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Leh-Ladakh Tour Plan | 5 Nights 6 Days Tour Guide of Leh Ladakh | Ladakh Tour Package


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Leh-Ladakh Tour Plan
5 Nights 6 Days Tour Guide of Leh Ladakh
Ladakh Tour Package

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Here we are going to share a tour plan of beautiful Indian destination Leh-Ladakh. In this video, we will be going to share what are the most important places to visit here, where to stay, what to carry with you (as this is a high altitude region, you need to carry some extra stuff with you), and what the cost will be.
Here is a 5 nights and 6 days tour plan of Leh-Ladakh.
But before we begin we want to tell you some points which you must keep in mind while visiting Ladakh.
1. You may feel high altitude sickness like lack of sleep, breathing problem or loss of appetite in Ladakh. So, it is better to get acclimatized in Ladakh on the first day by taking ample rest and having light food.
2. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before visiting. Remember, age is not a factor in high altitude but physical fitness is.
3. As this place is very cold, take plenty of woolen garments, an extra pair of socks, and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to carry basic medicine, flashlight or insect repellent here.


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Total Package Cost is around Rs34000 per person.

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