trigger in sex

What is a Trigger in Sex

trigger in sex

Dr. P K Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi, sees in consultation and in the talks that he explains how the idea of ​​a possible “trigger” as discussed in the street or a specific erection difficulty as we know it in Sexology continues to worry men.

This can happen at any time, sometimes for no apparent reason, usually generates tremendous anguish among men because it seems that all organs can fail us at some point except the penis, which must always be effective and respond to the wishes of the person.

The penis, like all organs, needs many conditions to function normally. This that everyone understands for a hand, for example, we do not apply it to the genitals and we think that the penis is a machine that has to work whenever one wants and here is one of the big mistakes.

I can force my hand to do what I want if I’m healthy, but can you lift your penis right now without touching it and without fantasizing? We cannot control the penis, such as the hairs on the arm, because they depend on a System that we call Vegetative and that is autonomous, that is, it only acts under certain conditions, but outside the voluntary control that I do have over my muscles.

To make matters worse, there is an uncontrollable situation and that is that, if I am worried about looking good, or because of fear of failing, my anxiety is going to trigger, it is managed by the Sympathetic System that in turn triggers a substance in a fear situation the Rho-kinase, which hides the penis, explains sexologist in Delhi.

What is the use of hiding the penis?

Can you imagine running away in front of a lion with an erection? When have you been erect before an exam? Or imagine that you receive bad news in the middle of a relationship, how is your penis going to stay?

If when you are going to have a relationship you are afraid of not looking good, or you have drunk more than necessary, or you are simply worried about satisfying your partner and this overwhelms you, you are ensuring a difficulty to maintain or achieve your erection.

The usual thing about a case of these is that as a result of what happens to us once, by chance or some other factor, the next time we try to maintain a relationship we will be more aware of our penis than of having fun in the relationship and this will generate a new activation of that Sympathetic System and this hides our penis.

This is how people of all ages come to the sexologist clinic in Delhi who, after one of these “unimportant” triggers, generate anguish that makes them withdraw from relationships, some lose their desire or start very young to take pills to “fix” something that is NOT spoiled. Many come soon after an episode of these and others take years with what they suffer a very important impairment in their sexual life and by the time they come to the consultation with sex specialist in Delhi they already bring many mental complications, couple or have worsened with some other dysfunction.

If something like this happens to you, do not think about it and go to a sexologist doctor in Delhi as soon as possible, do not self-medicate and do not fear, your secret will be safe with a professional who is bound by Law to Professional Secrecy.