What Is A White Hole?

What Is A White Hole? The universe is definitely filled with a lot of strange objects, but what if the strangest and most mysterious object that we know has another level of strangeness we haven’t come across yet? Find out what it is in today’s episode!

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We have explained white holes.
When I was young, I came across Bertrand Russell’s floating teapot in the solar system, you know, the one that you can and can’t say doesn’t exist? Back at that time, I certainly thought “Wow, the universe couldn’t get any stranger than this!”

But as I grew older, I’ve stumbled upon a huge number of other things that are definitely stranger than a floating teapo: There are binary stars consuming one another, magnetars, what strange force pulls objects towards the center of the Laniakea supercluster, and many more. At this point, I thought “okay, a teapot floating about just way past Pluto seems more regular”. Anybody suddenly thirsty for some tea?

Okay, enough about kitchenware free falling several million kilometers from us. Today, I want to talk about another mysterious cousin of the planets and the stars; today, let’s talk about white holes.

Now, I get it. I know that name sounds utterly unrealistic and totally made up, but I swear this is going to be worth your time.

According to Kant, one of the most geniuses to ever exist, we can only understand something in reference to another thing that we already know. For instance, to be able to describe what a dragon is, early humans have used reptiles as a reference.

And although the result is a purely fictional creature in today’s standards, it certainly has generated a lot of crazy tales and marvelous stories.

So, borrowing from that notion, to help us understand exactly what white holes are, let’s compare it in contrast with the thing that is a complement of its nature: Let’s compare it with black holes, and see what how they are similar and different.

Okay, now that we have a strategy in place. Why don’t we start with the simplest definition that we can say about a white hole.

In an extremely rudimentary sense, a white hole is..well, the opposite of a black hole. Like, totally literally. Let me explain.

If you can recall one of the simplest definitions of a black hole that one can find is that it is an object in space wherein nothing — not even light — can escape. Even information, the only thing that people thought before would be impossible to break apart, would also break inside a black hole. Can you even begin to imagine how strong that is? Well if you can’t, we made an entire feature about black holes so why don’t you go check that out after watching this video?

So okay, if that’s a black hole, what’s a white hole then? An object or region in space where everything can escape? If that’s your answer, that’s very close but not quite. Good analogy, though!

Think of watching an open manhole in the road where water falls in. When the current is strong, you can place a small object on it and it gets sucked automatically, right? This is like the black hole. Now, imagine going underground and you’re now looking straight up on the manhole where water is pouring onto you. It will feel like things will just come into it with no obstruction at all. This is how you can think of how a white hole works.

In a basic sense, a white hole is a region in space that nothing can ever enter from the outside. The only thing that’s certain is that things — matter and light — can only come out of it. Imagine how bright white holes could be! And the level of radiation here could imply that calling it a “white hole” could be a severe oversimplification.

Another thing that these two universal twins have in common is that they both have their own event horizon, do you remember what that is?

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