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Liposuction in Delhi

10 lies and truths about liposuction

Although today the internet offers us a lot of information (even too much) about surgical interventions, dissolving doubts is still essential to face insecurities before surgery and face them with peace of mind. The liposuction in Delhi is one of the most in demand interventions and possibly cosmetic surgery that can generate more doubts given the varied information circulating about it. Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi will try to dispel some of them.

1.Liposuction is used to lose weight.


It is not a method to lose weight, nor to treat obesity. Paradoxically, patients do not observe a weight change after the intervention equivalent to the volume that has been extracted. liposuction in Delhi is a method to modify volumes and shape creating more anatomical contours. The more localized the fat accumulation is, the better the result is obtained, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

2. Extracted fat accumulations are easily reproduced


Fatty accumulations such as those in cartridge belts have a very important genetic component. We can ENSURE that once modified cartridge belts will not reproduce again. Contrary to the accumulations of the abdomen we have been winning them, extracting them implies a commitment on the part of the patient to take care of their diet and physical activity so that they do not reproduce again. Liposuction in Panipat does not prevent us from gaining weight in the future, but the distribution of that gain will be distributed in another way, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

3. Liposuction in Panipat produces a rebound effect.


This technique does not produce a rebound effect. It will always be interesting for the patient to adopt healthy habits to maintain the results obtained, says the Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

4. Liposuction removes cellulite.


Liposuction in Karnal removes clumps of fat. It does not modify cellulite although it can indirectly modify it by eliminating underlying fat. Liposuction is NOT a treatment method for cellulite, clarifies the Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

5. Laser and ultrasonic liposuction are better than classic liposuction.


NO new technology has so far proven to be superior to classical liposuction in terms of results, instead they have brought new complications that it does not have. Most of these technologies actually require the complementary use of classic liposuction to achieve satisfactory results, explains the Best Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

6. The results are not immediate.


Depending on the volume extracted and how localized the fat was, there is a certain result that can be immediate but it will not be until three months that we will be able to judge them with the assurance of having already gone through 80-90 percent of the entire process. Most patients begin to feel satisfied one month after the intervention, says the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

If you are thinking of undergoing Liposuction in Panipat to show off the results this summer, keep these deadlines in mind and get going!

7. The skin will be flabby.


If the patient maintains elastic skin, it will re-adapt to the new shape without any problem. The surgeon must evaluate the quality of the skin to set a limit to the amount that can be extracted without significant impact on the skin, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

8. Liposuction is a simple and safe method.


Within cosmetic surgery techniques, Liposuction in Karnal is a simple and safe body contour modification method. Hence its popularity. However, like any surgical technique, it is not free of complications or side effects, most of them in relation to your previous state of health and that you should evaluate with your Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

9. Liposuction is performed in most cases with local anesthesia.


In very localized and small-volume cases, it can be performed safely under local anesthesia. However, if we take into account that the objective of liposuction is to obtain harmony, in most cases it is necessary to work on several anatomical regions. In the pre-anesthetic consultation, the patient has the opportunity to discuss with the anesthesiologist the most appropriate anesthetic technique for their case, says the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

10. This is a technique for women only.


More and more men are also undergoing liposuction in Delhi, either to modify accumulations that do not respond to diet or exercise or to modify accumulations in the breasts known as gynecomastia.

Although this is a simple and safe technique, safety should never be underestimated, and it should always be performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon in Delhi and in a hospital environment that ensures the conditions for a satisfactory result. It is important to bear in mind that it is a technique that requires great sensitivity and aesthetic sense on the part of the surgeon who performs it. It is your experience rather than the technology that will determine a good result.

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Dissatisfied with the shape of your belly?

Information on abdominal plastic surgery (abdominoplasty):

Changes in the abdominal wall are most often caused by obesity, weight loss after obesity, permanent changes left after pregnancy, and surgical interventions. Excessively formed skin and excess fat on the abdomen can cause not only aesthetic but also functional complaints, spinal disorders, skin diseases in contiguous skin areas, and psyches disorders.

Abdominoplasty in Delhi involves surgery on the abdomen to remove or repair lesions on the skin, adipose tissue, and abdominal wall. A tummy tuck incision curved line connecting the two hip thorns, it travels in a furrow in the groove above the pubic mound. Sagging, sometimes stretchy skin is removed along with the subcutaneous adipose tissue. If dilation, abdominal wall, or umbilical hernia is observed between the rectus abdominal muscles, it is treated. The umbilicus is then fixed according to its original location. The wound is closed in several layers with a plastic suture. At the end of the tummy tuck in Delhi, a compression bandage or corset is placed.

