Mom in India, about 7-8 months before the wedding, we knew this one would be extremely special. As Indian Wedding Photographers, we always look forward to the blending of two cultures and families. Nikita and Patrick starting dating from college, and now live in New York City but decided to have their wedding in Nikita’s home in Dubai. From that very first wedding, we knew this one would be something special; after all, whatever happens in Dubai happens larger than life!

Part 1: The Pre-Wedding

We flew a day before the wedding celebrations began for a small pre-wedding session with the couple. Nikita has lived in Dubai a long time, so she didn’t want the cliche desert shots for her pre-wedding. Instead, they wanted a peaceful and intimate shoot in their home garden. And in our opinion, that made it much more special. (And what a garden it was, a lush jungle in the middle of a desert!)

This lush and green garden really makes you forget that you’re standing on a desert!

We still wanted to get some shots of them during the sunset, so we drove to the beach near their wedding venue to get a few portraits of them in the water. And to our luck, the skies didn’t disappoint!

That gorgeous sunset, and that little natural heart between them!

The wedding celebrations started with a casual and fun Rodeo themed evening. The aim was to have a quiet night with friends and family before the wedding chaos ensued.

Part 2: White Wedding

Nikita and Patrick planned not one, but two weddings – the first of which was the white wedding (which we were really looking forward to!). Before the ceremony, we captured Nikita and Patrick with their best buddies, getting ready for one of the most important and beautiful days of their lives.

Nikita’s sister and bridesmaids excited and happy at seeing her all dressed up.
Relaxing with his boys before the wedding ceremony.

Patrick entered the venue with his mother, while Nikita made her much awaited bridal entry hand-in-hand with her father. All eyes were on our beautiful bride.

Groom entry at Dubai destination wedding.
Bride entry at Dubai destination wedding.
Bride entry at Dubai destination wedding.

The wedding officiant was a young minister who made the ceremony quite fun and interesting. But it was Patrick who got Nikita all emotional and teary eyed with his beautiful vows.

A beautiful wedding ceremony at Dubai destination wedding.
Nikita and Patrick get married at Dubai destination wedding.
Nikita and Patrick get married at Dubai destination wedding.
Nikita and Patrick get married at Dubai destination wedding.
Celebrating the newly wed couple!

We got a few portraits of the newly-wed couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen before the wedding reception.

Groomsmen at Dubai destination wedding.

Part 3: Reception

Nikita and Patrick entered their reception all happy and dancing! Soon, it was time for the couple’s first dance, and then came the father-daughter dance. One of the most special things about their reception was a bouncy castle. We’ve never seen one at a wedding so of course, we had to get in on the action and make some images!

Burning up the dance floor with her friends.
And we bounce!
Guess someone had too much fun!

Part 4: Hindu wedding ceremony

This was quite special, as Nikita’s mother helped her get ready for the Hindu wedding. It’s uncanny, they look so much alike they could be sisters!

Indian bride at a Dubai destination wedding.
Since we were in Dubai, we wanted to make a portrait with the Burj Khalifa in the background.
Indian bridal portrait at a Dubai destination wedding.

Patrick and his family and friends were such great sports at the baraat. Although, no one really knew what they were supposed to do, they had fun just dancing to the beats.

Indian bride entry at a Dubai destination wedding.
Our gorgeous bride makes her second bridal entry.

The wedding ceremony was an intimate one, full of love and warmth between the two families.

Part 5: The Grand Budapest night

The theme of the night was ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel‘. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were in coordinated outfits and the night was made super fun by their dance performances.

An amazing performance by Nikita’s parents.
The fun and quirky after-party with TV heads!

Dubai really lived up to it’s name and we had a great (and exhausting) time making this story. Don’t forget to watch their video trailer below! We wish Nikita and Patrick a lifetime of happiness t(w)ogether!

Wedding Makers

Photography and Cinematography: Twogether Studios
Photographers: Arjun Kartha, Nikhil Mishra, Rohit Kason, Sunil Gautam
Cinematographers: Anmol Sharma, Mayank Mishra, Sameer, Sunil
Wedding planner: Weddings by Vivaah
Decor, Design and Production: Fete Events Dubai

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