What is delayed ejaculation? Discover its causes and impact on male sexual health

delayed ejaculation

What is delayed ejaculation? Discover its causes and impact on male sexual health

delayed ejaculation

What is delayed ejaculation? This is a question that has increasingly come to the office of medical professionals specializing in men’s health.

Although it is considered a low prevalence condition (which affects about 5% of men), it is believed that many more patients may suffer from the symptoms of delayed ejaculation, as many do not report this complaint to their doctors.

But what exactly is delayed ejaculation? How is this condition developed and, above all, how to treat it? That’s the question we’re going to answer in this article!

What is delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is the name given to the clinical condition in which a man takes a long time to ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

It is also the name given to the condition in which the man cannot ejaculate, even with the presence of erection and sexual desire.

It is known that the average time for a man to reach ejaculation is about four to five minutes.

However, with time and experience, many are able to consciously prolong this period to increase the time of sexual practice and the pleasure of the partner.

However, for men with delayed ejaculation, the delay is unconscious and can have a big impact on their emotional health and on their relationships with their partners.

We often hear about how premature ejaculation damages a couple’s sex life and satisfaction. Perhaps this is why many people associate delayed ejaculation with an advantage.

However, this is not what happens. As intercourse becomes too long, it can cause pain and discomfort to the partner, due to the loss of natural lubrication.

In addition, if the man cannot reach orgasm, he is also not satisfied with the sexual relationship, since he does not reach the climax of pleasure.

What causes delayed ejaculation?

Once you know what delayed ejaculation is, it is important to understand what causes this condition.

Delayed ejaculation is often caused by some organic conditions. Among them, we can highlight:

  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes;
  • Abusive use of drugs or alcohol;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Obstruction of channels that lead to the exit of sperm;
  • Aging;
  • Neurological injuries;
  • Degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and the like.

In other cases, it is possible to affirm that this clinical picture is a consequence of psychological factors that can also significantly worsen it.

Sexual insecurity, religious reasons, stress, trauma in adulthood or childhood and fear of getting the partner pregnant are some of the emotional factors that influence the development of this condition.

There are also cases in which delayed ejaculation is caused by excessive masturbation practice. Thus, he begins to have difficulty stimulating himself during the sexual act.

How is this disorder diagnosed?

First, it is important to understand that the diagnosis only happens if the disorder does not occur on time.

It is understood that delayed ejaculation can be diagnosed when the patient is unable to ejaculate during intercourse for at least 6 months. However, many of them manage to climax during masturbation.

It is also understood that taking more than 25 minutes to reach climax, as well as sexual delay in at least 75% of relationships, are important signs that point to the presence of a disorder.

The diagnosis of delayed ejaculation involves much more than finding the problem. The sexologist needs to understand what causes this condition in order to treat it properly.

After all, the difficulty to ejaculate is a symptom of another clinical condition that the patient is manifesting, whether for organic or psychological causes.

The sexologist doctor specializing in men’s health raises possible suspicions of cause. In some cases, the patient already has a previous diagnosis, such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

However, in others, it is necessary to investigate the health condition through examinations. By elimination, evaluating the complaints and making an extensive account of the patient’s life, the doctor finds the factor that leads to the diagnosis of the condition.

What are the types of ejaculation delay?

Sexologists generally classify delayed ejaculation into three types, according to their manifestation. Know the ranking:

Congenital delayed ejaculation

This diagnosis applies to men who have always had difficulty reaching ejaculation in their intercourse.

However, only 1% of cases of delayed ejaculation are congenital. In these cases, the man had his sex life affected from the beginning.

Acquired delayed ejaculation

In the case of acquired delayed ejaculation, the problem began to manifest itself from a certain point in sexual life.

Prior to that time, the patient had a healthy sex life without any ongoing abnormalities.

Situational delayed ejaculation

For some men, the delay to ejaculate does not happen continuously. Thus, in some moments they manage to have a normal ejaculation, but in others the problem manifests itself.

Delayed ejaculation can occur randomly without any reason, but it can also be linked to specific factors.

Thus, some men realize that the difficulty to ejaculate happens when he is with a certain partner, in a specific environment or even in situations that he can identify.

In cases of situational delayed ejaculation, the cause is more likely to be psychological. However, in other cases, the cause tends to be organic.

What is the treatment for delayed ejaculation?

The treatment of delayed ejaculation, as well as that of premature ejaculation, must be carried out under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team.

After all, as we have already stated, it arises as a consequence of other clinical conditions. Its treatment, likewise, involves a number of factors.

Endocrinologists, cardiologists and neurologists are among the professionals required to treat the patient when the cause of the problem has a biological origin.

However, when the delay in ejaculation involves psychological factors, the treatment needs the performance of a professional in the field of psychology.

It is very important to treat delayed ejaculation as soon as symptoms appear. After all, in addition to preventing the worsening of the condition, the problem can cause a great psychological impact.

Therefore, even if a man finds it difficult to ejaculate due to organic factors, the suffering that this causes can lead to anxiety that worsens the delay in ejaculation and generates other sexual dysfunctions.

Now that you know what delayed ejaculation is, do you think you might be suffering from a similar condition?

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