Who do we recommend abdominal plastic surgery for?

Abdominoplasty in Panipat is the most ideal solution if your dissatisfaction with the shape of your abdomen causes you mental disorders!

Things to do after plastic surgery on the abdomen

It is absolutely necessary to wear a compression bandage or corset after tummy tuck in Panipat for 4-6 weeks. In the uncomplicated case, the wound healing is 2 weeks. After the observation period after the operation, the patient is returned with an attendant. It is up to the patient to organize the home care and follow the instructions. Later, the patient is checked regularly, sutures are taken, and further instructions are given by the best plastic surgeon in Panipat.

Possible complications after abdominal plastic surgery

The complication of any abdominal plastic surgery cannot be guaranteed by any plastic surgeon in Delhi. Complications of medical intervention: thrombosis, embolism, post-bleeding, inflammation, however – thanks to the development of medicine – they are becoming less common and can be treated if they occur. To prevent complications, low molecular weight heparin derivatives are used, which the patient must continue at home.

Complications include whey formation, weakness due to blood loss during surgery, somnolence, wound infection, and sensory disturbances due to superficial skin nerve damage. A late complication may be a hypertrophic or keloid scar.

The day after the abdominal plastic surgery, the patient can get up, at which point a dressing change or removal of the drains is performed. The load is gradually regained, usually within 2 weeks, and wearing an elastic abdominal bandage is necessary for 4-6 weeks to promote adhesion.

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Liposuction in Delhi

Liposuction: why resort to surgical remodelling

Liposuction, body contouring surgery, is not an easy way to lose weight.

Liposuction in East Delhi is a surgical intervention that can only be achieved if the diet and a healthy lifestyle do not have the desired effects on localized adiposity.

If the surgery is performed by the expert hands of a professional Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi, the figure will appear more balanced and toned.

Liposuction: who can do it?

With liposuction the body is remodelled by eliminating fat deposits in critical areas such as:

  • Abdomen.
  • Arms.
  • Back.
  • Hips.
  • Buttocks.

Can everyone have liposuction?

It would be nice to answer yes, but not everyone can actually undergo liposuction, and a good Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi is not afraid to say no to his patient.

The reason is very simple.

Since liposuction, also known as liposculpture, actually “empties” areas of the body from accumulated fat, it is very important that the containment tissue, that is the skin and all the scaffolding that supports it, is reactive.

By this we mean that the skin must then have the natural ability to readjust to the new shape of the body.

This can only happen if the skin has a natural good elasticity and the surgeon’s evaluation, in this case more than ever, is essential.

This evaluation also affects the decision on the amount of fat to be removed.

The liposuction in Delhi, for the above reasons, it is therefore not the appropriate tool in case of obesity, it is the perfect tool for those who show unsightly protrusions at precise locations.

Liposuction: the ideal patient

The liposuction in Panipat requires a healthy and balanced enough state of health, which presupposes that the ideal candidate is a person who does not suffer strong variations in weight, has a rather active life and leads a balanced overall lifestyle.

This means that once the contours of the figure have been redefined it is very important to keep physically active so that, especially if you are prone to the accumulation of fat, these accumulations are averted, suggests the best plastic surgeon in Panipat.

The liposuction surgery: the preparations

The liposuction in Panipat is a surgical procedure in effect, for this is essential to a preparatory phase to follow, on the advice of the professional who will run it, exactly.

At the ritual tests such as electrocardiogram, blood and urine tests, the surgeon may request further specific tests.

In the weeks preceding the surgery it is undoubtedly imperative to avoid the use of some medicines that can compromise the success of the surgery and observe a very balanced lifestyle.

As far as smoking is concerned, abstention should be started a couple of months before the operation, since nicotine interfering with circulation could compromise tissue elasticity.

The plastic surgeon in Panipat may prescribe the intake of an antibiotic in the days preceding the surgery to prevent and protect against any infections.

The liposuction surgery: the execution

The liposuction surgery, depending on the areas to be treated, can last from 1 to 4 hours and is performed under general or local anesthesia.

Before performing the intervention, the team draws lines on the areas to be treated to precisely mark the points in which to intervene and the areas in which to aspirate excess adiposity.

The aspiration of the fat is carried out with a thin cannula and the material taken is continuously observed so that it is always ” pure “.

At the end of the operation, the plastic surgeon in Panipat, to facilitate drainage, can insert a drainage tube for the next 24 hours.

The patient is discharged, in case of general anesthesia, after one night of observation, while in case of local anesthesia after a few hours.

