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Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra Travel Guide | Uttarakhand Tourism

We spent one full month travelling in Uttarakhand, started the journey on 12th May from Haridwar and reached back Haridwar on 10th June.

This is a comprehensive video, containing the much needed information about Uttarakhand Char Dham yatra.

This video will help you plan Uttarakhand tour, Garhwal tour and char Dham Yatra.

Following are the details about Uttarakhand Tour:

We started our yatra from Yamunotri Dham, then went to Gangotri Dham, followed by Kedarnath Dham, Badrinath Dham and finally visited Shri Hemkunt Sahib and returned back to Haridwar.

During this yatra we also visited Panch kedar and some of the temples of Panch Badri.

There were many other places , like Mussoorie, Chopta, Auli, Budha Kedar and many other places.

If you want to learn about this yatra route and plan your own journey, i will suggest you to watch our series in order, that way you will not lose on continuity.

Biometric registration: Before starting your Dham yatra, you need to get the biometric registration. During the complete yatra route, no one checked our registration. Thinking loud on need of biometric registration.

My take on this is: If there is a natural disaster on the yatra route, you know it has happened in the past, Government will have details of people who were there on the yatra route during that time.

Though this information may not be accurate but atleast serves as an indicator.