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The Missing Pieces of Quantum Mechanics, TEMPORARY

The audio of this one has been fixed (mono to stereo, normalized).

This video is TEMPORARY (expected deletion date, Sunday, May 23). Why? At time 37:45, I showed a video to try and explain the Schrödinger’s cat puzzle. That was HUGE fun. I realized though that I really need a second video that shows at 5 different moments of space-time what the wave function is EXPLICITLY. It will not be too hard to do, but I think it will add considerably to the presentation, at least it has for me even in the draft form. This also puts pressure on me to make said SHORT video.

The fourth video in the Spiritual Physics Research Discussion Series talking
about the missing pieces needed to understand quantum mechanics. Rev. Lara Hoke kindly provided a spiritual frame for the evening. Doug Sweetser presented for a general audience the core ideas behind relativity in physics. After presenting enough slides to explain this newly designed t-shirt in about a 50 minutes, the zoom room was opened up for discussion and open-ended questions
(not included).

The Simple Math Rule remains in effect for all slides, with no math
expressions more complicated than a square (one number times itself).


2011 Minute Physics video on Schrödinger’s cat.


What makes things shiny?

Why exactly are some things shiny? 

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To find out more:

Richard Feynman’s book on Quantum Electrodynamics:

Website discussing why metals are shiny:

Image credits:

Reflection image: Lasse Havelund / CC BY-SA ( – filter applied

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Understanding Quantum Mechanics #8: The Tunnel Effect

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Quantum Mechanics Recap
2:07 Free particle, classical vs quantum
3:22 Tunneling, classical vs quantum
6:32 The weird part
8:20 Sponsor Message


Why don't round lenses produce round images?

Why do cameras make square or rectangular photos?

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To find out more:

Chromatic aberration –

How cameras work –

A quick video showing you how the mirror flip in an old SLR camera happens –

Photo credits:

Chromatic aberration flower – EricFrederich
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

Absorption spectrum of a few elements

Almuazi / CC BY-SA (

Sellmeier equation – Maksim

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Cheetah – Joshua Burke

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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Why are the stars, planets and moons round, even as comets and asteroids are irregular in shape?#why

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Why is Tesla worth 100 billion dollars?

Why is Tesla worth 100 billion dollars?

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