It is very important, upon discharge, to walk immediately to avoid the formation of blood clots.

Pain, numbness, bruises, burning are all effects that can occur in the days following the surgery, but which vanish in about ten days.

When will the final result be visible?

The result of the operation can begin to be appreciated already after 2 weeks from the operation, but only after two months the postoperative swelling disappears completely, making the perfectly shaped and harmonious body visible.

The result of the intervention is long-lasting, but as long as you take care of your body, as we have already mentioned, living actively and with a general balanced lifestyle, says the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

You have to take care of your body and your well-being at 360 degrees, especially after the sacrifice of the intervention.

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Back Pain

Breast Reduction is an Effective Solution for Gigantomastia

Pain in the back, neck and shoulders are common in those who have breasts that are too large, which are exacerbated if the size of the bust reaches the degree of gigantomastia. This discomfort is the reason many of my patients visit the best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat in search of an improvement or reduction in the measurements of their breasts; Plastic Surgeon in Panipat have helped them with their health problem and their appearance thanks to the performance of a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction

Or reduction mammoplasty, as it is also known, is a surgical intervention through which fat, breast tissue and excess skin are removed from the breasts, in order to reduce their size and increase their firmness. In the same procedure, it is also possible to reduce the dimensions of the areola, in order to improve the aesthetic appearance of this anatomical region so important for women, states the Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

Breast Reduction and Gigantomastia

The normal weight of a breast is between 250 and 400 g. When this exceeds the upper limit, it is said that there is breast hypertrophy or excessive development of the breasts, which occurs after puberty, pregnancy or as a result of the passage of time. Gigantomastia occurs when the breast weighs 1000 g or more; it is then that it begins to bother the patient and causes her specific pains.

Candidates for a Breast Reduction

If your breasts are very large and break with the harmony of your body appearance and, in addition, this condition causes you body pain, then you are a good candidate for breast reduction. It is recommended that you wait until the development of the breast tissue is complete, this occurs at approximately 18 years of age, although in special situations Plastic Surgeon in Panipat can perform the procedure at an earlier age, provided you have the consent of your parents. It is also ideal not to be pregnant or breastfeeding your child when planning plastic and reconstructive surgery for your breasts.

Duration of the Aesthetic Procedure

According to the experience as a plastic surgeon in Panipat, the duration of the breast reduction or gigantomastia operation ranges from 2 to 4 hours; this time depends on the size or reconstruction that the patient must perform to reach the appropriate breast size.

After Plastic Surgery

After the Breast Reduction Surgery in Panipat, keep in mind:

  • Keep rest for the first three days.
  • Wear a postoperative bra for the first month, in order to give your breasts adequate support.
  • The sutures will be removed after two weeks.
  • In the days after the intervention, it is common to have ecchymoses (bruises) and a little swelling.
  • You usually have a temporary loss of sensation in the area; you will get it back around the third month.
  • Do not take blood thinners, such as aspirin or other medications that contain aspirin, before or after breast reduction.
  • Avoid as much as possible lifting your arms or making sudden movements that put your recovery at risk.
  • Take medications exactly to avoid breast discomfort.

For an optimal recovery process, you need to stop doing physical exercises or any sport, lifting heavy objects, and doing pushing or pulling movements for the first six weeks. In the same way, you must follow all the other instructions that the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat gives you before leaving the hospital.

Breast Reduction and its End Results

The results of the Breast Reduction Surgery in Panipat are seen immediately, however, 70% of the inflammation disappears after two months. The final result, in which the definitive size and shape of the breasts is observed, becomes visible after the sixth month after the plastic and reconstructive surgery, says the Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

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Breast Lift Surgery

Frequent Doubts About Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy

Over the years, the female breast tends to descend due to the natural aging process of the tissues that support it. Other factors such as pregnancy, weight changes or loss of elasticity of the skin favour this decrease in the position of the breast. We know for good fact that many women have frequent doubts about breast lift surgery or mastopexy. In this post the best plastic surgeon in Panipat will answer the questions that are usually transmitted to us in consultation when considering this intervention.

Breast lift or mastopexy: frequent doubts

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy manages to reposition the breast tissue and eliminate excess skin, thus improving the shape and projection of the breast. It is an intervention with very satisfactory results for our patients, which, however, is not without doubts. Here are some of them.

Am I too young to have a mastopexy?

The age of the patient is not a determining factor for undergoing a breast augmentation in Panipat, but the degree of breast ptosis or descent of the areola that she presents. This circumstance can occur early in young patients, due to the lack of elasticity of the tissues. With this surgery it is possible to return the breast to a suitable position for each patient, giving it a rejuvenated and natural appearance, says the plastic surgeon in Panipat.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the areolas with this surgery?

