Tawang to Sangster Lake | Madhuri Lake Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Being home to the Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is home to many beautiful lakes but none as beautiful and enrapturing as the Sangetsar Lake or the Madhuri Lake.
This type of beauty is available in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland?

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One of the remotest lakes of the country and perhaps of the world as well,

Sangetsar or Madhuri Lake is a breathtaking combination of rocky mountains and an ever-present lake whose beauty is beyond spellbinding.

The lake was made popular due to its appearance in the Bollywood movie Koyla and is also known as Madhuri Lake named after the lead actress in the movie.

The Madhuri Lake located at an altitude of 12000 ft above sea level

It is just 30 km away north-east of Tawang,

Madhuri Lake is a bounty of nature which amazes you, dazzles you and rejuvenates your soul.

Best time to visit Madhuri Lake
The best months to visit Madhuri lake or the Sangetsar Lake are October, November, March, April and May as the cold at this time.

The weather still remains pretty cold and will require you to wear as much warm clothing as possible.

The lake also looks pristine and beautiful at this time as it is not frozen.

How to Reach Madhuri Lake
Air: The nearest airport is at Guwahati which is 480 km from Tawang and is well-connected to all major cities of the country. One can hire a car or catch a bus till Tezpur for further journey till Tawang. Alternatively, helicopter services are available from Guwahati till Tawang daily at the cost INR 400 for adults and INR 2500 for children.

Rail: The nearest railhead is at Tezpur. Tezpur is well connected to Tawang and Bomdila by road and one can hail a Tata Suma or a bus till Tawang.

Road: Tawang is well connected to all major cities of the North-East by ASPRTC buses and some more private buses. Traveling by a rented car should be preferable due to comfort and convenience in travelling to other locations. From Tawang, one can go to Sangetsar Lake which is 30 km away and can take around 4-5 hours depending on weather and road conditions by a hired cab.

Where to Stay
Tawang, which is 30 km away from the Sangetsar Lake, is the best place to stay as it has many accommodation options suiting all budget sizes.

Shopping in Madhuri Lake
Shop for tribal handicrafts in the markets of Tawang.

The Madhuri Lake Experience
Arunachal Pradesh is a largely Buddhist state. Being here you can experience the amazing Buddhist culture and values.

Madhuri Lake’s Nightlife
Tawang has one or two bars which offer good entertainment value with great food.

Madhuri Lake’s Cuisine
Try out some of these Arunachali cosine: Dung Po, Kholam, Wungwut Ngam, Momos, Roasted Pork and Pasa.

Best Restaurants Nearby
The Dragon, Orange Bar & Restaurant and CafÕ© Nirvana in Tawang City.

Take a day trip to the Madhuri lake from the town of Tawang.

Did you know?
One of the songs from the movie Koyla starring Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan was shot here.

1. Adjustment to high-altitude is required, so make sure you have adjusted well before visiting the lake.
2. Carry warm jackets to protect yourself from the bone-chilling cold.
3. Only Indian nationals are allowed to visit the lake. A permit is required for visiting which can be acquired from the Office of Deputy Commissioner in Tawang. The permit should also be stamped in the Indian Army Cantonment of the town. It is essential to get the army stamp as you otherwise you won’t be allowed to pass the check posts on the way.
4. There is an army cafeteria near the lake where the tourists can gorge on delectable Maggi, momos, tea/coffee and some other snacks which taste extra scrumptious in the mountains.

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