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16 Layers Eggless Mango Crepe Cake | NO OVEN, NO BAKING POWDER | बिना अंडे के माँगो क्रेप केक

16 Layers Eggless Mango Crepe Cake | NO OVEN, NO BAKING POWDER | बिना अंडे के माँगो क्रेप केक

Those layers, OMG that looks so good. NO EGGS, NO OVEN, NO BAKING POWDER, 16 layers of crepes layered with some yum mango butter cream. As all of you know that I do not bake a lot and also I cook less desserts comparatively. I just wanted to make a mango cake & not bake it and I prepped this randomly. I started shooting this late night a few days back & it was so much fun prepping this cake. The butter cream frosting is a little too sweet for my taste but if you have a sweet tooth it works really well. If you want to make it less sweet and if you have some whipping cream handy, you can do it the way its done with whipping cream filling. Just whip up some cream & add mango puree into it & layer your cake with the whipping cream filling. The cake will be much lighter & less sweet. Enjoy this cake.

Hey! There is a typo in the title, MANGO IS SPELLED AS MAGNO by mistake. Enjoy the recipe!

16 Layer Mango Crepe cake – Eggless written recipe
Prep time: 40 mins
Cooking time 25 mins

For Freshly prepared mango butter cream
• Unsalted butter 1 cup (soften to room temperature)
• Powdered sugar 1.5 cups
• Corn flour 3 tbsp
• Fresh mango puree 1 cup (just scoop out mango pulp and blend it until smooth)

• Transfer the unsalted butter in a big bowl and use a whisk to cream the butter if you want to save your time and energy use a whisk attachment electric blender. Whisk until the colour changes to pale white and stiff peaks are formed.
• Mix cornflour and powdered sugar to make icing sugar, if you already have icing sugar available at home skip this step of mixing and simply use 1.5 cups of icing sugar.
• Now, add the icing sugar in batches and blend the butter further.
• Add freshly prepared mango puree in batches, use the mix and fold technique to mix with butter or you can also continue to whisk with electric blender but make sure you do that on low speed.

For freshly prepared crepes
• Refined flour (maida) 2 cups
• Powdered sugar 4 tbsp
• Milk 2 & 3/4th cup
• Oil 4 tbsp
• Vanilla extract 1 tsp
• Salt a pinch
• Sift the refined flour & powdered sugar by passing it through a sieve in a mixing bowl, add oil, vanilla extract, salt, and half of the milk and whisk well to avoid lumps, add the remaining milk and whisk to make a smooth batter. Keep aside and rest it for 15 minutes.
*TIP: you can also use wheat flour for a healthier option or half n half, just that the crepes would be a little bit denser.
• Use 1/4th cup or any measuring cup of your choice depending how big or small you want your crepes to be, fill it with the batter, set a pan on medium heat and pour it over non-stick pan which is 8 inches in diameter, you can adjust the size as per availability but the size of crepes and number of crepes will change accordingly. Swirl the pan so the batter spreads on the pan evenly, cook the crepes on both the sides until light golden brown in colour. Make sure the crepes are neither too thin nor too thick. Remove it from pan and cool them down.
• Repeat the same step for making at least 16 crepes, you can increase or decrease the amount depending on your consumption.

• Freshly prepared mango butter cream
• Freshly prepared crepes

• Place the one crepe over a plate or a cake stand and apply a thin layer of Freshly prepared mango butter cream evenly and repeat the process till the last layer of crepe.
• Use the reaming mango butter cream to cream the entire crepe cake and apply around and over the cake, refrigerate for an hour before serving.
• Your mango flavoured crepe cake is ready to be served, it tastes really amazing when its chilled.


You could also layer the cake with a whipped cream & mango frosting, use 300 ml whipping cream + 1 cup of mango. The cake will be much lighter & less sweet.

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