The goals of a mastopexy are to elevate the position of the areola, reposition the breast tissue, and remove excess skin. It also allows to reduce the size of the areolas when they are larger than desired.

Is it necessary to place implants?

One of the main issues raised by this surgery is the need or not to increase the volume of the breast through the placement of implants. Often the indicated treatment consists only of repositioning the patient’s breast tissues (auto prosthesis). In other cases, to regain volume and achieve a proportionate aesthetic result, a breast augmentation in Panipat using implants is associated. It is a decision that is made jointly, according to the experience of the surgeon and the desire of the patient.

Will my chest size change?

After a mastopexy without implants, the volume of the breast does not change, so you will continue to wear your usual bra size.

What will the scars be like?

The length of the scars varies, depending on the case. Usually, one is located around the areola, and another, between the areola and the breast groove. Sometimes it is necessary to resect skin in the area of ​​the sub mammary groove to achieve the desired result. At 8-12 weeks is when they can be most noticeable, such as a reddened line. From that moment they fade until they become practically imperceptible, explains the plastic surgeon in Panipat.

When can you see the end result?

Although the changes are already evident from the first moment, it is considered that the final result of a mastopexy is not appreciated until after a period of between 8 months and a year.

Are the results final?

After a mastopexy, the areola will permanently maintain its position, so it must be precisely located. Other changes in the shape of the breast depend in part on the quality of the patient’s skin, subsequent pregnancies, or variations in weight. Although these changes occur, the degree of satisfaction remains very high regardless of the time elapsed, says the plastic surgeon in Delhi.

If you still have questions about breast lift surgery or mastopexy, do not hesitate to contact the best plastic surgeon in Panipat. We can help you.

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gynecomastia surgery in Delhi


The gynecomastia is a condition that causes excessive development of breast tissue in man. It has a high incidence in the male population, which can cause deterioration in the quality of life and serious psychological problems.

The mammary glandular tissue in men is scarce and does not exert any type of function, as in the case of women. In some men, the gland becomes larger due to an imbalance in the levels of androgens and estrogens (when there is a decrease in the first and an increase in the second) and as a consequence there is a bulging of the breast.


The increase in adipose tissue in the male chest is not symmetrical and can affect one or both breasts. It can appear in new-borns, in adolescence (it is a very common disorder at this stage of life, in most cases it is temporary) and in older men it appears when the body reduces the production of testosterone. Among the most common causes:

Iatrogenic: When a hormonal alteration (negative balance between the testosterone / estrogen ratio) occurs due to the consumption of certain medications. In these cases, it disappears when the pharmacological treatment is finished.

Pathological: Its origin is related to a disease that causes a hormonal disorder: Testicular, adrenal, pituitary or lung tumors, kidney diseases, thyroid, cirrhosis, testicular insufficiencies and Klinefelter syndrome. It should be borne in mind that in most cases we are faced with iatrogenic gynecomastias.

Anabolic: The consumption of steroids can cause the growth of the male breast.

Adipomastia: An overgrowth of adipose tissue. It appears due to excess fat in the body. In these cases, a balanced diet and sport are recommended (Specific exercises to strengthen and tone the chest). However, when it comes to non-diffuse and localized fat clumping, diet and physical activity are not always enough, so it can be corrected with a plastic surgery technique.


Through gynecomastia surgery in Panipat, the glandular tissue of the breasts is removed, and excess fat and skin is removed by the plastic surgeon in Panipat. The technique used varies depending on the needs of each patient. It is an outpatient process, that is, it is not necessary to spend the night in the hospital. In very specific cases, a hospital stay (1 night) may be necessary. The male breast reduction surgery in Panipat lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.

The gynecomastia is a very simple and painless surgery. The incision for the intervention is made through the areola, in the shape of a half moon. The gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is similar to that performed as a woman’s augmentation. In the case of men, fat is removed, and the glandular tissue of the breasts. Sometimes it is accompanied with a small liposuction of the affected area to generate a more marked breast.


One week after the intervention, you can return to daily life if you do not perform activities that require strength work. To practice sports, you will have to wait at least a month.

The scars: Only a few stitches are made to place the cannula when liposuction is performed and in case of glandular extraction, the lower periareolar scar. In a few months the scars are invisible.

The dermis recovers very well with the help of a compression girdle (It is worn during the first month). The volume of skin that is removed is not so great that the skin becomes saggy. The definitive result is noticeable one month after the surgical intervention, although in some cases, it takes a little longer.

