The Event Horizon: What If You Fell Into A Black Hole?

My name is Claude, and I’m a gas cloud. I spent a big part of my life orbiting around what humans call a “black hole event horizon”.
A black hole is a well known and respectable object in our Universe, and we – the gas clouds, orbit around him all life long. 
We, the gas clouds, don’t know exactly why we are here and what’s next.
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One day they are telling jokes and dancing with us, orbiting around the black hole, the other they take a dangerous step in a dangerous direction….the process starts…
Anyway, we don’t know much about it, because once the stretching – or spaghettification – process (as humans call it) takes place, our cloud friends can no more communicate with us.
They just…slowly fade away.
During my journey around the black hole, I’ve seen many of them going and never coming back, and they didn’t even say goodbye, because they couldn’t.
But I remember that sometimes before they got swallowed by the black hole, some of them said to me that they felt like…an attraction to the centre of it.
And now I feel it too.
That’s why I decided to write this letter to you: I want you to continue studying what the hel is going on here and why gas clouds disappear. 
I think everybody is here for a purpose and maybe ours is to fade away, plunging in the black hole to bring new knowledge to you.
We are sure you won’t disappoint us.

This is what a cloud orbiting just next to the event horizon of a black hole would write if it could send a letter to humans.
How do I know that?
Follow me on this video to get to know more about what happens at the EVENT HORIZON of a Black Hole!
The event horizon is a part of a black hole.
In plain language, it could be described as a point of no return.
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