Tips for maintaining a healthy sex life for the elderly.

Tips for maintaining a healthy sex life for the elderly.

Tips for maintaining a healthy sex life for the elderly.

Several people begin to experience worries and doubts about their sex life as they get older. This can be attributed to different changes in the body, medical conditions, emotional issues, reduced sex drive, or physical appearance.

Another thing that happens with the elderly is the fear of being judged by their family and society if they discuss sexual matters with their partners or people around them. 

While sex may be a little different as you become older, making small adjustments to your sex life can help bring back intimacy in your life. To make these changes, you need to understand changes within your body affecting your sexual urge and address them effectively.

Read through this post as we discuss the factors that could affect your libido as you age and practical tips to help you get a healthy sex life in your old age.

Understanding how sexuality change as you age.

Sexuality and intimacy are significant aspects of human existence at any age. According to different studies around sexuality and old age, 65% of people between 65 to 80 years are still interested in having sex.

While most of the elders would want to maintain being sexually active, the natural process of aging may pose some difficulties on their ability to get sexual satisfaction. In this regard, older people should learn how to control the changes in their bodies to fulfill their sexual desires.

Below are various changes in both men and women they need to know:

Changes in men.

Usually, men maintain some sexual interest and functions until the age of 70; however, this may come with some complications. As they get older, their testosterone level begins reducing gradually. 

This decrease in testosterone decline can result in different physiological changes, including:

  • Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection.
  • Less semen ejaculation.
  • Shorter orgasms.
  • Longer time for getting another erection.

Common changes in aging women.

Generally, for women, these changes start to occur during perimenopause and post-menopause stages. This is attributed to the decrease in estrogen hormone- a female hormone responsible for reproductive and sexual activities.

In women, this decline in estrogen hormone can lead to the following physical changes in the body:

  • Reduced sexual urge.
  • Dry vagina.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Mood swings.
  • Painful feeling when having sex due to vaginal atrophy.
  • Problem reaching orgasms after sexual arousal or anorgasmia. 

Tips for maintaining a healthy sex life as you age.

Sexual desires do not fade as you become older, but you experience intimacy differently. It cannot feel the same as you were in your 20s, but it can still be satisfying.

Intimacy can provide a fulfilling experience to your relationship and help create a healthy bond between you and your partner. Also, it can enable view your new life in an exciting and positive way- a time to experiment with new things that you never had before.

Check out the tips below for fulfilling and satisfying sex life in old age.

  • Communicate clearly with your partner. Discussing your sexual desires, boundaries, and any other serious issues around your sexual life can help cultivate a healthy sex life between you and your partner.
  • Get a broad perspective of sex. As people become old, it is important to get in terms with their new physical, emotional and sexual abilities. Fortunately, there are many ways you can become intimate with your partner besides sex. Touching, kissing, and cuddling are a fulfilling part of a relationship too.
  • Practice safe sex. Being old comes with many chronic and lifestyle diseases such as heart complications and high blood pressure. If you add to sexually transmitted infections, you increase the chances of living a complicated life. In this regard, it is advisable to take care of your sexual health as an elderly. Encourage regular STD testing as well to give you peace of mind.
  • Observe healthy habits. Taking care of your general well-being can boost your sexual health and performance at an older age. Avoid too much alcohol, exercise regularly, eat healthy diets, etc., to increase your libido and maintain your body strength.
  • Reach out to a sex therapist or your primary health service provider. Sex therapists are trained professionals in helping couples attain sexual gratification. They can help you and your partner discuss your sexual needs and desire more effectively. On the other hand, doctors can help identify hidden underlying issues preventing you from being sexually active and resolve them appropriately.


It is true that the changes that come with old age can make you enjoy sex differently, but it does not imply that you give up on sex completely.  Having open communication with your partner, maintaining a healthy life, consulting a sex therapist, and expanding your definition of sex are among ways you can get your sex life back as an elderly.

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