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buttock augmentation

Buttock Augmentation: Technical and Postoperative

Over time, the buttocks undergo transformations: sagging, loss of volume, the appearance of “dimples” or an unsightly distribution of fat. To correct these imperfections and give volume to the buttocks effectively, you have to resort to plastic surgery. Dr Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Delhi, use the most innovative buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

Buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

To carry out the buttock augmentation, Dr Singla performs a liposuction tailored to the silhouette, called lipofilling. A job with which excess body fat is extracted from the back, the love handles, the flanks, the holsters or the abdomen and is transferred to the gluteal area that needs to modify the volume or contour. At present, this technique is also used to restore the quality of some damaged tissues, since this adipose structure is a rich source of stem cells, with important repairing and regenerative effects on the transferred area. This is very useful for those who have scars or who have undergone radiation therapy.

Advantages of buttock augmentation with the fat of the patient:

With the buttock augmentation technique that plastic surgeon in Panipat uses, also called a Brazilian lift, excellent and immediate results are achieved. In addition, it has the following complementary advantages:

  • Scarring is minimal because fine suction cannulas are used.
  • The fatty grafts are gradually deposited in the recipient area until the desired volume is obtained.
  • There is no risk of rejection of prostheses because they are not used.

Buttock augmentation technique step by step.

Buttock augmentation with the patient’s own fat is a liposculpture that is tailored to the silhouette of the person, so it requires a prior study of the figure of each individual. Only in this way is it known where the filling should be done to round and improve the appearance of the buttocks. In addition, before the buttock augmentation operation, an in-depth medical examination of the patient’s state of health is carried out, verifying that their health allows the intervention in complete safety.

During the buttock augmentation procedure, the following steps are followed:

  1. The patient is prepared by providing general anaesthesia, as the procedure is a meticulous and time-consuming process, and this option offers greater safety for all.
  2. Excess body fat is removed from the back, love handles, holsters or abdomen of the person undergoing the intervention.
  3. The extracted fat is centrifuged, purified, and prepared, leaving it ready for transfer.
  4. The fat itself is transferred to the buttocks by means of an injection with microcannulas in strategic points of the same, thus achieving volume and relief in this area of ​​the body.
  5. Dressings are placed on the transferred area that the patient must maintain until the next cure, usually about a week.
  6. A postoperative garment is placed on the areas that were used to remove the fat.

Smokers must give up the habit several weeks before the intervention and prolong it to promote healing.

You should not smoke before, during, or after buttock augmentation, as tobacco hinders oxygenation and the arrival of nutrients to the skin in the operated area, slowing down tissue regeneration and, therefore, healing.

Buttock augmentation: Hospital and medical team.

Best plastic surgeon in Panipat wants maximum safety and quality for his patients. For this reason, it has a professional medical team and the guarantee of operating in one of the most advanced and prestigious hospitals in Delhi, Panipat & Karnal. The hospital has innovative technology, comprehensive health care and exquisite patient care.

Buttock augmentation with natural aesthetic results.

The end result is an increase in volume and a lifting effect of the gluteal area, as well as the appearance of a sculpted and fat-free figure.

Keep in mind that the scars that a buttock augmentation with body fat leaves on the person’s body are minimal. This is because the size of the incisions is too small.

The results of this type of intervention are visible one month after the intervention. A minimum time to show off a splendid figure.

Postoperative and recovery of buttock augmentation.

The postoperative period and the recovery from a gluteal augmentation procedure is simple. In addition, just 24 hours after being operated on, the patient can return home without major problem as long as he follows the advice of best plastic surgeon in Karnal.

General Postoperative Recommendations

For the postoperative period and the recovery of the person who has undergone a buttock augmentation operation to be satisfactory, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • A postoperative garment must be worn for a month after the intervention.
  • Keep the dressings until the next cure, generally one week after the intervention.
  • Follow the instructions on antibiotic treatment and medication to be taken to avoid postoperative discomfort.
  • Go to the appointment for the next cure in consultation.


The results of this type of intervention are quickly visible. In fact, they can be seen a month after the intervention. After this time, we can show off a splendid, natural, and proportionate figure in any situation.

Since the discomfort is minimal, 24 hours after the surgery, we can begin to move with increasing difficulty.

It is important to avoid support in the area where the fat has been grafted as it could be reabsorbed more than usual if the area is under pressure.

Two weeks after the surgery, you can return to work and, after a month, lead a normal life, including sports activities.

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