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Wrist Pain During Yoga & Workouts | HOW TO DEAL WITH IT

Wrist pain during yoga and mat based fitness is a common problem.
We get so many questions asking how to deal with wrist pain, how to cure it, and how to manage it so we created this wrist pain tutorial video for anyone that is looking for an answer.

Why do my wrists hurt during yoga? How do I strengthen the wrists? What can I do when my wrists become weak and begin to hurt during yoga? How do I hold my planks without wrist pain?

A lot of the time people experience wrist pain in planks, downward dogs, chaturangas, or just generally when bearing a lot of body weight on their hands. There are ways to cope with this wrist pain by using different wrist strengthening exercises, and wrists stretching movements and postures.

Try to include these different wrist pain solutions before or after your yoga practice and/or workouts. With time and patience the pain will get less as the body gets stronger.

We took 10 minutes on set of our new program Boho Beautiful Retreat ( and answered some of your questions and concerns about everything to do with wrist pain and how to manage it.

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