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How to Deal with Recovering from Surgery

How to Deal with Recovering from Surgery

Recovering from surgery can be a lot to deal with.  We’re often put under anesthesia; we have to go through physical pain to gain our health or wellbeing back, and then are released back into the world within a matter of hours. If you’ve never had surgery before, this can be overwhelming and may leave you feeling confused and unprepared.

These are the best ways to help your recovery and make sure that your body and mind get through this.

Talk To Your Doctor About Healing Plans

The most important thing you can do after surgery is to talk to your doctor about the next steps.  Discuss what could make healing easier on you and what would complicate it.  If your doctor gives you tips on what to do: follow these.  Every surgery is different, so getting direct notes on how to help yours can be the difference between a successful surgery and a dragged-out, uncomfortable process.

Work From Home If Possible

If you work in an office, this may feel impossible for the first couple of weeks.  Going to and from work and trying to handle the strain of sitting up in an office chair and standing up and sitting down constantly can be a lot on a post-surgery body.

If you have a job that allows it, try to work from home for at least the first month after surgery.  This will enable you to take the time necessary to heal, avoid having to explain why you’re wincing or why you look a certain way and will give you the chance to become comfortable with your body again without the need to make others aware of your discomfort.

Take Care of Your Scars and Incisions

Your scars and incisions are a new part of your body that’s going to draw your attention every time you see it for a while.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually ignore it or that you’ll stare at these scars forever; it’s just a new change that will catch your gaze for the first few months.

If you want to lessen the appearance of your scars, consider using silicone tape for scars.  This tape will aid your healing, reduce the risk of infection, and give you the chance to allow your scars to fade a little as they heal.  Although not everyone has the goal of their scars vanishing, if your scars are less visible, you won’t have to think about your surgery as often.

Consider Talking To A Therapist

Unfortunately, surgery can be traumatic.  This can be worsened if it comes on without any warnings, like emergency surgery.  The stress that we go through in the hours leading up to the surgery, and the trauma of coming out from it and feeling severe pain, can be a lot to work through.  If you’re struggling with it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Talk to a therapist and see if they can help you heal from the emotional scars as well.

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