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Do I Still Like Blogilates? – (MFF Day 105)

Do I Still Like Blogilates? – (MFF Day 105)

This concludes my exercise experiment! This week, I am trying to discover which form of exercise is my favorite, so I can maintain a lifelong habit with something I love to do! This is the scale: 1=I really hated this; 2=I did not like this; 3=I am neutral to this; 4=I liked this; 5=I really liked this!

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional, a coach, or certified in health/fitness in any way. Everything you see is from my own experience and research.

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Go All The Way ♥ Our Bohemian Soul Diary

Go All The Way ♥ Our Bohemian Soul Diary

Looking back our life was in a difficult place. To put it simply, we were lost. Not sure what exactly our purpose was together here on this planet. Doing jobs just so we can pay bills and get by. Afraid of speaking up, afraid of committing ourselves to something, refusing to listen to the voice deep down in our hearts whispering to us in the quiet moments.
These words came from our journey of soul searching, journaling, and feeling. Our thoughts put on paper to be spoken later aloud. They came from failing numerous times and getting back up to try again. From overcoming our fears to pursue something we both felt passionate about. And here we are now. Still growing, still learning, still falling on our face and getting back up… but isn’t that was life is all about? Experience? A moment? To grow and evolve?

We hope our life together and what we create via Boho Beautiful inspires you to never stop climbing the stairs. No matter how hard life can get, show up, be you, stand for what you believe in, and follow your heart. Create the life you love unappologically.

Juliana & Mark*

.go all the way.
nobody said it was going to be easy
but with each step forward i will find my way
to seek out the forgotten me
the passions that i left behind
my truth
my love
my light
there is no bette place to begin
because there is no better moment than this one right now
to let go
run away from the noise
speak from the heart
stand with a fist
be me with no apology
no regrets
no fears
the first step of any journey is the hardest one
but the road is unforgettable
just me
the universe
and one singular decision
to go all the way

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We went on an adventure with no purpose or destination, we just wanted to get on our motorbike and drive. So we did, and upon our journey we discovered a beautiful gem, a temple, a wonderful place that sang with peace, love, and silence. We were drawn to it, to climb it, to experience it, to be in it. So we did…
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My relationship with food | Natasha Noel

My relationship with food | Natasha Noel

My relationship with food

Well, it was always fucked up but it’s getting better now! I choose to be healthier. There are still and days but it’s gotten better. 
I would advice if you’re having a tough time with food I would urge you to seek professional help. It’ll be so much easier for you. You need the right people around you. 
You will heal. Allow yourself time to. 💙

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