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SHIMLA, India's Most beautiful Tourist Hill station in Himachal Pradesh

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EP 1 Paonta Sahib to Renuka ji to Kasauli | Himachal Pradesh Tourism

This is 1st episode of 16 day tour of Himachal pradesh, This episode is a combination of 2 days of journey ie Day 1 and Day 2.

We started our tour by visiting Paonta Sahib Gurdwara then proceeded towards Renuka ji. We were lucky that we got accomodation to stay at Himachal Pradesh Tourism Guest house at Renuka ji.

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24th sept was the date when we reached Renuka ji – Day 1 of our journey, that time Himachal tourism was giving 40 percent discount on hotel room tariffs.

Next day ie on 25th sept – we started from Renuka ji by visiting the lake and temple and went to Barog.

While visiting Barog i had 3 things or activities in mind.

Pathi ji – we met at Shri Ponta Sahib Gurdwara – Sh. Gurmeet Singh ji – 9736732013

A. Chachu da Dhaba – Famous for paratha, this is a popular shop in the Barog market.

B. Barog raiilway station : This narrow gauge railway station in between kalka and Chandigarh has a exit to the the longest tunnel of this route, so i wanted to see the railway station.
During our travel, railway service was not working, if you want to stay at a guest house in Barog railway station you can do your online booking from irctc website.

Approach road to the station is steep, its difficult reach here with luggage as you will need to walk half a km down from the main road, plus going back up if you are coming by road and planning to stay here in the night. So if you are planning to stay here overnight then you should reach Barog railway station by train only, this narrow gauge train runs between kalka and shimla.

C. Third thing i had in mind when visiting Barog was to see Barog heights hotel, i had got this reference from many people that this hotel is at height, many people travle here , live here for 2-3 days enjoy weather and beauty, so i wanted to see this place for myself.

Though room tariffs are slightly on higher side but the view is worth it.

In the night we reached Kasauli, this is a little less explored hill station, though not as popular as Manali or Shimla but the place has its own village like charm.

I realised that room tariffs of hotels and guest houses in Kasauli is slightly on higher side, plus availability of accommodation during weekends is a concern, so you should travel only with pre booking.
You should get your pre booking done at Kasauli if you are planning to stay at Kasauli.

We stayed at Kasauli residency home stay, this place is on the outskirts of Kasauli about 3 km from the market. Nice place, good staff, only small thing maintenance is needed, but that’s ok..

In the next episode you will see activities we did in Kasauli then we went to Mandi, next episode is going to be more interesting as you will see this journey from Kasauli to Mandi and then to Parashar lake.

hope you enjoyed watching this episode.

This is the third time we are travelling to Himachal Pradesh, we have travelled to Manali and Shimla before and there are videos of the same on our YouTube channel.

Harish Bali


Top 10 Best Places to Travel in Himachal Pradesh || Top 10 Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 Best Places to Travel in Himachal Pradesh || Top 10 Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh
#TravelWorldwithADI #adityabarange #AD! #HimachalPradesh
Are you planning your next vacation? Will it be a place that you have already visited (and loved) or a completely new destination? Here are our picks of the top 10 Places to visit in the Himachal Pradesh, India.


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EP 1 Places to visit in Manali , Himachal Pradesh | North India hill station

EP 1 Places to visit in Manali , Himachal Pradesh | North India hill station

Manali is a popular hill station in HImachal pradesh in North India. Manali has so much to offer for travelers from snow peaks to temples to shopping and adventure sports.

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I traveled from Delhi to Manali in mid July 2017 for 6 days. During the 6 day period, i have tried covering every tourist attraction in Manali.

This video should help you plan your itinerary for Manali- Himachal pradesh

Volvo busses from Delhi start in the evening between 5 pm and7 pm. Travel time from Delhi to Manali is between 12 to 14 hours. My bus started at 7.30 pm from Delhi- RK Ashram, we reached Manali next day at 10.30 am

I got reference of Royal travels through a friend, so i got my To & fro journey booked from them.

– You can check with them if you are interested to travel from Delhi to Manali
Details of the day wise itinerary is given below:

Day 1: Trip to solang valley plus vashisht temple.

Manali to solang valley is about 10 kms, it takes 20 to 25 minutes to reach there. Solang valley is popular for paragliding. There are 3 to 4 types of flight starting from Rs 1000 to Rs 3200 depending upon the height you are flying from.

During winters, you can enjoy skiing at Solang valley.

Pilot with whom i did paragliding: Ram chand: 9816170161

Vashishth temple: In the evening time i travelled to vashishth temple, which is about 6 kms from Manali. Rishi Vashishth is one of the 7 saptrishi as per Hindu religion.

Many people who have skin infection get cured automatically after bath in the kund at Vashishth temple.

Day 2: Trip to Manikaran

Manali to Manikaran is about 80 kms, it takes about 3 hours to reach there. You can take a HImachal tourism bus from Manali bus stand or take a bike on rent or taxi on rent to travel to Manikaran.

