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Dragon frightened by the craze of tattoos among minors, ban on tattooing Dragon frightened by tattoo craze among minors, ban on tattooing

Digital Desk, Beijing. In view of the growing tattoo craze among minor children in China, the Communist government has taken a big decision. On Monday, the government banned the making of tattoos of minors. The government says that getting tattoos of children below 18 years of age is against the basic socialist principle. Even the government has appealed to the school and the parents of the children to stop the children from getting tattoos. The Chinese government has also made provisions for strict action against violations.

Action will be taken against tattoo artist

According to the news published in Hindustan Times, the Chinese government has said that if any tattoo artist is caught making tattoos of minor children, then strict action will be taken against him. The government also said that children who have already got a tattoo done and want to remove it now can consult a doctor. Significantly, the decision to ban tattoos was taken after consultation with several departments. For this, the Youth League of the Communist Party of China has also been consulted.

Government appealed to the people

It is worth noting that guidelines have been issued to prevent the increasing attraction of tattoos among minor children. According to him, the state, society, family and schools have been asked to explain to the minor children. So that the attraction towards his tattoo ends.

The government has asked the people to make the minors aware of the basic socialist values. So that children understand about the harm caused by tattoos. Significantly, China’s economic center Shanghai was the first to ban children under the age of 18 from making any kind of cosmetic surgery and tattooing on March 1.

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