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This is the trailer video about my week-long travel experience across beautiful terrains of Nagaland.
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Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. It’s home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes’ culture. Its capital city of Kohima suffered heavy fighting in World War II, commemorated by memorials at the Kohima War Cemetery. The Nagaland State Museum exhibits ancient weaponry, a ceremonial drum and other traditional Naga cultural artifacts.

My trip to Nagaland from December 4 to December 10, 2018 was organized by ChaloHoppo, a travel company that specializes in crafting authentic local experiences in Northeast India. During this trip, I stayed at Camp Yedikha in Jakhama village. ( ) and visited the villages of Dzuleke and Khonoma. This experience was raw and nothing like anything I have experienced before.”

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Dzukou Valley Nagaland | The Trash Problem in Indian Mountains | Ep3 | North East India Travel

Dzukou Valley Nagaland | The Trash Problem in Indian Mountains | Ep3 | North East India Travel

Dzukou Valley is a place that stretches across the border of Nagaland and Manipur in North East of India. It is a beautiful place unlike any that I’ve ever seen before. But much like any beautiful tourist destination, there’s a growing burden of plastic and trash that plagues the place. Burning of trash is a regular local practice currently in many of our Indian cities and towns because of a lack of trash disposal system. Wouldn’t it be better if we stopped creating trash, to begin with? This Episode aims to bring to light the plastic problem in India.

In some good News though, Dzukou Valley is now declared a plastic-free zone

WEB SERIES: Take Me To Nagaland
Here’s an ode to the beautiful state of Nagaland as we discover a little something about the culture, the tribes, the upcoming fashion designers, the pop culture and the FOOD (very important) of the North-East Indian state of Nagaland! Watch the full series here –

Watch the Making of Take Me To Nagaland:

Accompanying me on this journey is Larissa Dsa (Instagram: @Larissa_wlc), who has an impeccable style and spirit of adventure, and hence we will together discover the fashion and food secrets of Nagaland. Besides a perfect co-traveller, she is also a brilliant YouTuber and Photographer herself. You absolutely can’t miss her work! 🙂

A second perfect addition to this trip is Namrata Menon, a very talented videographer/cinematographer. She and her work for me were an instant love and I can’t recommend her enough for more video projects. Not only is she a talented girl, but also super fun to travel with.

Our trio survived a 15 day worth of madness and exciting travel adventure and I cannot wait to share the whole series with you. This and is very different from my other travel series thus far. Stay tuned and hope this Trailer excites you!

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