This place has a popular Gurudwara plus a shiv temple and a hot water spring

Day 3: Visit to Bijli mahadev temple: There are two ways you can travel to Bijli Mahadev temple.
Through kullu: This route involves a trek of 3 kms which can take little more than 1 hour. Even if this involves trek, then also it is route that one should follow when going to Bijli Mahadev temple.
Through Jana waterfall: Distance between manali and Jana waterfall is 35 kms. From Jana waterfall to Bijli Mahadev temple is 24 kms. This route is a complete off track. You should avoid this route if you cannot undertake off road bike drive. One should avoid this unless you are very sure of biking skils.

Day 4: Local sightseeing:

Jogini waterfall: I thought to spending Day 4 of the journey doing local sightseeing, 1st half of the day i travelled to Jogini waterfall, you will need to do trek of about 40 minutes from Vashishth temple for going to Jogini waterfall.

Manu temple: Photography inside the temple was not allowed, so i showed this temple from outside. This temple is dedicated to the sage Manu, who is believed to be the creator of world. This is the only temple of Sage manu. It is located in old Manali.

Hadimba temple: This is located at a distance of about 2 kms from Mall road. It is believed that Hadimba did meditation in the cave at this place. This is a must visit place in Manali.

After the temple visit – i decided to do night stay at a camp, which was near Kalath, landmark near green tax barrier.

It costed Rs 1000 per day per day per person. Name of the coman who manages this is into the wild himalayas:

Day 5: Rohtang pass:

Rohtang pass is 50 kms from Manali. It takes about 3 hours to reach there. You can travel to Rohtang on Himachal tourism bus or take a taxi from manali to Rohtang.

It costs about Rs 4000 to travel on a small taxi like Alto in off season. In season – which is summers May and june travel to Rohtang cost Rs 6000 or so.

Day 6:
Naggar palace: This is about 20 kms from Manali, old house of Royal family.

Hamta pass: This is about 20 kms from Manali. You need to take permission from SDM office for going to Hamta pass. You can go there on heavy motor bike or on SUV vehicle, turns are sharp, 43 curves out over there.

At the end of Day 6 i travelled back from Manali to Delhi in evening, bus started at 6.30 pm and i reached back Delhi at 7.30 am.

Most of the local travel in Manali was done on Motor bike, which i got on hire from Blacksheep..

You may contact them if needed: 9459903529 – Shitij. Their office is at Vashishth chowk.

My recommendation on places to eat:

The corner house: Mall road Manali- opposite SDM office.
Nirvana restaurant: Near Vashisht temple.

Since this video is particularly about places to visit, i didn’t made exclusive coverage of places to eat in Manali.

Should you have any query about Manali places to visit shown in this video, please feel free to ask that in comments below.

Thanks for taking out time to watch this video on places to visit in Manali.


Palampur Tourism, Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide पालमपुर, हिमाचल प्रदेश | Travel Nfx

Palampur Tourism, Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide पालमपुर, हिमाचल प्रदेश | Travel Nfx

Book Your Hotel at very cheap Price – Palampur is a hill station in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh. It’s known for its tea gardens like the #Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory, which also processes the leaves. A waterfall drops into a stream at Bundla Chasm. Saurabh Van Vihar nature park has #picnic spots, birdlife and views of the snow-capped Dhauladhar range. A forested trail leads northeast to hilltop Birni Devi Temple, with mountain views.
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A Complete Travel Guide To Spiti Valley | Himachal Pradesh | Tripoto

A Complete Travel Guide To Spiti Valley | Himachal Pradesh | Tripoto

If you’re looking for a less-crowded and less-touristy version of Ladakh, you should check out Spiti Valley, India’s famous cold desert. The spellbinding landscapes of Spiti will capture a piece of your heart. You’ll find unmatched peace of mind at the Key Monastery. But planning a trip to Spiti is no cakewalk. This travel guide gives you everything you need to plan the perfect Spiti trip!

#SpitiValley #Himachal #TravelVlog

Script and narration: Adete Dahiya
Video Production: Aryaman Pathania
Produced by: Tripoto Travels

More about Tripoto:
Some people are born with an addiction to explore the world. They are happiest when they lost in a new city, exploring a hidden path or pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone. They breathe in the deepest when they are surrounded by crisp mountain air and they curl their toes in the pristine sands of peaceful beaches. And it is a tribe of such wanderers that has come together to create a community called Tripoto.

Tripoto is one of the largest communities of travelers in the world. Travelers post breathtaking photographs, mind-blowing blogs and goosebump-inducing videos on our platforms and share them to inspire fellow travelers.

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That’s not all, going above and beyond recommendations, Tripoto also helps you plan the perfect vacation with our team of partner-agents who customise travel packages to suit your need and offer unmatched prices. Choose from a host of options and pick the one that suits your mood and doesn’t stretch your wallet.

The best of all things travel are right here – from the desh ki dharti and everything desi to the glitziest destinations abroad – you name it, you can find it on ONE single platform, only on Tripoto.
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