“We men …” (in the wake of sexual problems)

sexual problems

“We men …” (in the wake of sexual problems)

sexual problems

Guys with sexual problems …? Many don’t talk about it, but their lives are bitter with their sexual problems – what are most men struggling with?

As soon as you start having sex, a young person may realize that something is “not real” – and if you don’t know the reason, you will feel more and more unhappy in bed. It is worthwhile to become aware of sexual problems and their causes as soon as possible so that the situation can be improved.

Let’s start with perhaps the “simplest” – although those who suffer from it can’t be called it in the slightest.

For most men, a form of performance is a sexual experience that is often compared to that of others. It’s enough if they don’t have enough experience and think they don’t meet the expectation that is considered normal.

If there is no desire anymore …

All of this results in anxiety in men, and even if they feel unsuccessful in bed, a straight path leads to them having no erection, no desire. It’s not impotence, it’s just that the man can’t get over the experience of failure. If there is no desire for a partner, it does not mean that it never was. The man may have lived a normal sex life before, but because of frustration and failure, he no longer feels he should have sex.

However, disorder of desire cannot be the only consequence of this. They can be caused by hormonal disorders and other diseases – diabetes, kidney disease, or various viruses. It also affects men if there are problems in family life, in the workplace. She is less and less able to tolerate stress, and that also affects sex.

As well as having a real relationship with your partner. In many cases, it is the woman who may be unknowingly, but hurt her partner — if she remarks about her sexual performance, especially — that her libido is also reduced. It is common for a woman to be reluctant to initiate sex because of her behavior. A typical case is passivity in bed, which is very depressing for a man. If this condition becomes permanent, sooner or later erectile dysfunction may also occur.

Sexual desire and interest could be blocked even if the man encountered strict, asexual parenting influences as a child, and the prohibitions were embedded in his personality, or his family did not show love, sex, nudity was taboo. A sexologist in Delhi, India can help you the most.

Erectile dysfunction

One of the most common problems. As mentioned above, mental problems can be the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. In addition to problems at work and within the family, it plays a prominent role when a man really wants to meet his partner in bed and the thing just doesn’t come together. In many cases, the woman’s hurtful remarks, demeaning, contemptuous behavior can make an erectile dysfunction.

So mental and nervous reactions also play a role in a man’s erection being reduced to such an extent that it is difficult or impossible for him to lead the penis into the vagina. And the disorder caused by the mental problem is exacerbated by the failure, as the inability to maintain an erection creates a serious lack of self-confidence in the man. He is ashamed of himself and becomes unhappy.

In rare cases, diseases cause the erectile problem. Especially those that affect the blood vessels. Vasoconstriction, diabetes, is at the forefront of this. If someone smokes heavily, the blood vessels dilate less, which can also cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive alcohol consumption as well. People with high blood pressure can also have a problem, so it is necessary to treat the problem in time, as in diabetics.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by the side effects of various medications. You may want to look into this because, for example, taking sedatives and medications for depression, diuretics, and antihypertensives may also play a role in the absence of a normal erection. Sometimes the disorder is caused by problems with the genitals and prostate – it can also be some kind of inflammation, foreskin narrowing, hormonal disorders.

If there is a type of foreskin stenosis, or an adhesion outside of the foreskin stenosis, the shortness of the bridle that connects the skin to the penis trunk is a problem, this is resolved in urology with a simple surgery. In boys, it is worth paying attention to how the genitals develop from infancy, because if the testicles do not descend into the scrotum in time, it can cause infertility. Too late treatment or correction often no longer helps. So it is important to find out the reasons as soon as possible so that the best sexologist in Delhi, India can remedy the problem.

The balance of the relationship

If there are no organ problems, no medications, and no disease is causing the problem, it is worth thinking about whether we are in a relationship that has a good effect on us. If the partner walks into the man’s soul more than necessary and receives negative but not negative feedback in the sexual field, the problem is over.

If, despite your efforts, your mental problems, whether relationship problems or other stressors, are not resolved, you may want to see a top sexologist in Delhi, India. Conversations can shed light on the real cause of erectile dysfunction, making it easier to treat. In some cases, medication may be needed. Your sexologist doctor in Delhi, India may prescribe a vasodilator to improve your erection. The patient may receive hormone replacement therapy or medication for hormone disorder or deficiency.

Premature ejaculation, the “killer” of a woman’s gratification

Many problems are related to the premature ejaculation of a man – either the semen is ejaculated before intercourse, or immediately after intercourse begins, or it only takes 1-2 minutes. However, this time is not enough for the woman to be satisfied and there is already a problem between the partners, especially if it becomes regular.

Premature ejaculation can also cause inflammatory problems, but most often there is a problem with brain regulation, which is also affected by mental and hormonal effects: you need to learn to control ejaculation to some degree. It is important that during masturbation as a teenager, conscious regulation of ejaculation develops, because then the man can delay it later. Sometimes the young man was in a hurry with his complacencies at a young age because the circumstances were not calm, he kept them secret, he had guilt. Early ejaculation within 2-3 minutes was recorded.

So delay is learnable and just a matter of practice. If this method does not produce the expected results, a visit to the sex specialist in Delhi, India may also provide an answer to what the problem might be. Circumcision can also help prevent premature ejaculation and is also hygienically beneficial.