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Why is Tesla worth 100 billion dollars?

Why is Tesla worth 100 billion dollars?

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How It Works: Inside Look at a B-25 Mitchell Aircraft Gyroscope

How It Works: Inside Look at a B-25 Mitchell Aircraft Gyroscope

Today, Eric is back in the workshop but this time not with another build. Instead, he will be opening up and inspecting the internal mechanisms of a B-25 Mitchell Aircraft Gyroscope to see how it works.

How Do Bikes Stay Up?:

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धरती से दूर क्यों हो रहे हैं चंदा मामा? Is Moon going away from earth?

धरती से दूर क्यों हो रहे हैं चंदा मामा? Is Moon going away from earth?

British astronomer Edmund Halley said something strange three hundred years ago. When he said that the moon is slowly moving away from the Earth, most people understood that his mind has turned again. But Edmund Haley said this in Hosho-Havas after analyzing the old events of lunar eclipse and solar eclipse and finally in the 1970s, the scientists of the world accepted this fact.

Astronauts from the US and Soviet Russia came to the moon’s surface leaving some mirrors or mirrors. For many years, we have been sending laser rays from the earth towards these mirrors, which reflect from there and return to the earth. This has led astronomers to conclude that the moon went a little farther in 2019 than it was in 2018. How much? We will explain this at the end of this video. But the thing to note is that the speed of this journey of the moon increases slightly more every year.


COVID-19 Is Just The Beginning. Here's Why. | Answers With Joe

COVID-19 Is Just The Beginning. Here’s Why. | Answers With Joe

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has officially destabilized our economy, our workplaces, and our homes. That’s the bad news. The worse news? It won’t be the last.

In today’s video I speak with bestselling author David Quammen about zoonotic viruses – viruses that jump from animals to humans. Why they’re so dangerous, why we’ve been seeing more of them in recent years, and why COVID-19 will not be the last one we’ll be dealing with.

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Super informative video from Draw Curiosity:

Dr. John Campbell has done an excellent job covering the virus:

Alanna Shaikh’s excellent TED talk:

Be safe out there everyone.


Why We Might Use Different Numbers in the Future

Why We Might Use Different Numbers in the Future

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Knot Numbers –

Excursions Into Mathematics by Beck, Bleicher, Crowe
“What’s in a name?”, which was written by Michael Bleicher
Realm of Numbers by Isacc Asimov
Asimov on Numbers by Isacc Asimov

Imaginary Number Bases by Philip Herd:


The Best Worst Energy Source

The Best Worst Energy Source

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Although coal is such an amazing energy source that we’ve kept using it despite the harm it causes, today we may be better poised to stop using it than at any previous time in history.

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How to Tell Matter From Antimatter | CP Violation & The Ozma Problem

How to Tell Matter From Antimatter | CP Violation & The Ozma Problem

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This video is about the Ozma problem of distinguishing the chirality (ie left-handedness or right-handedness) of matter using weak interaction processes like beta decay (for example in uranium), or neutral kaon/k-meson decay. This is wrapped up in the phenomenon of CP violation, by which charge and parity are both violated by certain weak interaction processes – this enables antimatter to be unambiguously distinguished from matter, and left handed chirality from right handed.


The Ozma Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Project

Sean Carroll on CP Symmetry (& why we shouldn’t trot out baryogenesis all the time)

Electroweak CP Violation on Scholarpedia

The Wu Experiment

Martin Gardner, The New Ambidextrous Universe

Lecture notes on CP Violation and the CKM Matrix, Cambridge (Mark Thomson)


L-glucose (vs D-glucose)

Radioactive Nucleus Decay

CP Violation in Semi-Leptonic Decays (SEE PAGE 426 for reference to definition of MATTER)

Kaon Decay Modes

Flipped bowling Jesus scene in Big Lebowski

Isotopes of Uranium

Beta Decay

The Wu Experiment


CP Violation in Symmetry Magazine

Physics Stack Exchange on CP Violation

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MinuteEarth Explains: Human Evolution

MinuteEarth Explains: Human Evolution

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In this collection of classic MinuteEarth videos, we answer the question “why are you the way that you are?” And check out the Tree of Life Explorer!

0:00 – Intro

0:10 – Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

1:31 – Are We Really 99% Chimp?

4:26 – Why Are Snakes So Creepy?

6:12 – How Long Can We Live?

8:58 – Outro