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Guided Meditation For Overcoming Fear & Shifting Reality | 15 Minutes Of Peace

This shifting reality 15 minute guided meditation will help you overcome all of the fear & anxiety which is standing in your way.

This Meditation Is:
Day 10 ➤ Of The Boho Beautiful 14 Day Meditation Journey

Currently the world and its collective consciousness is facing record amount of negativity and fear mongering from the current COVID crisis. A lot of what we face from the external world becomes internalized in our bodies and emotional beings. Every headline, every statistic, all the good and the bad makes its way in…

so it is incredibly important for us to look within ourselves and remember that we can reconnect with our inner energy, find strength, and step forward with the courage necessary to reject anything you don’t want from entering our lives.

This guided meditation will give you the tools you need to find your inner fire and take back control of your mind and peace in your heart.

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Instructor: Juliana Spicoluk
Video Production: Mark Spicoluk

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